Does Charcoal Go Bad? The Answer May Surprise You!

Can Charcoal Be Wasted?

Does charcoal go bad? This question has crossed my mind many times, mainly the moment I am about to open the charcoal bag to grill for the first time in a while. No matter how many fuel sources humans come up with, charcoal will always remain the classic choice for grilling. It works well at … Read more

Where is The PK360 Grill Made? The Answer May Surprise You!

Who is the Manufacturer of PK 360 Grill

Ever think to yourself “where is the PK360 grill made?” Well, you are not alone and as an owner of both a PKGO and the Graphite PK300 Original (all new version), I wondered the same thing. So, I did some digging and here is what I found. PK Stands for Portable Kitchen and if you’ve … Read more

Can You Grill Frozen Sausage? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Is it okay to cook a frozen sausage?

W​e’ve all been there: you come home after a long day of work and are craving some delicious grilled sausage. But you realize you forgot to put them in the fridge to defrost last night and they’re still completely frozen. Will you have to settle for another choice for dinner, or can you still grill … Read more

Brisket Stall Temp Explained(The Easy Way!)

All About Brisket Stall Temp

Is that pesky brisket stall temp giving you a hard time? You are not alone. Let’s sort out all the details and explain the brisket stall temp and all of the nuances that affect it. “Smoking brisket. Low and slow, how difficult could this be?” Far too many barbecue pitmasters fall into the trap of … Read more

Is the PK Grill Good for Smoking? Yes, It’s Awesome!   

Do you recommend PK Grill fo Smoking?

While the Weber Kettle might be the most popular backyard grill in America, the PK Grill gives it a run for its money – and has been for more than 70+ years. Unveiled in the early 1950s, the PK Grill quickly became an almost “cult favorite”. And not just around Tyler, Texas (where the grill … Read more

Ribeye Steak vs Rib Steak: Whats the Difference?

Ribeye Steak Vs. Rib Steak

You’re not alone, I also didn’t know the difference between a Ribeye Steak and a Rib Steak. So, I suppose its only fair I share this with you all! Finding the right cut of beef to take home can be a little stressful. Above all, if you don’t have a ton of time at the … Read more

Why Does BBQ Smoke Follow You?

Why does smoke follow you when you grill a BBQ?

Campfires, controlled burns, BBQ smoke—it doesn’t seem to matter. Wherever you are standing at the moment, that’s where the smoke tends to go. There’s a saying, “smoke is attracted to beauty.” Maybe that has something to do with it, but the truth is, smoke is attracted to low-pressure zones. Cool air is drawn to fire … Read more

8 Griddle Recipes You MUST Try Today!

If you’re the proud owner of a Blackstone griddle, then you’re probably looking for some recipes to try out on it. Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered nine of the best recipes that will show off your griddle’s amazing cooking capabilities. So get ready to fire up your griddle and start cooking! … Read more

Sapporo Grilling Kits: What They Are and How To Get One

Sapporo Grilling Kits

Keep hearing about Sapporo Grilling Kits and what to know what all the rave reviews are about? Well, I’ve got the info you are looking for. Let’s chat about what a Sapporo Grilling Kit is and how to get your hands on one. Pizza and beer go together like timeless classics, right? I’ve never met … Read more