Griddle Accessories That Take Your Cooking To The Next Level

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Griddles and grills have their own unique benefits, and both can be great tools to use when cooking outdoors. Whether you’re cooking up a steak on the grill or French toast on the griddle, understanding the intricacies of each cooking surface is key to mastering each culinary technique. With the right cooking surface in hand, anything is possible.
Whether you’re a professional chef or an occasional griddle-user, the right accessories can help bring your cooking game to the next level. From temperature control and extra cooking tools, to cleaning supplies and safety gadgets—there are lots of options to choose from.

In this article, we’ll cover the best griddle accessories for mastering your cooking technique, keeping your griddle neat and tidy, and ensuring safety while you cook.
For any kind of cooking, accuracy when it comes to temperature is key. A heavy-duty griddle is usually pre-fitted with a temperature gauge, but these can be unreliable. For example, if your griddle isn’t the right distance away from the walls it could give false readings. If you’re an experienced cook you might already be familiar with the temperature zones of your griddle, but if not, an external temperature measuring device is an invaluable tool.
A digital thermometer takes all the guesswork out of griddle cooking—it will allow you to see exactly what temperatures you’re working with on different parts of the griddle surface. This way, you’ll have consistent, quality results and can adjust the heat level to suit your cooking.
-Ensures reliable, accurate temperature readings
-Takes the guesswork out of your cooking
-Allows you to adjust the heat levels to suit your cooking
-They can be expensive
-You need to check the thermometer regularly to make sure it’s working correctly
For most griddle cooking, you’ll be using a spatula of some sort. But if you’re looking to up your cooking game, there are certain tools that will give you greater control and precision when flipping, stirring and turning your food. A set of griddle cooking tools can include a griddle scraper, which will allow you to get rid of stubborn, stuck-on food that may have burned to the bottom; a griddle Turner, which looks like a fish-slice or large spatula and is great for meat and vegetables; and a griddle press, which is a heavy, flat tool that can be placed on top of burgers and steaks to help cook them evenly.
-Makes it easier to manage difficult types of food
-Gives greater control and precision when flipping and turning food
-Helps to cook food evenly
-Can be expensive to buy a whole set of tools
-They can take up a lot of storage space
Having the right tools to keep your griddle clean is essential—not only to keep your griddle in good condition, but also for food safety. A stainless steel brush is a must-have for cleaning off burnt-on food. In addition, food-grade sanitizers and particle-resistant cleaning cloths are also a must for deep cleaning your griddle.
-Keeps your griddle clean and hygienic
-Helps to prolong the life of your griddle
-Makes it easier to clean off any stuck-on food
-Cleaning materials can be expensive
-Sanitizers can be potentially harmful to skin if not used correctly

No matter your level of experience, griddle cooking is always potentially dangerous. From kitchen fires to burns, risks are ever-present when dealing with hot surfaces and hot oil. To safeguard yourself and your kitchen when griddle cooking, a set of safety gloves is essential. Not only will they protect your hands from heat, but will also give you better grip when picking up and moving hot items. It’s also worth investing in an emergency fire extinguisher—you can never be too careful!
-Keeps you safe and protected when cooking
-Gives you better grip and control when moving hot items
-Prevents the risk of kitchen fires
-Can be expensive
-Not something you may use regularly
Having the right griddle accessories can help take your cooking to the next level. From temperature measurement devices to griddle cooking tools and safety equipment, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, you should only invest in accessories that you know you’ll get usage out of—as some of them can be expensive.
If you’re looking to upgrade your griddle equipment, be sure to do your research and check out the pros and cons of each option. When used correctly, the right griddle accessories can make a huge difference to your cooking game.