Kudu Grills: Overland Chow Your Family Will Love

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Kudu Grills could become the flagship overlanding grill. Let’s discuss what the Kudu Grill is, how to use it, and what you can cook on a Kudu Grill.


For those who have found themselves in the wild, cooking over a campfire or grill might be your only option. But if you’re looking for a more civilized way to cook outdoors, there is an alternative that offers convenience and quality all at once – Kudu Grills.

The company has been around since 1997 with their first prototype being created out of necessity by founder Michael Jantzen’s father who was on safari when he ran into some car trouble and had no barbecue equipment available.

His dad rigged up two metal containers from his vehicle to use as fire pits and used charcoal briquettes inside one container which would then heat up the other container filled with meat so it could be cooked over the fire pit.

A Kudu grill was born out of this need to cook outdoors and they would become a flourishing business with Kudu grills being sold across North America. Kudu grills are designed for those who love to go on camping trips and adventures either alone or in groups.

Whether you’re headed out on a long, arduous cross-country journey or just looking to grill up some tasty food by your favorite campfire, Kudu has got you covered.

Today we’ll be discussing how to use a Kudu Grill and several other things you need to know about the Kudu grills!

By the way, a kudu is Africa’s version of a gemsbok or springbok antelope, from which we derive our company name. A kudu grill has absolutely nothing to do with South African animals other than “from which” we take the company name.

We did not call it that because they look like a kudu and we like the way it looks. They don’t! If you want to see pictures of them, visit http://www.kudugrill.com

Kudu Grills are made with high-quality materials so they will last through years of traveling and camping. They’re also designed to fold down into a compact size so it fits easily inside any vehicle or trailer.

What Is A Kudu Grill?

The kudu grill is an ultra-portable stainless steel table top BBQ with a P.I.N. system weighing just 5 lbs. and folding down to 19″ long by 8.5″ wide for storage in the trunk of your car, camper shell, or boat.

It is the perfect companion for cooking overland in a land rover, motorhome, truck, jeep, or safari vehicle while camping in Africa, Australia, or anywhere else on this planet.

Kudu grills feature fold-down steel legs with rubber feet for extra stability when barbecuing in the great outdoors or at home on your patio. All stainless steel construction and latches make it rust-proof to last for many years of continuous use.

The butane burner is simple to operate, safe and clean – no messy fuels, no emissions, no electric power required! It produces a clean, even-heat to cook anything from steaks and kebabs to eggs and pizza.

Kudu grills also feature a fold-down windshield for cooking outdoors in the great outdoors along with heavy duty stainless steel grill baskets that double as basting brushes – just bend them into place.

Weighing just 5 lbs. kudu grills are perfect for overlanding, tailgating, hunting and fishing. Kudu has a kg02 grill with a butane burner that cooks anything from steaks to eggs and everything in between.

Kudu also offers (kg04 and kg06) grills with propane burners for North America and kudu (kg10, kg16, kg20, and kg36) grills with propane burners for other regions of the world.

Kudu kg16 grills have a spring-loaded, skeletonized steel stove top with two baskets to cook anything from eggs to fish. Kudu kg20 grills have three steel grill baskets along with an integrated oven.

Kudu kg04, kg06, kg10, kg16, and kg20 propane grills are for use with disposable 1-lb propane cylinders or 20-lb (5×4) bottles of propane gas.

All kudu grill models kg02 kg04 kg06 kg10 kg16 and kg20 barbecue grills are for use with 12-lb (3×4) bottles of butane gas.

Where Are Kudu Grills Made?

Kudu grills are manufactured by kudu grill industries in Windsor, Ontario, Canada – KGI. Many people often search for information about where products are made.

It’s understandable, in a ever-evolving economy, many people are looking to support products manufactured in their respective countries.

All kudu barbecue grills are approved to comply with the north American standards of csa-138.3, csa-170 and KGI kg02 kg04 kg06 kg10 kg16 and kg20 grills are certified by Lloyds certification services.

How To Cook On A Kudu Grill

Cooking with a Kudu grill is easy, fun, and economical! Kudu kg02 kg04 kg06 kg10 kg16 and kg20 barbecue grills are made to cook anything from steaks to eggs and everything in between.

But one thing is key: knowing how to control heat to achieve the desired level for the particular type of food you’ll be cooking. It’s all about taming the flames; let’s see how we do it!

Heat the Kudu Grill

Kudu grills have an open fire system. You’ll want to fire up the flame to extreme temperatures. If you’re wondering why the intense heat, it’s for consistency.

Once the fire is hot enough, it’s easier to control the heat. Controlling the heat will be as simple as adjusting the grill height. If the grill goes higher and away from the flame, the cooking temperature reduces.

Check the Heat

You don’t need a cooking thermometer for outdoor grilling- after all, isn’t mastering the skill without all the tools fun?

Hold your hand above the grill and determine how long your hand can stay there comfortably. Depending on how many seconds you could hold your hand, here are the different heat levels:

2 seconds–high heat

5 seconds–medium heat

10 seconds–low heat

Different dishes and cooking styles fall under the above three levels of heat. Slow cooking calls for low heat, while steaks sear best on high heat. Medium heat will be ideal if you want to cook the meat through. Ensure that you cannot hold your hand above the grill for over 10 seconds as this temperature cannot cook.

Mark the Fire Zones

You are going to use your grill for cooking various dishes, all of which ideally cook at different heat levels. For example, as mentioned above, searing steaks require more heat than slow-cooking potpies. Also, if you have limited access to grilling trays, you’ll need to zone your fire for better grill heat control.

You can create two-zone or three-zone fires


This zone comprises two charcoal piles on the ash basin, which will make the two fire zones. Light up the first pile and put more charcoal over it, but don’t place any charcoal over the second pile once you light it. This second pile will be the lower fire zone, ideal for thorough cooking. The first pile will be the higher fire zone, good for searing steaks.


If you have a wide charcoal grill, this is method will prove both practical and fun. As the name suggests, it comprises three charcoal piles of reducing magnitude. On one side, make one large charcoal pile, followed by a smaller pile in the middle and then the smallest pile on the other side. You will then light a fire on the largest pile and cover with a few charcoal pieces or accelerant, light the middle stack, and cover it with briquettes, but leave the smallest pile as it is after lighting up.

This setup gives you three zones of heat; searing over the largest pile, thoroughly cooking over the middle stack, and holding the ready dish warm over the smallest pile!

Controlling the Heat

Controlling the heat is crucial for the best of the various dishes you cook over the grill.

If you want high heat for searing and grilling, begin by laying a layer of briquettes on the ash basin and then pouring the pile over. This setup will burn at around 550 degrees- Fahrenheit.

For low heat, arrange the briquettes in a loop, typically a “C” shape. Once you light one end, the fire will burn slowly to the other end.

Where To Buy A Kudu Grill

Just head over to Kudugrills.com and contact Kudu Grills to get set up with your own today! If you are looking for a Kudu Grill alternative, check out Tembo Tusk!


Kudu grills are a premium, handmade grill that is perfect for the outdoor cooking enthusiast. If you’re ready to enjoy delicious food with friends and family in the great outdoors without compromising on quality or flavor, you can find these grills on the internet, or even in stores near you.

Stop by your local retailer and see if they have one in stock! We hope we were able to answer all of your questions about these beautiful grills!