Sticky and Sweet Griddle-Baked BBQ Ribs

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Sticky and Sweet Griddle-Baked BBQ Ribs Introducing the summer classic: Sticky and Sweet Griddle-Baked BBQ Ribs. Get ready to take your taste buds to a smoky and delectable flavor heaven! These BBQ Ribs are perfectly cooked on a griddle, giving them the perfect char-grilled flavor and texture. Serve with a side of coleslaw and roasted sweet potatoes to complete the meal. And if you’re feeling something a little different, why not switch up the flavors with a juicy garlic and rosemary twist, or a spicy, citrusy bourbon glaze?

2 pounds of pork ribs
1/4 cup of BBQ sauce
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
2 tablespoons of white vinegar
2 tablespoons of paprika
1 tablespoon of garlic powder
1 tablespoon of onion powder
1 teaspoon of black pepper

Special preparation:
When preparing the ribs, trim off any excess fat and cut into 2-3 ribs per portion.

1. Preheat a large griddle or skillet over medium-high heat.
2. In a wide shallow dish or bowl, mix together the BBQ sauce, maple syrup, white vinegar, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper.
3. Place the ribs on the griddle, making sure to pour some of the sauce mixture over each rib.
4. Cook the ribs for 4–6 minutes per side, flipping and brushing the ribs with the sauce mixture every minute until they’re evenly cooked.
5. Once the ribs are cooked through and slightly charred, remove them from the griddle and brush them with extra BBQ sauce before serving.

Cooking Hack: If you can’t find a griddle, you can use a baking sheet instead. Preheat your oven to 400°F and bake the ribs until they’re cooked through, about 30-35 minutes.

Tips & Suggestions:
• Make sure the ribs are cooked thoroughly before serving and always check the temperature with a meat thermometer.
• For a little added flavor and texture, sprinkle on a few dashes of chili powder and cumin.
• Serve the sticky, sweet ribs with coleslaw and roasted sweet potatoes for a complete meal.
• Store any leftovers in an airtight container for up to three days.

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