Portable Gas Stoves (Buyers Guide and Our Top 3 Picks)

Portable gas stoves have a lot to offer for campers, hikers, big outdoor events. But which ones are the best and what should you look for? Whatever you need to do—boil, deep fry in oil, grill, or just warm up some food—a portable gas stove lets you do it all. Since portable stoves typically have … Read more

Does Charcoal Go Bad? The Answer May Surprise You!

Can Charcoal Be Wasted?

Does charcoal go bad? This question has crossed my mind many times, mainly the moment I am about to open the charcoal bag to grill for the first time in a while. No matter how many fuel sources humans come up with, charcoal will always remain the classic choice for grilling. It works well at … Read more

Sapporo Grilling Kits: What They Are and How To Get One

Sapporo Grilling Kits

Keep hearing about Sapporo Grilling Kits and what to know what all the rave reviews are about? Well, I’ve got the info you are looking for. Let’s chat about what a Sapporo Grilling Kit is and how to get your hands on one. Pizza and beer go together like timeless classics, right? I’ve never met … Read more

NOMAD Grill: Is This Portable Barbecue Grill Worth it?


At first glance, the portable Nomad Grill and Smoker looks like the nuclear football case carried by the Secret Service or a secret Macbook Pro that only the very tech-savvy have access to! This portable grill and smoker carries a lot of cooking weight in its case and is making big waves with the campers … Read more

Pellet Smoker Vs Stick Burner

Comparison of Pellet Smoker and Stick Burner

If you are looking for the perfect smoker but are confused about what to look for and how to choose between them, do not worry, you are not alone. There are plenty of people who have struggled with the same issue. Therefore we have compiled a comprehensive article on the differences between the pellet smoker … Read more

Offset Smoker Vs. Weber Smokey Mountain

Offset Smoker Vs. Weber Smokey Mountain

You’re thinking about getting a smoker and now you are comparing a offset smoker vs. a Weber Smokey Mountain. You’ve been told some great things about the offset smokers and some great things about Weber’s Smokey Mountain, and now you can’t decide which to choose! Offset smokers are the go-to for traditional smoking, delivering a … Read more

Best Vertical Smoker

Best Vertical Smoker

When it comes to picking a smoker, you have some choices. You can go horizontal or vertical, and then there are various options. Different fuel types and designs all add to the difficulty of choosing.  Choosing the best vertical smoker brings choices of coal, wood, pellet, gas, and electric, size, shape, cooking capacity, warranties, and … Read more