How Often Should I Clean My Griddle? (Easy Solution)

Owning a new griddle is exciting, however many questions arise regarding the use and care of a griddle. Proper care and maintenance of your griddle ensures a long life of happy griddling. Let’s take a look at how often you should clean your griddle.

Does A Griddle Need A Hood?

Does your griddle need a hood? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of a griddle hood and determine if you actually need a griddle for your hood or not.

do you need to season a griddle or flat top grill

Do you Have to Season a Griddle or Flat Top Grill?

Do you need to season your griddle or flat top grill? Getting this step right, BEFORE that first meal can mean the difference in the long-term use of the griddle. Let’s look at the types of Griddle surfaces and see if yours needs a proper seasoning.

what is a outdoor griddle

What Is An Outdoor Griddle? (Easy Breakdown)

Outdoor griddles are highly popular for many people and could transform the way in which you cook! Luckily, we’re here to help you understand how investing in a griddle for your garden or outdoor space could be the right step for you to take!