Griddle-Roasted Ham & Swiss Croissant

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Griddle-Roasted Ham & Swiss Croissant Welcome to grandma’s mouth-watering Griddle-Roasted Ham & Swiss Croissant! This scrumptious sandwich packs flavor and energy for those on-the-go moments. But if the classic Swiss cheese and ham combination isn’t for you, you can certainly make a few twists. Try substituting Havarti or Cheddar cheese with a savory Italian Prosciutto or thinly sliced Colby Jack cheese on a garlic-flavored croissant for a cheesy meal with a kick! Now let’s get started with the ingredients for the original Griddle-Roasted Ham & Swiss Croissant.


– 2 thin-sliced cooked ham
– 2 slices of Swiss cheese
– 2 buttery toasted croissants


1. Preheat a griddle to medium-high.
2. Place two slices of cooked ham on the griddle and cook for a few minutes, flipping once.
3. Place two slices of Swiss cheese on top of the ham and cook until the cheese melts.
4. Toast the croissants in a toaster or on the griddle until lightly golden and crisped.
5. Place the cheese-covered ham between the warm croissants and enjoy!

Helpful hack: To make this dish even easier, use store-bought pre-toasted croissants!

Tips & Suggestions:
– For a fun twist, try adding slices of tomatoes, lettuce, or your favorite condiments for a delicious flavor combo.
– Serve with a side of chips for a complete meal.
– You can also make mini-sized versions of this recipe for a great snack or appetizer.
– For a healthier option, try using turkey instead of ham and whole wheat croissants instead of buttery ones.

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