Best Budget Smokers

Best Budget Smokers

Looking for a smoker on a budget is not as challenging as it used to be, as there is a substantial range of brands and models available. To get the best value for your smoking money, you need to know what to look for in a smoker regarding fuel, cooking area, material quality, and warranties. … Read more

Are Grilla Grills Made in the USA (Who Owns Grilla Grills)?

Who owns Grilla Grills?

Previously, Grilla Grills operated as a metal processing company in Michigan, during which time it worked in the construction and automotive industries. Naturally, then, Grilla Grills has always used the finest and most robust materials for all its products. The short answer is that Grilla Grills are made in China. However, the business is still owned … Read more

Can I Add WIFI to My Pellet Smoker?

Can WIFI be integrated to a non-WIFI pellet smoker?

The last few years have seen a tremendous increase in the popularity of WIFI-enabled pellet grills. The attraction and appeal of a WIFI grill might have prompted you to wonder, ‘can I add WIFI to my pellet smoker’.  YES! You can add WiFi to a pellet grill if the grill is wifi-enabled like the models … Read more

Can You Use Gas to Start a Charcoal Grill?

Is gasoline a good option for starting a charcoal grill?

No, gas should never be used to start a charcoal grill. Using gas (or even diesel or kerosene) on a charcoal grill will significantly increase the chances of an explosion. This is because these substances burn too quickly, and are therefore not safe enough to light a charcoal grill. At best, you will have a … Read more

Can You Use Lava Rocks in Charcoal Grill?

Using lava rocks in a charcoal grill.

Placing lava rocks on fire is one of the oldest methods of cooking. However, even with the improvements and advancements in technology, this method is far from outdated. In fact, the use of lava rocks in grills can make your food taste more sumptuous and delicious.  Can You Use Lava Rocks in Charcoal Grill? Yes, … Read more

 10 Best Smokers Made In The USA


Made in The USA. It is not a sign that is seen often anymore, but relatively few companies make their products in the backyard when it comes to smokers. Pure American-made smokers are well prized, and for many die-hard grillers, buying American is non-negotiable. So, if you have thought to yourself “what smokers are made … Read more

Why Does My Propane Grill Smoke So Much? (Easy Fix)

Reasons for a smoky propane grill.

Summer is the time for some finely-grilled cuisines. However, propane grills are often hard to handle and can cause a great deal of smoke, prompting people to wonder, ‘why does my propane grill smoke so much’.  If you are struggling with the same problem but are baffled about the cause, the reasons discussed in this … Read more