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5 Blackstone Griddle Accessories You Will Actually NEED

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Looking for the griddle accessories you actually need? Well, look no further! We did the research and as owners of several griddles, we know what works and what doesn’t work. In this article, we will guide you through the griddle accessories that you will thank us for.

Getting an outdoor griddle opens up a whole new world of backyard cooking. Once you start learning all of the little game-changers to using an outdoor griddle (or flat-top grill as some call it) you will find yourself asking how you cooked in the backyard before having these outdoor griddle accessories.

While we could sit and talk for days about all the pros to having a griddle, we REALLY need to talk about the outdoor griddle accessories you will want to get, because once you toss in these little lifesavers, your griddle game is definitely going to level up!

Also, I should mention, whether you call it a griddle, flat-top grill or Blackstone, or even Camp Chef, it doesn’t really matter, these accessories apply to all of these categories and name nuances.

Now, its easy to make a “Best of” or “Must Haves” type of article as the internet is littered with them (I’ve done it myself) but in this case, it’s important to keep it real and only provide you with items you will actually need.

So, because of that, there is only 5 in this “Must Have”. Alright, I have run my big mouth enough, let’s do this.

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5 Outdoor Griddle Accessories You Will Thank Us For

So many people want to sell you junk you dont really need, in this case, its really stuff you will want to have as a good accessory to your griddle.

Are the required? Nope, but these items will truly make your griddle experience better. Believe me, I make all the mistakes in the world before I learn…the hard way.

Griddle Hood

Griddling is its own kind of beast when it comes to backyard cooking. It’s not quite like a traditional grill where fat, grease, and oil would traditionally fall between the grill grates on a griddle, all of that stuff stays on the griddle surface and either splatters of or gets pushed to the grease tray.

Because of this, a hood is an excellent upgrade to your outdoor griddle as it will contain all of those splatters with ease. In addition, a griddle hood is a great choice because it is super helpful with heat convection and retention.

Personally, I use my Blackstone Adventure 17 when camping and up here in the Colorado mountains, the evenings are chilly, having a hood keeps your food cooking out of the elements like cold weather and rain.

Finally, a soft griddle cover is a must (see below) but when you leave that soft cover over your griddle surface exposed, it gets well……it gets really gross, a good griddle hood solves this problem…. it’s a win/win/win!


Most griddles don’t come with a hood, fortunately, there are a couple of different options to consider but all will handle the job. There is a company called Griddle Guard that makes 3rd party griddle hoods.

I reached out to them to test and review a griddle hood and they weren’t exactly responsive, well actually, they just stopped replying……so, with that said, I wasn’t able to get my hands on a test product, however, with my ego aside, I’m pretty sure these are a good option to consider, they seem well made, have good reviews and they are a company dedicated to this one area.

They market their griddle hoods as 100% American Made with Fast and Free Shipping. As a combat vet and proud American, I gotta get behind this. Speaking of, ever wonder if Blackstone is a Made in USA product? Check out our findings in this article “Are Blackstone Griddles Made in The USA?”

They offer both a matching black finish or a diamond plate finish and depending on your style, to be honest, both look great.

The best part of Griddle Guard is their proprietary design that incorporated hooks onto the hood that allow you to take the hood off and on with ease and even hangs the hood on the griddle body when it’s not in place. You can check out Griddle Guard here.

Griddle Cover

Here’s the deal, griddles are outdoor cooking toys for grownups. With that said, we have to leave these toys outside. I’ve tried bringing mine inside to have it next to my bed when I sleep so I could dream more about great griddling food, but the wife wasn’t very happy.

So, I had to get a cover to protect the griddle from the outdoor elements. Griddle covers come in universal fits and also have manufacturer-specific griddle cover models. This one from Amazon is an excellent option, check it out here at Amazon.

Griddle Scraper / Cleaning Brush

Griddle cooking can get messy, and sometimes (well all the time) things tend to stick. Now, don’t get me wrong, a good seasoning will eliminate a lot of unnecessary sticking.

With that said, things will still stick. Once this happens, you will find yourself doing a deep clean from time to time and a good scraper/cleaning brush goes a long way. Because you don’t want to ever use soap on your griddle surface, you will want to have a scouring pad along with your scraper to break up the muck on your griddle surface.

This option from Cuisinart has a brush with a built-in scraper/scouring pad combo to give your griddle surface the 1-2 griddle cleaning punch it needs to get your griddle looking great with no soap! Check it out here on Amazon.

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Griddle Grease Drip Tray Liners

Fortunately, the folks who design griddles give us these really helpful grease trays. However, they are really gross and annoying to have to clean out all the time. Drop one of these tin liners in and toss and forget it when you’re done! A pack of these is cheap and they are very effective. Check them out here on Amazon.

Griddle Tool Accessory Kit

Last but certainly not least is the most basic, and very affordable accessory of them all (well maybe not compared to the grease tins but you get my point).

The standard griddle accessory kit has the griddle spatulas, oil and water bottles, and scrapers needed for just basic everyday griddle cooking!

No need to overthink this one folks, this is one you will need to grab just to get the basic cooking done.

Sure, you could try your regular kitchen spatulas but your wife won’t appreciate it, and who doesn’t love an affordable, useful option to upgrade your griddling game! Check it out here on Amazon.

Outdoor Griddle Accessories Final Thoughts

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There you have it, folks! You’re ready to take your new griddle and level up your griddle game. Hopefully, you found this article to be helpful and your griddling adventures this year are epic! Griddle King, out.


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