Does Blackstone Make A Stainless Steel Griddle?

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Keep hearing about a “stainless steel Blackstone Griddle” and wondering why you haven’t seen one? Well, let’s solve the question “Does Blackstone Griddle Make a Stainless Steel Griddle”.

Let’s Solve this now.

Due to the fact that Blackstone offers such a wide range of products that are often marketed slightly differently at different retailers, it can become confusing to know exactly what type of griddle you are getting with a Blackstone product.

So, rather than leaving the guesswork to you, we’ve been in contact with Blackstone customer services to confirm exactly what each griddle top is made of, and to ask why so many retailers describe them differently.

Basically, if you’ve been confused about Blackstone griddles and whether or not they are made of stainless steel, this is where you should come to clear it all up!

What Are Blackstone Griddle Tops Made Of?

So, does Blackstone make a stainless steel griddle? Well, the answer to that question is no. Blackstone exclusively makes their griddle tops out of cold-rolled steel, which is obviously not the same as stainless steel.

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There is no point in going into an in-depth explanation here about the differences in the production of cold-rolled steel and stainless steel, but basically, each is treated slightly differently in production and so will yield different results (usually to do with heat distribution and conduction, and protection against rust in the long term).

What Did Blackstone Support Tell Us?

After some internet scouring, I realized that Blackstone likely does not have a “stainless steel” griddle. However, just to be sure, I contact their support and asked. I received an email response back that was very to the point saying, and I quote: “They are only rolled steel we do not have stainless steel. 

Thanks, Ty”. I think it’s safe to say, Ty isn’t much of a talker. So, with that said, it’s official, Blackstone does not have a stainless steel griddle top.

That’s the official response from Blackstone Support

Why Is There Confusion?

Now, if Blackstone only makes cold-rolled steel griddle tops, then why is there such confusion? If you type ‘Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddle’ into a search engine, you will find results.

So what’s that all about? Well, we asked Blackstone customer services, and they have helped clear that up a little.

Some of their models have a stainless steel faceplate, and others have the more traditional black faceplate that we’re used to seeing from Blackstone.

It’s also often the case that they also make the griddle burner elements beneath the griddle top of stainless steel. So the reason you hear people talk about stainless steel griddles from Blackstone is simply confusion.

There are stainless steel elements to the griddles, but Blackstone does not offer a single model that has a stainless steel_ griddle top_. You will only ever cook on cold-rolled steel when cooking with a Blackstone product.

So if this stainless steel faceplate is causing so much confusion, what’s the difference between that, and the traditional black faceplate?

Blackstone Stainless Steel Faceplate VS Black Faceplate

There are a few models that have a stainless steel faceplate from Blackstone, but in the interest of transparency (and your time), we’ll just be discussing the 22-inch Tabletop Griddle with stainless steel faceplate, found here.

To compare it with, we’ve also chosen the traditional 22-inch tabletop griddle with a typical black faceplate, which you can look at here if you wish. BTW, if you are considering a portable griddle like these shown, you may want to check our guide to Portable Griddles For The Outdoors, it’s worth a look.

Now, the first thing you’ll notice about the faceplate is that they are aesthetically different. When made of stainless steel, it is slightly shinier and brighter, and when it is the traditional black faceplate, it is duller.

To many people, this won’t even cross their minds when purchasing a griddle, because they simply want one that will do the job right, but many others will care about how their griddle looks, and Blackstone is aware of this. They wouldn’t offer a stainless steel faceplate model if they didn’t think people would like the look of it too.

But the major difference between the two models is the weight. Blackstone models with stainless steel faceplates are lighter. You’ll notice this with any griddles that have more stainless steel implemented into the design because stainless steel is just lighter than other steel.

This could be an important deciding factor for people selecting a Blackstone product, especially one like the two we’ve chosen to compare, because some griddles are designed to be easily transported, If one is lighter than the other though, then it makes packing them up and bringing them with you to different places a much easier task.

Even the griddles that are designed to be stationary can benefit from a lighter design, because some people will move their griddles into different places to protect it from the weather, etc. So in that respect, stainless steel faceplates make sense.

However, there is one key difference between the stainless steel faceplate and the black faceplate, and it’s to do with the longevity of the product itself. Stainless steel is not as resistant to rust and weather as the black powder-coated faceplate.

Whilst stainless steel certainly has some durability and will last for a fair amount of time outdoors, you will need to be more careful with it than the black faceplate, and that’s simply due to the way that the metal faceplates have been treated.

The black one has slightly more durability and resistance to rust than its stainless steel counterpart.

Why Doesn’t Blackstone Use Stainless Steel On Their Griddle Tops?

If after reading the above section you’re still wondering why griddle tops aren’t made of stainless steel at Blackstone, then we will do our best to finish by explaining it here.

Clearly Blackstone isn’t averse to stainless steel on their griddles, but they stick quite strictly to their griddle tops being made of cold-rolled steel, so why is that?

Well, we mentioned earlier that due to the way the steel is treated, there are certain differences that are noticeable with the end product. The first is that while stainless steel is naturally resistant to rust, cold-rolled steel can be seasoned which will provide it with much better protection than stainless steel will.

Given that a griddle top is likely to be exposed to the elements quite a bit, and therefore be at risk of rusting, it makes sense that Blackstone only uses cold-rolled steel with their griddle tops.

The other thing we mentioned earlier was about heat distribution and conduction. Blackstone, for whatever reason, has clearly decided during product testing, that cold-rolled steel simply works best for their products, or else they would opt for stainless steel instead.

Whilst testing their products they will have focussed on how effectively their griddle tops can heat up, distribute that heat across the entire griddle top evenly, and retain the heat so that everything cooks as it should.

For Blackstone, there is clearly no better material to make their griddle tops out of than cold-rolled steel. So, no, Blackstone do not offer a stainless steel griddle, and we hope this post has cleared that up for you, and helped explain why Blackstone prefers cold-rolled steel griddle tops, but are happy to use stainless steel for certain elements of their griddles.