Griddle-Baked Biscuits & Gravy

Griddle-Baked Biscuits & Gravy Welcome to my family’s Griddle-Baked Biscuits & Gravy recipe! This is the perfect Southern comfort food that’s sure to delight your taste buds and keep them coming back for more. For a slightly different flavor, you can make a creamy version of this dish by substituting heavy cream and solid rather … Read more

Fajita-Style Breakfast Wrap

Fajita-Style Breakfast Wrap Welcome to my Fajita-Style Breakfast Wrap! This breakfast wrap is the perfect combination of scrambled eggs and sautéed veggies, pleasantly wrapped in a warm and soft flour tortilla and topped with salsa and cheese. There are endless possibilities to mix up the flavors of this wrap, from a spicy southwestern twist to … Read more

Griddle-Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel

Griddle-Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel Introduction Welcome to my delicious Griddle-Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel recipe. Whether you’re having this as a Sunday brunch or a weeknight dinner, this bagel is sure to make your taste buds sing. Not a fan of smoked salmon and cream cheese? No problem! You can customize this … Read more

Ultimate Griddle Breakfast (So Good)

ultimate griddle breakfast

Introducing the Ultimate Griddle Breakfast: a hearty and flavorful combination of hash browns, sausages, peppers, cheese, and bacon baked to a crispy perfection that is sure to please any hungry crowd. But don’t let the ingredients limit you, there are plenty of variations to customize your griddle breakfast to your own tastes. The possibilities are … Read more

Griddle Gourmet Breakfast Scramble (Yummy!)

Introducing Griddle Gourmet Scramble! This dish is a delicious and easy to make griddle twist on the classic fried egg dish. It’s a fantastic way to combine different flavors and ingredients while adding a hint of gourmet finesse. For a more flavorful, rich, and savory style try adding sautéed mushrooms, spinach, and sundried tomatoes to … Read more

Griddle-Fried Rice & Fruit Bowl

a bowl of fried rice on a black surface

“Ah, griddle-fried rice & fruit bowl – the perfect combination of creamy and juicy! Whether it’s for a quick midweek dinner or a special weekend lunch, this dish has something for everyone and can be spruced up with some added sides. Griddle-fried rice with fruit bowl is easy to prepare and makes for a great … Read more

Griddle-Grilled Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

close up shot of a cookie sandwich

If you love the outdoors and cooking, you will love griddling! Whether an amateur or a pro, you can use a griddle for cooking some pretty delicious creations. One of the tastiest and most popular treats is the Griddle-Grilled Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich! Whether you’re whipping up a quick snack or hosting a summer BBQ, … Read more

Griddle-Baked Brownie Sundae

girl with messy mouth eating chocolate

This Griddle-Baked Brownie Sundae is the perfect combination of rich brownie and cold ice cream that will melt in your mouth! It’s easy to make and sure to wow your guests or family. Plus, it’s perfect for a weeknight treat or a summer barbecue. Here’s what you need and how to make this amazing dessert. … Read more

Griddle-Fried Cinnamon Sugar Churros (Amazing and EASY)

appetizer bake baked baking

Welcome to the wonderful world of outdoor griddle-fried cinnamon sugar churros! This delicious treat will satisfy your every craving and can be enjoyed no matter the occasion or time of year. Whether you’re looking for something to top your hot chocolate, an indulgent breakfast item, or an afternoon pick-me-up, you can’t go wrong with griddle-fried … Read more

Griddle-Grilled Apple & Cherry Pie

brown wooden chopping board on gray textile

Ahh, griddle-grilled apple and cherry pie. Is there a more beloved combination of ingredients or a more delectable dish to be prepared on any outdoor kitchen appliance? How could you possibly go wrong? The answer is you can’t. So, whether you’ve never prepared a griddle-grilled apple and cherry pie before or you’re a master griddle … Read more