What Comes With A Blackstone Griddle? 3 Things You Need To Buy

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If you’re spending a couple hundred dollars on a Blackstone griddle, then you really ought to know what you’re going to get, specifically what item comes with your new griddle when it eventually shows up at your door. From covers and propane tanks, we cover it all.

This article will take you through the things you usually get with a new Blackstone griddle, but also discuss some differences depending on the model you pick up. Of course, we will not talk about EVERY possible Blackstone griddle and EVERY possible accessory that might come with it, because frankly we’d be here all day.

But, I will provide you with generic details that will give you an idea about what to look out for when you’re picking out your griddle, so you get one that suits all of your needs.

Also, I will provide you with what has come with the 3 (yes 3 Blackstone Griddles) I have personally bought.To start with, let’s look at the more general queries we see often about what comes with a Blackstone griddle.


Does My Griddle Come With A Hood or Lid?

This first example is another example of an ‘it depends’ answer. It depends on the model you’ve selected. Some come with them, and some do not.

If you’re buying straight from Blackstone, then they’ll make this abundantly clear through the pictures and product descriptions on their website, and if you’re still unsure, then you can reach out to their customer service team to check.

If you’re buying from a different retailer, it might not be as clear depending on the setup of their website, like here on Amazon, but if you’re unsure, then the best thing to do is ask. After all, that’s what customer service teams are there for.

If yours didn’t come with a hood or a lid, then you might want to consider purchasing one yourself. It helps protect your griddle from the weather, preventing rust and damage that you might expect to see when a griddle has been exposed to the elements whilst left uncovered.

Of course, you could always store your griddle indoors when not in use, but this could prove problematic if you don’t have the space or if it’s inconvenient for you to do this after every use.

You could also purchase a cover for your griddle instead if you prefer, but that’s a decision for you to make.

If you do decide you’d like the additional protection that a hood or lid provides, you could always consider reaching out to a third party manufacturer about having a custom lid made for your griddle.

In fact, many of them work on big griddle brands all the time, so by letting them know your model of Blackstone griddle, they’ll probably already have the parts ready to create a hood that fits perfectly over your specific model.

Will My Blackstone Griddle Come With A Cover?

After mentioning a cover for your griddle earlier, it’s probably best to make this point now too. Many people wonder if their griddle will come with a cover, and the answer is no, they won’t.

Sometimes you can get a package deal with some retailers where a cover will be thrown in, but generally you’ll have to pick one up yourself, and you really should pick one up. Read up here about storing your griddle outside.

Even with a hood or a lid, your griddle will need some extra protection. Your hood might cover the griddle top itself, but what about the side prep areas and frame?

Leaving these exposed to the weather will also cause rust and damage to your griddle, so really picking up a cover is an essential part of griddle care to keep your Blackstone product looking and performing in the way it should.

Even if you have a shed or an outbuilding where you will store your griddle, it’s usually advisable to cover it up. Now, these covers range in price so always make sure you’re picking out a suitable one for a suitable price.

Some waterproof griddle covers can go for an almost unreasonable amount of money, claiming to have so much % protection against the rain and UV light etc, but just be sensible about what you need the cover for.

So long as it covers your griddle fully, and is waterproof if you’re planning on leaving it outdoors, then you should be fine.

Does A Blackstone Griddle Come With A Propane Tank?

Again, no, they don’t usually. Sometimes, as with the covers, you can get them thrown into a deal if a retailer is offering some sort of promotion, but again, don’t rely on this.

The good thing about propane though, is that no matter the tank it’ll work on your Blackstone griddle. So, if you’re upgrading from your old gas grill, then you can use the same tank. Simply hook it up the way you usually would and it’ll work just the same.

If you’re new to the world of outdoor cooking, don’t worry. You can pick a propane tank up for a reasonable price. Shop around for the best deals if you like, but you shouldn’t really be paying anything more than $45 for a 20lb propane tank.

I was lucky and when I bought my latest Blackstone 28 from my local Ace Hardware, they assembled, delivered and included a free propane tank refill with my purchase. So, definitely check out your local Ace Hardware for that dewal.

You should also look into the different sizes available, because depending on how often you use it, you might want a tank smaller or larger than that 20lb mark.

So, What Does Come With A Blackstone Griddle?

We’ve looked at what might come with it, and what rarely comes with it, so to finish let’s look at what actually comes with a Blackstone griddle. Generally, picking up a standard Blackstone griddle will leave you with the following items:

  • -Box and Packaging
  • -User Manual
  • -Blackstone Sticker
  • -Griddle

Final Word

Depending on where you’re purchasing from, there might be some additional accessories thrown in too besides the cover and propane tank, but again, this varies so much that we can’t really jump into the specifics here.

If you want any additional accessories, then you will need to make those purchases separately. It’s worth checking out Blackstone’s website to get an idea about some accessories that might be good to purchase alongside your griddle, but the four items listed above are the typical things you should see when your Blackstone griddle finally arrives.