Are Pk Grills Made In China Or The USA?

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A big factor for many folks is whether or not a product is made in the USA or China. So, are PK grills made in the USA or China?

If you’re interested in buying a PK grill and want to find out more about the company’s history and where it manufactures its units, then keep reading as we discuss the answers in detail to help you make up your mind.

Purchasing a high-quality charcoal grill calls for investing a significant amount of money, which makes you want to make sure that you’re getting a grill that’ll serve for a long time.

This is why a lot of customers who plan on buying from PK grills often wonder about its construction; where they’re made and what they’re made of.

This brings us to today’s question: are PK grills made in China or the USA? Let’s hop in!

Where are PK Grills Made?

As per the official website, PK grills are manufactured in the United States of America, more specifically in Arkansas.

While most buyers feel at ease regarding the quality of this company’s grills when they receive such information, we should also mention that PK grills come with a generous warranty of 20 years.

You can tell that the company stands behind its grills, so even if any issues arise with the grill, your investment will be in good hands.

Are PK Grills Made in China or the USA?

Many manufacturers of charcoal grills nowadays have their units made in China because it costs less.

This allows them to reduce the production expenses and simultaneously increase the profit margin.

Luckily, PK prioritizes construction/design quality over cost and believes that this is what most customers want.

As such, PK Grills continue to make its units in the United States in Arkansas to date.

When and How did PK Get Started?

PK grills go way back in the day, more than 70 years to be more exact.

It all started in Tyler, Texas, where Hilton Meigs designed and built a charcoal grill and smoker using cast aluminum material.

He named his creation “Portable Kitchen” and started selling the grill all over the mid-south region.

This happened in the middle of the 20th century, and by 1960, Lewis Hamlin had bought the company and transferred the production to Arkansas in Little Rock.

Unfortunately,  production stopped around 1975 because of a fire at the company’s manufacturing site.

However, an incredible thing took place about 20 years later when a local lawyer in Little Rock, Arkansas discovered one of the PK grills — it was still in perfect working condition despite the age and weather elements. Paul James found a PK charcoal grill in 1998 at a garage sale.

Fascinated by the grill’s durability, he decided to put his enthusiasm towards grills to use.

Paul James bought the brand and started manufacturing new aluminum grills based on the design and construction of the original unit he found.

Fast forward to nowadays, PK grills are widely popular and offer excellent performance with outstanding quality.

What are PK Grills Made of?

PK manufacturers their grills out of hand-poured cast aluminum. The charcoal grills are built to withstand harsh and varying outdoor elements from rain and wind to ice, snow, and salt air.

PK grills are meant to last for decades. They’re designed to effectively output a reliable performance and deliver impressive results every time you fire them up.

PK grills won’t ever rust thanks to the aluminum that forms an oxide shell on the surface upon exposure to oxidizing agents in the atmosphere. This shell stops further reaction, protecting the below layers of the metal.

This is because aluminum oxide doesn’t allow the elements to pass beyond the surface shell, preventing the rusting of the grill. If something disrupts the protective aluminum oxide shell, it’ll spontaneously fix itself.

Additionally, PK grills feature temperature-resistant paint that undergoes the final step of the curing process when you use your unit for the first time.

How Long Can a PK Grill Last?

A PK grill could easily serve you more than 50 years. It can last your family for up to 80 or even 100 years as long as you keep up good maintenance.

PK offers its customers the type of charcoal grills that they can pass down to their children with total confidence that the grills will perform with the same quality and efficiency throughout the years.

PK grills are a great choice if you’re looking for a charcoal grill/smoker to stand the test of time.

Wrap Up

So, are PK grills made in China or the USA? Well, PK grills are manufactured in the United States of America, more specifically in Arkansas.

Unlike other brands that save on manufacturing costs by having their grills made in China, PK believes in investing in the quality of US-made charcoal grills and believes that’s what customers are looking for as well.