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How To Clean A Wolf Griddle (Easy Guide)

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Cleaning a Wolf Griddle doesn’t have to be complicated.

But worry not, because I’m on hand to check out all the advice I can find and consolidate it into one place so you guys can come back here any time to remind yourself of the best way to clean your Wolf griddles.

So, let’s just get right to it, shall we?


What’s Included In A Wolf Griddle Cleaning Kit?

Just in case you’re the type of person who wants all the accessories with a griddle to make sure everything is perfect, I thought I’d just share with you what’s available in a Wolf Griddle Cleaning Kit.

A Wolf Griddle Cleaning Kit which has everything they need for cleaning the griddle both after each use, and when your griddle needs a deeper clean to remove old seasoning so you can season the griddle again and get back to the perfect non-stick finish.

And while the kit is great, it can still be daunting for some people to know exactly how to clean a Wolf griddle.

This isn’t me telling you to buy one, because in many cases any of the products I discuss in the next section will work just fine – they don’t need to be Wolf specific, but I know many of you will prefer them to be.

So, if you’re thinking about getting in touch with Wolf about picking up one of their Griddle Cleaning Kits, here’s what to expect:

  • 1 Scotch-Brite Griddle System Squeegee – for a soft cleaning pad designed to work with the non-stick surface of your griddle without scratching it
  • 6 packets of Scotch-Brite 701 Griddle Liquid Refill – a soft cleaning solution that’s kind to your griddle
  • 1 Scotch-Brite 405-R Griddle Pad Holder – for ease of access to your cleaning products
  • 6 polishing pads – for deep clean use only

Whether you decide to pick up Wolf’s griddle cleaning kit is entirely up to you, but in the next section, I’ll talk all about the best way to clean your Wolf griddle based on an instructional video shared by Wolf themselves!

How To Clean A Wolf Griddle After Each Use

Cleaning your Wolf griddle after every use is important for maintaining the quality and look of the griddle, but also to prevent fire hazards.

A drip tray filled with grease after multiple uses can easily cause a fire, so it’s really important you stick to this cleaning routine whenever you use your Wolf griddle.

And it really couldn’t be simpler. You can clean the whole thing in just a few minutes:

  • Turn off the griddle after use and allow to cool for 15-20 minutes, so the surface isn’t dangerously hot, but warm enough to remove stubborn messes
  • Use a metal spatula to scrape the grease into the drip tray on your specific model
  • Remove excess grease with paper towels
  • Pour one half cup of warm water (it’s important that it’s warm, so it doesn’t warp the griddle) and 1 teaspoon of griddle cleaner such as the griddle liquid refill in the cleaning kit above
  • Wipe the griddle clean
  • Use your metal spatula to scrape excess cleaning solution and food debris into the drip tray
  • Rinse the griddle surface with one half cup of warm water
  • Wipe clean with paper towels until dry
  • Reapply cooking oil over the surface (Wolf recommends peanut or vegetable oil) with a clean cloth after each clean
  • Remove the drip tray and clean using warm soapy water before drying

Using an extra coat of oil protects the surface of the griddle and helps it with the seasoning to make the surface non-stick, meaning you’ll be able to clean the griddle easily every time.

Using a small amount of water to help clean the griddle is important too, or else the griddle can warp – and without properly drying it, it may rust. Follow these 5-minute instructions though, and your Wolf griddle will be absolutely fine.

How To Deep Clean A Wolf Griddle To Remove Seasoning

Sometimes, you’ll need to remove the seasoning on your griddle.

This can be for a bunch of different reasons but maybe because the seasoning is uneven, the seasoning is discolored in places, or because you’ve researched new oils and found a different one that works better for you and your griddle in terms of keeping the surface non-stick and adding flavor.

Whatever the reason, removing the seasoning on your Wolf griddle is easy with just a few simple cleaning tips. Here’s what to do:

  • Add a mixture of white vinegar and water onto a warm griddle
  • Alternatively, you can use club soda for the same effect
  • Then scrub the seasoning clean with a wire brush or a griddle brick
  • The abrasive cleaner will remove the non-stick seasoning, giving you a blank canvas again
  • Simply re-season your griddle again with the cooking oil of your choosing
  • Get the griddle nice and hot
  • Spread cooking oil evenly over the surface
  • Wait for it to stop smoking and then repeat the process 4 times in total for best results

The mixture of something acidic like vinegar or club soda and the griddle’s surface is enough to break down the multiple coats of oil that have built up the seasoning on your griddle over time.

An abrasive cleaner such as a wire brush or griddle brick will help remove the seasoning you’ve worked hard to make stick on.

Remember, this cleaning method should only ever be used when you want to strip away the old seasoning to season your griddle again.

Overall, cleaning your Wolf griddle is a very simple process that doesn’t require a lot of specialist equipment or cleaning solution.

If you’re somebody who is quite serious about your griddle (and I’m assuming you are since you’re reading this) then the likelihood is you already have griddle cleaners and metal spatulas at home to clean your griddle after each use.

Just remember to keep to the cleaning routine, and only ever use Wolf’s deep clean suggestions when you want to remove your griddle’s seasoning, and your Wolf griddle will not only look great, but be completely safe too!


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