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Does Camp Chef Have Sales? 7 Ways To Save Right Now

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Looking for the sales from Camp Chef to snag that new grill or griddle? Well, after some research, we found out when the best times to save on Camp Chef with these sales.

Camp Chef is an outdoor themed grill company that produces grills, smokers, and outdoor griddles for adventurers, camp goers and weekend warrior barbecue masters alike.

The Camp Chef product line includes propane grills, pellet grills, compact outdoors ovens, and flat-top grills, among many other products. 

But does Camp Chef ever have sales? The answer to this question yes — and this article will outline Camp Chef sales, military discounts, holiday sales, and other offers to save on your favorite Camp Chef grillware.


Camp Chef Black Friday Sales

Camp Chef has had Black Friday sales for several years now and has linked their Black Friday sales in the past with the week (and weekend) leading into Cyber Monday.

These sales can include the marking down of griddles and bundle packs for outdoor cooking. In 2020, for example, Camp Chef’s Black Friday sale started on November 27th (Black Friday) and lasted for over a week to December 7th (Cyber Monday). In this sale, Camp Chef offered discounts on Guy Fieri’s Pro60x and Pro90x cook system bundles.

The Pro60x bundle included a 1-Burner BBQ box, a 1-Burner Fry Griddle, a chef’s utensil set, and a 12-inch cast-iron skillet. The two 30,000-BTU burner systems and accessories originally cost $495 (USD) but were marked down to $449.99 — a savings of over 45 dollars, or 9.09%.

The Pro90x bundle included a chef’s utensil set, a 12-inch cast-iron skillet, a 2-Burner BBQ box, and a 1-Burner fry griddle. This three 30,000-BTU burner set, complete with stand accessories, originally cost $605 (USD) but was marked down to $549.99 — a savings of over 55 dollars (9.09%).

Camp Chef Labor Day Sales

Grillware and outdoor cooking manufacturers tend to have sales in the late summer and early fall. This is because the grilling season is winding down, and the demand for outdoor grillware is likely not as high as in the spring.

Camp Chef is no exception, they have been known to offer savings on Labor Day Weekend, especially when it comes to pellet grills. Look out for savings around Labor Day, if not the entire months of August and September.

For a quick run-down of how Camp Chef stacks up against Blackstone, check out our buyers guide here Camp Chef vs Blackstone.

Camp Chef Military Discounts

Camp Chef offers military discounts through GovX. These discounts allow military veterans to save up to 40% on outdoor grillware products, including stoves, ovens, fire pits, cast-iron grills, smokers, outdoor griddles, flat-top grills, and pellet grills. These discounts apply if you are a military member and shop at the Camp Chef online store, or shop through GovX.

There have been sources stating as much as a three-year extended warranty for most Camp Chef items purchased in this fashion.

According to these sources, the military discount offer can not be combined with other public-facing veteran discount offers on Camp Chef products, through third-party vendors — and the Camp Chef military discount must be redeemed through the VetRewards Card.

Camp Chef, at least according to one other source, offers promotional codes for Veterans and Military Service members. This promotional code can be used as a coupon to get as much as 25% savings on Camp Chef products.

Camp Chef Pro Deals

The Camp Chef company offers deals to other companies in the outdoors industry. These are known as Pro Deals, deals for those in outdoor industry companies to familiarize themselves with Camp Chef products — and additional discounts are available, notably off the retail price of Camp Chef products.

There are several conditions on which a Pro Deal can apply. Firstly, the orders may not exceed $1500. The order must only be for personal use, and shipped only to a business address. Pro Deal offers are not allowed to be rushed, and the orders may take up to 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

The orders themselves can not take priority over standard orders; Camp Chef states that the Pro Deal program is a privilege and should not be abused by participants at the risk of losing access to the program. All sales of Camp Chef products in the Pro Deal program are final and are non-returnable.

There are two ways to get access to Pro Deals. The first way is to have a Pro Deal Card with a Pro Deal Coupon Code. The code is on the Coupon Card and must be entered while shopping on the Camp Chef Site. This is a one-time code that applies the Pro Deal discount upon purchase.

The second way to get access to Pro Deals is to apply for one online through an application form, found here. This form will verify your employment status, professional status, and confirmation from your company management to participate in the program. Approved applicants must reapply annually. The Pro Deal offer can not be combined with other discount offers.

Camp Chef and Expert Voice

Camp Chef has partnered with the company Expert Voice to offer both military and Pro Deal discounts, details here. If you didn’t already know,  Expert Voice is a company that provides businesses with a network of thousands of industry-specific experts to help them with increasing business and sales.

In order to apply for a Pro Deal or military expert, ask if your business has partnered with Expert Voice. Alternately, you can apply your interest in becoming an Expert Voice partner on the Expert Voice site.

Camp Chef Ambassador Program and X-Affirm

Camp Chef offers an Ambassador Program for those interested in increasing market interest in Camp Chef products. For more information on the Camp Chef Ambassador Program, please visit the Camp Chef site.

Camp Chef also offers a Camp Chef x Affirm program, which allows customers to get little as 0% APR financing on qualifying orders over 450 dollars. This means that for select products, you can pay at rates of as little as $38 a month.

Currently, the Camp Chef X Affirm program covers the SG 24 WIFI Pellet Grill (Black), the XT24 Pellet Grill (Bronze), the Pursuit 20 Portable Pellet Grill, the Flat Top Grill 600, the Portable Flat Top Grill 600, the Highline Event Grill, and the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven. For more information on the Camp Chef x Affirm Program, please visit the Camp Chef site here.


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