Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36: Which To Buy?

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Want to see a comparison between Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36 griddle? Well then, go through this article and decide once and for all. After going through all the details and differences, you will see that both of the products can give an amazing cooking experience. Each one has a unique style.

But to settle the Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36 debate, we can safely say that the Camp Chef 36 comes out on top, and this is coming from a guy who owns 3 Blackstones. The problem for me is price, however, if you’re looking for a good deal on Camp Chef, check out what we found when we really took a deep dive into when you can save on Camp Chef.

But, owning any other griddle won’t help, you need to get a station that is easy to use, not a hassle to clean, and works efficiently. And you can find tons of options in the market. If you’re reading this, then you know about Camp Chef and Blackstone already. But if you don’t, these are the finest two griddle stations.

The Camp Chef 36 and Blackstone 36 are some of the most popular griddles in the market right now. These two are simple and they get the job done. Both brands are renowned for making quality gears over the years. So, they are very reliable.

If you are thinking of buying one of them and you are confused, then you need to prepare a comparison of Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36. Don’t worry, we did it for you! We brought all the details together so you can easily compare Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36, and find out which one suits your needs better. PSSST!!: Want to step up your griddling game? Check out Grill Masters Club

Blackstone 36 Griddle

Product Description: 

This is the Blackstone 36 inch outdoor flat top gas grill griddle station. Just like any other Blackstone-made gear, it is the best companion for cooking. Let it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it can cook anything.

People often say they need a grill to make amazing hamburgers. But, this griddle can cook just as an awesome hamburger like a grill. This is a perfect griddle for making any meal.

It can easily outshine any other old griddle station. It’s very easy to assemble, and it is very simple to work with. When you plan a backyard party, this station will not let you down.

Whether you are cooking for a few people or a few families, it will get the job done pretty well. It’s very versatile, so it is a popular choice among people.

A big chunky station that has bad portability can turn you off from using it unless you have a party. But, that won’t happen with this one. It is so easy to clean that you will enjoy cooking even if you are just making breakfast for yourself.

It is designed for easy and fast usage. The size of the cooktop is perfect for parties. It has enough space, just what you need for comfortable cooking. And you can cook multi-cuisines at the same time. The portability is great for this product. So, making a comparison of Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36, this factor will play a vital role.

Design and Quality:

Blackstone likes to keep it simple and tidy with their products. They are famous for making user-friendly gears. They make designs that can be easily handled. Blackstone 36 is fast and easy to use and has good quality.

This griddle has 4 burners, and you can control them individually. So, you can set each one from low to high temperature. The burner is made of solid steel material which will allow you to find good heat retention on it. It can distribute the heat well.

The wheels are heavy-duty grade, so no need to worry about the longevity. The wheels also come with a locking system. So, you can be at ease while working on uneven ground. This griddle has an easy push start button.

It makes it much simpler than the old griddles that need other materials to get ready. The dimension of the station is 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches. The design is a very good factor to consider while comparing Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36.

Product Features:

  • It comes with 4 burners. 
  • Each of the burners has 15,000 BTUs and a total of 60.000 BTUs.
  • Provides 4 adjustable heat zones.
  • Provides a lock system on the wheels.
  • Comes with 4 heavy-duty casters.
  • Comes with 2 cantilevered shelves.
  • Provides 720 sq. inches of cooking space.
  • Weighs 120 pounds.

Camp Chef 36 Flat Top Grill

Product Description:

Camp Chef has been making great quality cooking gears for over 25 years. They sell gears for cooking in camping, or your backyard. Their griddles make sure that you have the best cooking experience ever. This is their top of the line, the most amazing griddle they have to offer.

Camp Chef 36 is one of the most flexible griddles in the market. The big surface area gives you enough space to cook. It provides plenty of space to make different items. The interchangeable system lets you cook even faster. You can change from cooking one thing to another without worrying about the mix-up of the flavors.

This griddle is compact and has a more thoughtful design. This griddle station also allows you to grill. You just remove the top, and grill on the heat. And this quality should be focused on the debate between Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36.

Design and Quality:

The Camp Chef company has the experience to understand the design need of any person who wants to use a griddle in peace. They always make smart designs that help people to enjoy more and stress less. The best part of this griddle must be the non-sticky surface.

This makes all the difference when dealing with greasy and meaty items. They have made an interchangeable flat top that makes everything very easy to handle. No matter how many items you are about to cook, you don’t have to clean it every time. You can just change the top and start cooking the other items.

Good cooking needs time, so you can’t rush. But, you also don’t want to keep people waiting. So at your party, you can finish up faster with the Camp Chef 36. It has four individual burners. These burners can produce heat in fixed areas. So, these heat zones help to manage food better. It has a great ignition system and it is matchless.

The fold-down shelves of this griddle help you to have more convenience. These shelves make room for everything that you need. And when you are cooking, extra space will be always appreciated. This griddle even has a grease management system. It collects all the drippings. So, when you are finished it’s much easier to clean which allows you to relax more after the party. The dimension of this griddle is 62.5″ 37″ x 22″.

Product Features:

  • Comes with 4 burners.
  • Each burner has 12,000 BTUs and a total of 48,000 BTUs.
  • Comes with two large folding shelves on the side.
  • Provides an interchangeable flat top which makes it easier to manage foods.
  • It has a cooking surface of 604 sq. inch.
  • Provides a grilling space of 501 sq. inch.
  • Comes with a propane tank holder.
  • Comes with adjustable legs.
  • Provides grilling under the top.
  • Comes with a grease tray to collect all the drippings.
  • Provides easier cleaning post-cooking.
  • Weighs 139.65 pounds.

The Differences Between Camp Chef and Blackstone

These two products are amazing. But they do have lots of differences. So let’s divide these differences in terms of a cooking timeline, Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36 style.

Pre-Cooking Phase:

Here, let’s talk about portability. The Blackstone 36 weighs about 19 pounds less than the Camp Chef 36. This difference makes the Blackstone more attractive in terms of portability. When you are about to go camping, you will try to pack light. And even though the difference is only 19 pounds in weight, it can make an impact.

Less weight means less hassle in your car, and less hassle in setting up the station. Even if you only cook on your home deck, there will be times when you will need to move things around. And the Blackstone will be easier to manage. In this phase, the Blackstone 36 takes the lead in Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36 debate.

Cooking Phase

The Camp Chef 36 offers not only a griddle but also a grill below the top. You can just remove the top and grill just like any other BBQ. This feature is amazing and the Blackstone does not have this ability. People like BBQ and it’s a fact. So, it is very reasonable to choose the one that gives you a grilling option.

Imagine you want the grill flavor on your hamburger. The Blackstone cannot help you with this. But, if you have a Camp Chef 36, you can remove the top and get your BBQ flavor. The Camp Chef 36 also has an interchangeable top.

So, it is easy to manage different items. You don’t need to clean up after every item to avoid flavor mix-up. This is a big difference in Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36 comparison.

The Blackstone 36 has four burners and each of them comes with 15,000 BTUs. But, the four Camp Chef 36 burners each have only 12,000 BTUs. This means the Blackstone one can produce more heat. If you like having a griddle that can create more heat, Blackstone 36 is perfect. In winter, you may need more heat to cook properly and fast.

Post-Cooking Phase

Both of the products are easy to clean and very simple to organize and both of their components are manageable. So, in terms of the post-cooking phase, you can give the medal to both the Camp Chef 36 and the Blackstone 36 in the comparison.

The Winner Camp Chef vs Blackstone 36 Griddles

The Blackstone 36 is an amazing griddle, but it does not have the flexibility and different options while cooking. With the Camp Chef 36, you can change the top in a second. And start cooking another item.

This saves more time than to clean the top before starting cooking something else. While cooking for a huge number of people, this can come in handy.

The Camp Chef even has a grilling option. We know you want a griddle, but it’s good to have the grilling option. So, when you want to try something else you can lift the top and start grilling. Camp Chef 36 has more weight to it. But, if you consider the features and options it gives you, you can ignore the extra 19 pounds weight.

If you just want a griddle, grease collection tray, a grilling option, and interchangeable top don’t excite you that much, then you can go with the Blackstone 36 too.

Remember, Blackstone 36 is lighter and produces more heat, 12,000 BTUs more in total to be exact. And that is a lot of heat. This can be a great deciding factor for many. On cold winter mornings, this extra heat can help you to cook faster and better. 

Must Have Griddle Accessories:

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Bottom Line

Whichever one you get, be sure to clean it and season it before you use it, check out this guide here. You can see that the comparison of Camp Chef 36 vs. Blackstone 36 does not have a clear winner as they are both pretty close in comparison.

You can be interested in flexibility and choose Camp Chef 36, or you can choose the Blackstone 36 because of the massive amount of heat it can produce compared to the other. Whichever one you choose, both are great options in the market.