Can You Leave Your Griddle Outside? (Solved with Solution)

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Will rain make your new griddle rust? Can the Blackstone griddle be left outside? Yes! You can leave your Blackstone Griddle outside, however, there are some precautions that need to take place to ensure you don’t rust or ruin your new griddle.

Let’s talk griddle shop!

When you first got your Blackstone Griddle, you did just what you should, because you want this griddle to be around a few years.

You wrap up your first big meal, clean the griddle and get ready to head inside for the night, however, what about the weather?

You love your new Blackstone Griddle, and it is everything you hoped it would be. It grills—or, rather, it griddles—like a dream.

From Day one you did everything right. You cleaned the griddle, you went through the seasoning process and you care for that griddle like it’s one of your kiddos.

BTW, not sure how to season your new griddle? Check out our Guide to Seasoning a Griddle. So, the question remains…..

Can You Leave A Griddle or Flat Top Grill Outside?

Yes! you can leave your griddle outside, I mean after all, where else would we keep it?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a mansion with a griddle room.

In-fact, I live in Colorado and have a small yard, some, the kids, dogs, and my griddle all play outside, so outside it is for the Blackstone.

Well, I suppose you could keep it in the garage or a shed.

However, there are some concerns to be aware of and some preventative actions you can take to ensure your griddle doesn’t become a rust bucket.

What Is A Griddle Made Of?

Let’s look at the griddle’s composition before we answer. The griddle surface itself, plus other parts of the grill are made of steel, so the problem you would be running into is rust.

We’ve become accustomed to having steel be rust-proof because so many things are made of stainless steel now.

But the Blackstone griddle is made of regular steel, which means it is a mixture of iron and carbon.

For anyone who owns a cast iron skillet, you know that nothing cooks like iron.

But Heaven helps the person who doesn’t wash it the way it is supposed to be washed, right? Or who leaves it soaking in the sink for hours on end.

Well, the same type of thing is true of the Blackstone griddle. It has a cooking surface that is marvelous, but like anything, if not protected correctly, it can get damaged.

Extra Care For Outdoor Elements With the Blackstone Griddle

Oiling it down well before putting it away is a good first step. The Blackstone company says the seasoning helps the cooking surface not to rust. 

The company recommends putting the whole device away in a garage or someplace like that when not in use. 

They also recommend a cover. Many owners of the Blackstone griddle find it cumbersome to move the griddle in and out when they want to use it. 

Storage Tips From Real Owners On Griddle Forums and Reddit

I did some research online and read what other owners have experienced along with real-world user plans of actions.

After all, I live in one state with different weather and humidity than you likely do.

My weather and humidity up here in Colorado are vastly different than the weather and humidity in Florida.

1. Oil It Down Thoroughly With A Quality Oil That’s Full of Fatty Acids

Agreed, a good THIN layer of cooking oil will help protect the griddle surface from humidity and iron creating rust babies.

2. Leave The oil-wet after applying it to the griddle

This one is a bit iffy….heres the deal, yes, you can leave it wet, but please keep the layer thin, too much oil over time will create a sticky griddle that needs stripping and re-seasoning.

3. Keep it Out of the Weather “Hot Spots”

Put the Blackstone griddle in a place where you don’t need to worry about high winds or floods.

Since most of these were real owners who live in places with reasonably mild climates, that wasn’t a huge issue.

It makes sense. If they lived in places where it snowed or rained eight months a year, they probably wouldn’t care about using their griddle during the winter quite as much.

4. Invest In A Good Griddle Cover

Buy a quality cover. Some people were satisfied with the cover made by Blackstone specifically for their griddles.

Most people were a little less than satisfied. They suggested a bent cookie sheet under the Blackstone cover, to form a tent shape.

This helps the rain slide off. Others have gone with a Weber chimney in addition to the Blackstone cover.

Something Simple like this works great as it includes a little “teepee post” inside to help with rain roll-off and prevents the cover from sticking to the griddle surface.

Still, others have decided to leave the Blackstone cover behind. They went with a Weber cover.

Their reason was that, while the Blackstone cover is water-resistant, the Weber cover has proven to actually be waterproof, interesting enough I thought to add it here, if you find it works for you, shoot me an email, id love to hear it.

Sure, a good cover might run you $50-100 but after all, it might save you the $400 of a new griddle if you rust yours beyond repair.

Personally, I do have the Blackstone cover and found it to be in-fact, waterproof and doing a great job, see below:


Blackstone does sell a fully-enveloping cover that totally encloses the whole griddle, then zips shut, but no one remarked on how well it worked.

One thing that was mentioned was that high humidity can cause rust issues with the Blackstone griddle, almost as if it were getting wet from rain.

The humidity gets in under the cover and oxidizes the metal. Leaving a two- or three-inch gap when closing the cover can help this.

Covermates Griddle Cover
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  • DURABLE FEATURES: Polyester lining provides stability and structural strength, elastic hem for a secure fit, and mesh vents for air flow
  • TOUGH MATERIAL: Made with thick 12-gauge commercial vinyl
  • SATISFACTION WARRANTY: 2–year manufacturer warranty

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5. Keep Your Griddle on Concrete or a Deck (not Grass)

The owners also say to put the griddle up on a stand of some sort—cement usually—which will keep it away from plant life or water overflows.

Even a deck is great, the issue of concern is that the griddle sitting on your lawn will be sitting in wet grass, dogs peeing on it, etc.

The Verdict and Solution

Yes, you can absolutely keep your griddle outside. Keeping your griddle outside is the only option for most people. But, remember you must follow the guidance in this article to keep your griddle in good shape.

Read your owner’s manual, ensure you are aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow some precautionary measures as outlined here in this article.

Whether you’re griddling on a Blackstone, Camp Chef, Blue Rhino, Steelmade USA, or a Royal Gourmet, it doesn’t matter, what matters is taking care of what you got.

Remember, invest in a cover, store on cement or deck, and leave it stored with a THIN layer of oil.

Griddle Accessories You WILL ACTUALLY NEED

This is another big one. While your griddle does come ready to use….its missing some really BASIC items you will need. 

03/06/2023 03:57 am GMT

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There you have it! The age-old question of “Can I Leave My Blackstone Griddle Outside” has been beaten to death!

Yes, leave it outside but take care of it in the process or you will own a really expensive piece of rust. Griddle King, out.