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Can I Use My Pit Boss Pellet Grill In The Rain?

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Ever wonder if you can use your Pit Boss pellet grill in the rain? Let’s chat about this before it gets wet!

There’s nothing worse, is there? Getting the food ready, the beers in the fridge, and your guests’ arrival times sorted – to then look overhead and notice the sky’s turning a nasty shade of gray.

If you were planning on using your pit boss pellet grill, then this might actually spell a problem. Or does it?

Well, I’ve done my research for you to find out if you can, in fact, use your pit boss pellet grill in the rain.

Ready to find out more? Then let’s just get right to it.


What Pit Boss Says

Before I go any further, I thought it’d be a good idea to start with what pit boss actually says on the matter. After all, it’s their grill and what they say goes, right?

So, if you read the pit boss manual that ships with their pellet grill, you’ll notice that they advise against using your pellet grill in the rain. Even a light drizzle.

That’s because it’s an electric appliance and we all know that electricity and water do not mix.

That’s their official stance. It makes sense that it is too, because they don’t want to be responsible for any accidents or damages incurred by grilling in the rain.

If you’re somebody who likes to stick to the official stance, then no, you can’t use your pellet grill in the rain.

But if you listen to the grilling community, well, they’ll have something else to say on the matter…

Grilling Community and Pellet Grills In The Rain

While the grilling community accepts pit boss’ stance, many of them choose to ignore them anyway.

Why? Common sense often prevails and many people have successfully used their pit boss pellet grills in the rain without issue.

I’ve seen it done myself. It doesn’t mean people in the grilling community are leaving grills unattended in the middle of a storm while cooking.

No, common sense prevails again, and you do need to take some extra precautions.

Before I get into my tips for using your pit boss pellet grill in the rain, let’s just take a look at what happens if you use it irresponsibly in the rain.

Because if your wood pellets or electrics get wet, the consequences can be pretty severe.

What Happens If The Pellets And/Or Electrics Get Wet?

Let’s start with the electrics, because this is where things can get really bad for you.

Before we look at the consequences of getting the electrics wet, we should mention the build quality. Pit Boss actually does a pretty good at protecting the electrical components involved in the running of their components.

However, if you use your pit boss pellet grill in a downpour, then the chances of water finding its way into the electrical components only increases, and your pellet grill will break. Kaput. Finito. No going back.

Keep Your Electronic Components Out Of The Rain

The electrical components in the control panel are also water-resistant, not waterproof.

Members of the grilling community wouldn’t attempt using a pellet grill in anything unless a small passing shower.

If your electrics do get wet, and you leave it unattended so you don’t know when the grill has gone kaput, it can explode.

If the electrical components have short-circuited because of the rain, there can be buildup of fuel inside the pellet grill. Build ups like that can easily cause your grill to explode. It’s that serious.

So NEVER use your pit boss pellet grill in heavy rain – not even with my tips in the section below.

It’s also worth noting that the wood pellets themselves shouldn’t get wet either. If they do use them, then they can clog up the auger and there’s no fixing it yourself.

You’ll likely need a trained engineer to come out, dismantle your grill, clean the auger, and possibly replace it.

All of this will cost money. No matter what you do, you should keep your wood pellets for your pellet grill away from rain and moisture.

Tips For Using Your Pit Boss Pellet Grill In The Rain

I asked at the start of today’s post: ‘Can I use my pit boss pellet grill in the rain?’, and the answer so far is sounding like a resounding no.

Pit Boss advises against it, and I’ve just taken you through some pretty dire consequences of doing it. But it’s important to note that my warnings are for when you’re using your pellet grill in heavy rain.

This should never be done. But, if you’re grilling when light shower pass through, there are some steps you can take to continue grilling safely.

How To Protect Your Pit Boss In The Rain

So while no, you shouldn’t use your pit boss pellet grill in heavy rain, following these tips in a drizzle won’t cause any harm to your grill, or anyone else:

  • Use a large canopy or umbrella to protect you and the pellet grill from the worst of the rain
  • Never use your pellet grill in high winds, even if the rain is light – it’ll just blow through your shelter and soak your grill anyway
  • NEVER be tempted to use your pit boss pellet grill indoors – they need to be used in a well-ventilated area only
  • Don’t leave the pellet grill unattended during a light shower – if it short circuits, you need to put out the fire fast
  • Check the wood pellets – if they’re wet, remove them, and wait until after the shower before you fire up your grill with fresh pellets
  • Keep the lid closed as much as possible – this reduces the chance of rain getting inside and damaging the electrical components
  • Opt for fast cooking food – there’s no use going for low ‘n’ slow when there’s rain in the forecast because you’ll need to limit the grills exposure to the rain
  • Pre-cook food where possible and finish in the smokey grill – you won’t get the same results, but at least your pellet grill will live to fight another day
  • If you’re using an extension cord, make sure it’s waterproof!
  • Make sure the grill is completely dry post-rain – this will prevent rust

Following these tips will mean you don’t need to stop if a quick shower passes overhead during grilling. But make sure you follow them closely, or you might risk an accident or broken pellet grill.

My Final Say

Considering everything we’ve looked at today, my advice would be to avoid using your pit boss pellet grill in the rain.

You should NEVER use it in heavy rain, and if you MUST use it during a light shower, then at least follow the 10 tips in the section above for safe grilling in the rain.

You don’t want to risk an accident or broken pellet grill, so use your common sense and own judgment about whether it’s worth the risk.


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