What I Love (and Hate) About My Blackstone Griddle


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Outdoor Griddle Buyer’s Guide


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Flat Top Grill Buyer’s Guide


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11 Reasons You Need A Griddle Grill Combo


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Best Weber Grill For Any Budget


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How Far Should A Grill Be From A Vinyl Fence?


It can be tempting to put your grill up against your vinyl fence as a method of protection from the elements. We all know it’s not a great feeling when you’re outside grilling and the wind picks up, threatening to take your sausages halfway across the garden while you finish off the burgers, right? But … Read more

Do I Need A Regulator For My Natural Gas Grill?


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How Far Should Coals Be From the Grill?


Are you second guessing your coals placement on the grill? You are not alone. Your coals should be at least 4-inches away from the grill, but its gets more complicated than that. So, following the guidance below, let’s make sure we get this right. Today’s post is probably more for the newcomers to the grilling … Read more

Are PK Grills Worth The Money?


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