Water Pan in Pellet Smoker: What You Need to Know


Water pan in a pellet smoker, is that a thing? When it comes to smoking meat, there are many different methods and techniques that can be used to achieve delicious results. One method that is often debated among smoking enthusiasts is whether or not to use a water pan in a pellet smoker. Some argue … Read more

AmeriGas vs. Blue Rhino: A Grillers’ Grudge Match

amerigas vs blue rhino propane

AmeriGas vs Blue Rhino, the two leaders in providing the much needed lifeblood of grilling, propane. But, which is best? Now, you might be thinking, “Propane? Isn’t that just… gas?” Well, dear reader, while propane is indeed a type of gas, it’s the invisible hero that turns your raw ingredients into char-grilled masterpieces. But not … Read more

Traeger Fremont Wood Pellet Grill: Your Next Backyard Essential?

traeger fremont at costco

Welcome, today, we’re diving into the world of wood pellet grilling with a special spotlight on a grill that’s as exclusive as it is impressive – the Traeger Fremont Wood Pellet Grill. This grill isn’t just a cooking appliance; it’s a ticket to a world of smoky, wood-fired flavor that will transform your backyard cookouts. … Read more

Why Is My Traeger Auger Not Turning? 

Has your Traeger grill has decided to take an unexpected vacation…right when you need it? You check, double-check, and then triple-check, but the auger is not turning. The “Traeger auger not turning” conundrum has struck, turning your perfect grilling day into a puzzling grill repair session. Now, you might be wondering, “Why is my Traeger … Read more

Traeger Ranger Review: The Best Camping Pellet Grill?


Traeger Ranger Review: In an era where the line between indoor comforts and outdoor adventure is becoming increasingly blurred, Traeger’s foray into portable grilling, the Traeger Ranger, raises a number of tantalizing questions. In my extensive hands-on experience with this portable grill, it’s clear that the Traeger Ranger is a feat of engineering designed to … Read more

Weber Griddle: Should Blackstone and Pit Boss Be Worried?


Weber Griddles, yep, it’s finally official. Weber has finally bitten the bullet and entered the stand-alone griddle game. Sure, they may be fashionably late to the party, but let’s be honest, they’ve made quite an entrance. It’s like they’ve been quietly observing from the sidelines, taking notes on the competition’s every move, every misstep. And … Read more

Blackstone Chicken Hibachi Recipe: Darn Good Griddle Food

Blackstone hibachi chicken recipe

Hibachi Chicken on the Blackstone griddle is often one of the first meals folks want to conquer (after bacon and Smashburgers). So, it only makes sense to create a plan of action to make sure your Blackstone hibachi chicken turns out amazing. Welcome to your ultimate guide to mastering the art of Blackstone Hibachi Chicken. … Read more

How To Make the Best Blackstone Smash Burgers! Insiders Guide

hamburger and fries photo

There’s something undeniably satisfying about a perfectly cooked smash burger. And let’s be honest, if you haven’t made smash burgers on a Blackstone griddle, do you even own a Blackstone Griddle? The crispy edges, the juicy interior, the layers of flavor – it’s a symphony of textures and tastes that can make any meal memorable. … Read more