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Who Sells Blackstone Griddles? 8 Easy Ways To Get One Fast!

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If you’re looking to see who sells a new Blackstone Griddle, then there are a couple of ways you can go about purchasing one. First, you’ll need to decide whether you want to head in-store and pick one out yourself, or if you’d prefer to just make your purchase online.

Both have their merits, and both have things you need to think about first. We’ll start by providing a few quick-fire tips about which method of purchasing your new griddle might be best for you, and then we’ll look at where to buy Blackstone griddles.

Once you get that new griddle, be sure to check out our guide to the 5 Must-Do Steps Before Your First Griddle Meal on a new griddle.


Online VS In-Store: Which Is Best For You?

The key thing you need to think about before deciding whether to purchase in-store or online is the size of the griddle you want.

Obviously, it’s always nice to see the griddle you’re purchasing in-store to make sure it’s right for you, but if you’re looking at Blackstone’s larger griddles, then you really need to think about how practical it is for you to take it back home with you on the day.

Sure, if you have a large truck or a van that you can use, size won’t matter, but if you’re just driving a two-door runaround, then you might run into some difficulties.

Our second tip is to always remember that deliveries take time and extra money. You’ll need to wait for the griddle to be shipped, and there isn’t always a guarantee that they will deliver it to you at a convenient time.

Often you can arrange specific delivery days that work for you, but it’ll likely cost you a little more so just keep this in mind.

Our last thing to consider is more to do with purchasing online. In person you can get a good feel for the griddle, but online you can’t. Make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable retailer (our list below contains big names with big credibility) and that you pay close attention to the reviews of the product and the specifications.

Returning a griddle online if you make a mistake is a lot more hassle than returning it to a store, so just be extra careful whilst shopping online.

Online Retailers Blackstone Who Sell Blackstone Griddles

Obviously, this has to be the first suggestion on the list. If you’re looking for a new Blackstone griddle, then who better to purchase from than Blackstone themselves?

By shopping with them online you have the security of knowing that it’s coming direct from the supplier, so it’s very unlikely that there will be any defects with the product when it gets to you. If you want security, then buy online with Blackstone.


Our next suggestion has to be retailing giant Amazon. They are tried and tested and deliver reliably. You’ll also have the benefit of being kept up to date consistently with the order progress with Amazon, so you can always be informed about how long you have to wait before you’re cooking juicy burgers on your new griddle.

At the time of writing this they have good availability across most of the Blackstone range, so you won’t be missing out by purchasing from here.

Ace Hardware (Online)

There’s a reason that their tagline is ‘The Helpful Place’ at Ace Hardware. They’re reliable and you know that you’re getting exactly what it says on the tin when you buy from them.

They also run sales pretty regularly, so it might be worth checking out whether you can snag your Blackstone griddle for a fraction of the price.

Even if you can’t, Ace Hardware is an excellent retailer and their online presence is just as strong as their in store one (but more on that later).


Something unique about Walmart and Blackstone griddles, it seems Blackstone may have some sort of partnership with Walmart, as the Blackstone 17″ Adventure Ready model is only sold at Walmart.

It might not be everybody’s first thought when they think of a place to buy a new griddle, but Walmart often stocks Blackstone products online. You’re probably not going to find one in your local store by chance, but you are likely to find one online, so why not have a look here too. Who knows?

Maybe they’ll have a competitive price. It’s always worth a glance even if you can’t find the exact product you’re looking for. After all, that’s the beauty of shopping online: you can shop around for the best price with just a few clicks!


Now, this option is a bit of a go-between with our in-store and online options. That’s because you’re less likely to get a Blackstone griddle delivered to you from Target, because they just don’t seem to offer this option for them.

However, there are options for you to check for availability in-store, and also arrange to pick up within 2 hours. So, no, it isn’t really an online option, but more of a hybrid between the two, and it might be worth doing just to check stock in your area if you’re desperate for a Blackstone griddle ASAP.

In-Store Retailers Who Sell Blackstone Griddles

Not a big fan of online purchases? Dont want to wait? We get it! Here are some national retailers who sell Blackstone Griddles where you can grab one today!


If you’re looking for an in store option, then Lowes has to be right up there near the top. Without a Blackstone store, Lowes is an excellent choice. It’s been around for years, it’s trustworthy, and they’re known for excellent customer service in the unlikely event that something is wrong with your order, so what’s not to love?

Home Depot

If there isn’t a Lowes near you, then there’s probably a Home Depot, right? So look in store because they often have Blackstone griddles available, and there’s usually a good variety too.

Dicks Sporting Goods

You might not think of Dicks Sporting Goods when you’re thinking of a griddle, but actually they have a large selection of outdoor cooking equipment, and Blackstone griddles are amongst them. It’s always worth popping into your local store to see what they have available either way.

Ace Hardware

Don’t feel like heading to ‘The Helpful Place’ online? Then just head in-store. They often have Blackstone griddles ready and waiting, and there’s always a good selection available, so head in store if that’s something you prefer!

A big perk with picking one up at Ace Hardware, (at least at my local Ace) was I got a free propane bottle fill up with the purchase, plus they assembled and delivered the griddle to my house for no additional fee, so that was pretty cool.

Take-Home Points

Whether online or in-store, there are tonnes of places for you to find a Blackstone Griddle. Not sure which to buy? Check out our comparison about how the Blackstone Griddles stack up against Camp Chef.

We’d always recommend shopping around if you have the time – that way you can get the best price. But just be cautious about where you’re buying from.

The retailers we’ve listed here, both online and in-store, are all trustworthy companies, so make sure you stick with these larger retailers for your own peace of mind.


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