Best Cooking Surface For Your Needs: Griddle vs Grill?

Hi Guys! It’s time to master the age-old debate – Griddle vs Grill. Whether you’re looking to make the perfect steak, sizzle up some veggies or master your breakfast game, choosing the right cooking surface is an important decision. Both griddles and grills have a lot to offer, but they have different advantages and disadvantages. … Read more

Small Grill, Big Flavor: The Best Small Charcoal Grills in

Grilling marshmallows over charcoal

Are you looking for an inexpensive, no frills charcoal grill to get started on your grilling adventures? We have the perfect solution! Today, we’re here to chat about some of the best small charcoal grills available on the market. Whether you’re a backyard chef, a family who just wants something simple and effective or even … Read more

Cast Iron Cookware: Here’s the Deal

cast iron cookware

Cast iron cookware is a type of kitchen equipment that is made from iron that has been melted and poured into molds to create cookware items such as skillets, Dutch ovens, and griddles. Cast iron has been used for cooking for hundreds of years and is valued for its ability to retain heat and distribute … Read more

Portable Gas Stoves (Buyers Guide and Our Top 3 Picks)

Portable gas stoves have a lot to offer for campers, hikers, big outdoor events. But which ones are the best and what should you look for? Whatever you need to do—boil, deep fry in oil, grill, or just warm up some food—a portable gas stove lets you do it all. Since portable stoves typically have … Read more

Does Charcoal Go Bad? The Answer May Surprise You!

Can Charcoal Be Wasted?

Does charcoal go bad? This question has crossed my mind many times, mainly the moment I am about to open the charcoal bag to grill for the first time in a while. No matter how many fuel sources humans come up with, charcoal will always remain the classic choice for grilling. It works well at … Read more