Outdoor Griddle In Cold Weather: 3 Things To Consider


Thinking about using your griddle when the weather outside is cold? There are a few considerations and precautions to think about when using your Blackstone griddle outside in the cold weather. Let’s explore using a Blackstone Griddle in cold weather. Using a griddle year-round is always a goal of mine, however, as much as I … Read more

Blackstone Griddle vs FireDisc: 5 Things To Consider


Blackstone Griddle versus a FireDisc, who takes the title here? Who is each better for? Well, let’s figure this out together. We won’t be focussing on the manufacturer differences in terms of the specs, because they aren’t really comparable in that sense. They weren’t designed to go toe to toe because they weren’t designed for … Read more

Blackstone 17 vs Blackstone 22: Which To Pick?


Trying to decide between the Blackstone 17″ and the Blackstone 22″? It can be tough, but we have some input that might help. If you’ve yet to pick up a Blackstone Griddle, then the sheer number of options available can be a little overwhelming. But this should inspire some confidence, too. If there are so … Read more

Making the Healthier Choice: Griddle or Grill for Your Next Meal?

updated: 03/16/2023 When it comes to cooking, there are plenty of methods and appliances to choose from, but two popular options are griddles and grills. Both of these tools offer unique ways to prepare delicious meals, but you may be wondering which is healthier. In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences between griddles and … Read more