What Should I Name My Traeger? 19 Ideas You Will Love

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Want to name your Traeger but aren’t sure what you should name it? You’re not alone!

We’ve been naming inanimate objects for years. Cars, mostly, but it stretches into other territories too.

One of which is our grills and griddles. And since Traeger released an app along with their pellet grills, lots of people have noticed that there is an option to name your Traeger.

It’s probably there for a functional reason.

Some people might use their app with more than one grill so need to be able to distinguish between which is which in the app to track progress of the food that’s cooking inside.

Still, functional or not, it can be a lot of fun to name your Traeger both in app and in general.


I know an old friend of mine’s dad used an old grill for years that he called ‘Ol’ Babs’ after his ex-wife Barbara because ‘she could create a fire out of nothing too’.

True story. So, if you’ve been left wondering ‘What should I name my Traeger?’ then fear not, because I’m on hand with all the very best suggestions from across multiple forums and my friends in the grilling community.

Ready to find out more? Then follow me below!

Masculine VS Feminine Name

The first thing you need to do when you’re thinking about naming your Traeger is to decide what kind of energy they have. Is it masculine or feminine?

It might sound odd, but I know lots of people that insist upon naming Traeger’s feminine names because they see them as quite gentle on the outside and fiery on the inside (like some women – and I’m not naming any names either).

I know others who see their Traeger’s as quite masculine, powerful energies that they insist upon naming in quite masculine ways.

Of course, a name could be both masculine and feminine, and deciding what names fall into ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ categories is quite arbitrary.

But still, it’s worth deciding what kind of presence you think your Traeger has, because that’ll make naming it much easier.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to some suggestions and explaining the different ways people choose to name their Traeger grills. First up, funny suggestions…

Funny Name Suggestions

I’m no comic, so I wouldn’t have thought of half of these without the help of the internet, grilling forums, and my friends. But there’s still a common way of approaching thinking of funny names for your Traeger.

One way is to think of a play on words. You can do this in many different ways by taking celebrity names or public figures and changing them slightly to fit your Traeger.

You can also think of a catchy name, or do as my friend’s dad did, and name your Traeger after something that you can laugh at now, but probably hurt a little at the time.

Now remember, I’m not a comic, but here are some of the best suggestions I’ve found from others so you can get your creative juices flowing to create something of your own:

  • L L Queue J (after LL Cool J)
  • FrankenSmoker (after Frankenstein – with some additional extras of Bride of FrankenSmoker when you get a new one)
  • Puff Daddy
  • Hot Stuff
  • Twisted Fire Starter (after the Prodigy song)
  • Biggie Smokes
  • SmokinHotMistress (check with your wife first folks)
  • Tu-Pork (after Tupac)
  • Ash Kicker (after, erm…)
  • Dixie Pigs (after Dixie Chicks)
  • GrillyMcGrillFace (yes… really…)
  • Where There’s Smoke…
  • MasterBaster (ahem…)

I think it’s best I stop there after that last one, but you get the gist, right?

There are loads of funny name suggestions out there and I’m sure many of you can think of ones far better than even the ones on this list.

Just know that you don’t need to take naming your Traeger seriously – but if your friend ever looks over your shoulder when you’re on the app, you might have some explaining to do…

Strong Name Suggestions

You can also opt for strong names instead. These are names that’ll show off your Traeger’s power, so think of strong things and you’re already halfway there. Here are some suggestions I’ve found online:

  • The Beast
  • The Dragon
  • The Iron Lady (odd to name your Traeger after a controversial figure in British politics, but hey, whatever floats your boat)
  • Meateor
  • The Grillfather

You get the idea again, just think of strong names in general and then use it for your Traeger and you’ll be able to find a pretty solid option quickly.

Serious Name Suggestions

So many people just opt to name it ‘YourName’s Traeger’ and that’s perfectly OK.

I think a lot of people will see some of the whacky suggestions on the list so far and think they have to compete with it.

But remember, you’re going to pretty much be the only person who ever sees the name you give to your Traeger, so don’t stress about it.

Also, if you choose not to name your Traeger, then the app will just default to the name of your make and model, so you can always just leave it at that.

If grilling for you is quite a serious thing anyway (and you’re not the type of person to smile when you open your app and see ‘GrillyMcGrillFace’) then just stick to something serious. There’s no shame in it.

Honorary Name Suggestions

There’s a number of people in the grilling community that’ll name their grills after someone they know to honor them.

Obviously I’m not counting my friend’s dads’ ex-wife Barbara here, because I’m fairly certain he wasn’t trying to honor her when he named his grill ‘Ol’ Babs’.

But I have seen people who used to grill with a loved one who is sadly no longer with us, and then affectionately name their Traeger after them.

Some of the names/terms of endearment I’ve seen include:

  • Ma
  • Pops
  • Papa
  • Granny
  • Sissy
  • Bro
  • Cuz

If there’s someone in your life that is special to you, or you’ve lost someone close that you used to grill with, it can be a really nice idea to honor them by naming your Traeger after them so in some small way they’re always with you when you grill.

It’s All Up To You…

There are loads of different ways you can name your Traeger. But just because the app arbitrarily asks you to name it, doesn’t mean you have to. Stick to a default, or keep it serious.

But if you want to have some fun with it, then think of strong or funny names or honor someone close to you. Just remember, it’s all up to you, and you can take it as seriously or not-so-seriously as you please.

For me, well, let’s just say I’m much more likely to name my Traeger ‘MasterBaster’ than I am ‘Traeger Ironwood D2 885’, but that probably says more about my maturity than anything else…