How To Season A Blackstone Griddle (The Right Way)

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Looking to find out how to season a Blackstone Griddle? You’re not alone!

If you are not familiar, no worries as I have put together a complete guide for you so you will know exactly how to season your new griddle.

While it may be tempting to just dive right in and start cooking on that new Blackstone Griddle, there is a HUGE step that must take place, and that my friends, is you must season the griddle.

If you just opened the Griddle, there are a few things you should do BEFORE seasoning, check that here in 5 MUST-DO Steps For Your New Griddle

Why Do You Season a New Griddle?

Is there anything more fun than getting a brand new griddle? Well, there may be a few things, but getting a new griddle is by far one of my favorite pastimes.

Seasoning while it may seem like it’s a bit of an art, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

Now, I’m no scientist, so I won’t get into the science of this stuff.

However, on Average Joe terms (like me), it helps create a non-stick barrier that protects your griddle surface from food sticking and aids in the griddle surface’s ability to withstand the elements.

It won’t do it forever, but it helps overall. Also, the longer you use that griddle, the better it gets, like grandmas cast iron pan.

I think the smart guys refer to it as polymerization or something like that.

Don’t Use Bacon to Season Your Griddle

Now, there are rumors floating around that using a pack of bacon to season your new griddle is the best way to do it. I understand why people think this, but it’s wrong, here’s why.

Reason 1: Not To Use Bacon When Seasoning Your Griddle

The vast majority of bacon has been cured and flavored with additives like maple syrup flavoring, peppers, and other “non-fat” substances like salt and other nitrates.

The problem is, having those additional additives in your bacon will reduce and hinder the seasoning process. We need to keep those out.

Reason 2: Not To Use Bacon When Seasoning Your Griddle

Using animal fat for the seasoning process may work if the griddle has daily use, but if you are a weekend warrior or a “once in a while” griddler, using animal fat for the seasoning process will create a brittle, dried out cooking surface the next time you go to fire that griddle up.

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What’s The Best Oil To Season A Griddle?

So you did some research before buying a new griddle, you’ve likely seen lots of different techniques and methods. out there on the internet and youtube.

One thing is for SURE, people are fanboys of the chosen oils they use for all kinds of reasons.

I won’t get involved in the tall tales and theories, but I will recommend the following oils for you to make a decision with, after all, it’s your griddle!

All of the ones listed below will work and all have different profiles.

Grape Seed Oil: 

One of my personal favorites that leaves a nice compliment of taste couples with a high smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Avocado Oil: 

A excellent choice for searing meats and for those meat eaters out there as the Avacado Oil carries as the smoke point at a blistering 520 degrees Fahrenheit!

Olive Oil: 

A classic go-to for grandma’s cast iron and carries a smoke point of 40o degrees Fahrenheit. 

Flaxseed Oil: 

Another great option that does wonders for creating that slick surface seasoning but has the lowest smoke point of 225 Fahrenheit. 

**I should also mention that Blackstone also has a Seasoning Oil they sell as a “Seasoning Conditioner” but it works great too for the seasoning process.

What You Will Need To Season Your Griddle

Now let’s get into the process of seasoning your griddle, here are the tools you will need and the steps to take.

Before we jump right in, here is what you will need to season your griddle

  • Seasoning Oil
  • A Kitchen Towel or BBQ Gloves as this process is HOT!
  • Tongs to Keep Your Hand at a Distance While Working.
  • Paper Towels (Or a KItchen Rag)

1. Crank Up The HEAT

After you have cleaned your griddle, now it’s time to crank the heat up to its max setting and let the griddle surface get as hot as it can for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Now, don’t be alarmed but your griddle surface may smoke off a bit and it will also turn a brown/black color, this is normal!

This will allow the griddle surface to open its pours in the metal and receive step 2 well. Once that 10-15min has passed, turn the heat off.

2. Oil The Griddle Surface

Here we will use gloves, tongs, a rag, and oil. Place a small amount of oil on the griddle surface. When you do, it will smoke as the temps are very high right now, and thats OK.

Use the Tongs along with a thick folded rag or paper towels to spread the oil evenly around the entire griddle surface. All corners, walls, lips, the back, and edges.

This is a really important step, we don’t want to cake the oil on or it will be sticky all the time and we also don’t want to miss any spots, just think a nice thin layer evenly spread.

I drop oil about the size of a quarter for reference.

3. Heat it Again!

Once that oil is spread evenly, crank the heat again. Once hot, the oil will continue to smoke, thats OK, just wait for it to burn fully off.

You will know when that happens because it will stop smoking!

4. Repeat This Process 3 to 4 Times

You will want to repeat this process to where you have about 3 to 4 layers of oil spread and smoked off.

No need to add any fancy steps or try anything special, this process has been proven over and over.

Once the smoking has stopped and the temps are lower, place one final THIN layer of oil and you can walk away knowing you’ve seasoned your griddle!

Thats it folks! Your seasoning process is complete!

Griddle Accessories You WILL ACTUALLY NEED

This is another big one. While your griddle does come ready to use….its missing some really BASIC items you will need. 

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