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Do PK Grills Rust? (Solved)

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I get it, you are about to drop $500 on a new grill and you want to know if this new PK Grills model is going to rust. Well, let’s sort this out now and help you make a decision.

When you’re shopping for the best charcoal grills, chances are you’ll come across the famous brand PK grills.

With high-quality construction, a portable design, and excellent performance, these units work wonders for grilling and smoking whether at home or on the go.

But with a considerable amount of money on the line, you want to make sure that you’re investing in a long-lasting product.

As such, a common question among a lot of potential buyers who are worried about durability is “do PK grills rust?”.

If you’re also in the market for one of the PK grills models but you’re not entirely sure if these grills will give you your money’s worth, then this article is for you!

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the construction and design of PK grills to answer the question and put your mind at ease. Let’s jump in!


Do PK Grills Rust?

If you’re in a hurry for an answer, then here it is: No, your PK grill won’t rust thanks to their cast aluminum construction and design.

These charcoal grills are built to last for decades, enduring harsh weather elements including rain, wind, salt air, snow, and ice.

They’re made to effectively maintain the same reliable performance and deliver the same impressive results throughout the years.

What’s more, it’s not only the bodies of the grills that are immune to rust but the hinges as well.

This is because the hinges are molded into the body of the grill instead of being attached from the outside where exposure to the elements is inevitable.

What Makes a PK Grill Rust Proof?

PK grills are built to offer their users grade-A durability against a wide variety of conditions and outdoor elements. The company manufactures its grills to last without ever developing a layer of rust.

The question here is, what exactly are the design/construction factors that make PK grills rust-proof?

The answer comes down to two words: cast aluminum.

The company utilizes a cast aluminum design in constructing their grills where the aluminum is hand-poured to cast the grills’ bodies. So how does this material fight rust?

Well, one of aluminum’s natural characteristics as a building material is being rust-proof.

Upon exposure to air and the various weather elements, a thin shell of aluminum oxide forms on the grill’s surface that effectively stops more reaction with the oxidizing agents in the atmosphere.

You see, aluminum oxide is different from other metal oxides in that it’s impervious.

This means that it sticks to the main metal strongly and doesn’t let elements pass through to prevent creating rust in the bottom layers of the metal.

The protective aluminum oxide shell will spontaneously fix itself in case it gets disrupted for continuous protection.

Additional Benefits of Cast Aluminum

In addition to incredible durability, the cast aluminum design of PK offers several more advantages such as:

Excellent Heat Retention

The material used in building a PK grill allows them to perform with excellent heat retention capabilities. Heat retention refers to the ability of a material to hold and maintain heat.

Cast aluminum retains heat for a longer time and keeps the temperature of the grill more steady, even in windy or cold conditions

High Heat Conductivity.

Thanks to the cast aluminum material, PK grills also possess high heat conductivity.

This means that the grills can reach optimal cooking temperatures in less time compared to other metals (iron and stainless steel) used in other charcoal grills.

This is terrific news for anyone who doesn’t like waiting too long before they can start grilling.

Improved Portability

The letters “PK” in the company’s name are short for Portable Kitchen, which gives you an idea of how much it focuses on this aspect when manufacturing its grills.

This manifests clearly in the lightweight build of the grills, which is possible thanks to the cast aluminum material being relatively lightweight while also very sturdy.

This makes a PK grill easy to carry and lift out of storage units for outdoor parties, as well as onto and off of vehicles for trips.

Easier Cleaning

Another great advantage of using cast aluminum material in PK grills is that it makes them generally easier to clean.

The fact that it’s rust-proof means that you don’t have to worry about spending hours scrubbing oxidized remnants off of your grill. It also saves you the cost of special rust-removing cleaning supplies.

Not to mention, you can swiftly remove the charcoal grates and the grill to clean all the typically hard-to-reach spots with minimal hassle.

Also, the grills’ parts are compact enough to fit inside most kitchen sinks, so scrubbing is a lot less problematic.

How Long Can a PK Grill Last?

A PK grill could easily last more than 50 years. It can serve your family for up to 80 or even 100 years with good maintenance.

PK grills are the sort of grills that you can pass down to your children with confidence that they’ll retain their quality and performance throughout the years.

If you’re looking for a grill/smoker to stand the test of time, you won’t regret investing in a PK grill.

Where are PK Grills Made?

PK grills are made in the United States, specifically in Arkansas. This alone can put you at ease regarding quality, but the 20 years of warranty makes it even better!

Do PK Grills Use Paint?

Yes, a PK grill will feature temperature-resistant paint that’s cured at the company’s warehouse.

But keep in mind that the final step in the curing process happens when you fire up the grill to use it for the first time.

No need to worry though, this last curing step has no negative effects on you, the food, or the grill.

Wrap Up

So, do PK grills rust? The answer is no. A PK Grill won’t rust thanks to their cast aluminum construction and design. These charcoal grills/smokers are made to last for decades, withstanding all sorts of harsh weather elements from rain and wind to salt air, snow, and ice.


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