Can You Scratch A Blackstone Griddle? (Solved)

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Can you cut on your griddle with a knife? Will you scratch a griddle when cutting on it? What do you do if you actually scratch your griddle? We will cover all of your concerns in this article!

When your griddling and moving your metal griddle spatula over your cooking surface, have you ever wondered if you will scratch your griddle surface or damage your griddle if the scratch goes too deep, will it ruin your new griddle? Let’s deep dive into this and find out if you can scratch (and damage) your new griddle surface.

TLDR: Yes, you can scratch your griddle but because of the cold-rolled steel surface, it can be fixed with the seasoning process outlined below.

Griddling is taking over at a rocketing pace and is one of the most popular activities in the country. And with people spending more time at home, it is likely to become even more popular. Buying the perfect griddle is the first step to cooking amazing meals for family and friends.

The Blackstone griddle is one of the most popular options in the U.S. and the rest of the world. This griddle will allow you to cook awesome food that everyone will love.

With this griddle, you can now do what you love most in the comfort of your home. However, you have to learn more about the griddle to get the best from it.

Luckily for you, we have prepared this comprehensive guide to answer each question you might have about the Blackstone griddle. Keep reading to discover if you can scratch a Blackstone griddle, how to repair scratches in a Blackstone griddle, and what it is made of.

What is Blackstone Griddle Made Of?

The chances are that you want to learn more about the materials of this versatile and durable griddle before making an online order. Well, you have come to the right place.

Blackstone griddle is made from steel. Steel is a combination of iron and carbon. Since your Blackstone griddle is made from carbon and iron, too much exposure to the harsh elements can cause the black and shiny top rust.

The good news is that it takes a little cleaning to remove the rust. Let us look at the pros and cons of steel built griddles below:

Pros of Steel Built Blackstone Griddles?

Blackstone uses stainless steel to create their griddles for various reasons. Here are the top benefits of steel built Blackstone griddles:

One of the reasons why Blackstone uses stainless steel is that it is ideal for griddles and cookware used for boiling and sautéing. This is because it retains heat well to make sure your food cooks evenly.

Another reason why stainless steel is the ideal material for cookware is that it is easy to clean and maintain. This makes it the perfect equipment for both beginner and experienced cooks. In most cases, you can clean it off using soapy water and readily available chemicals.

Besides, stainless steel is readily available, making it easy for manufacturers to create functional and durable griddles. Steel griddles are also efficient than other griddles out there. It absorbs heat quickly and distributes it evenly to cook your food the way you like.

Apart from that, the material is lighter compared to other metals such as cast-iron. This makes it comfortable to maneuver. Above all, you can sear steaks easily and quickly.

The exceptional finish and shiny appearance of steel griddles make them one of a kind. These griddles have a premium look and will fit your indoor. It will also blend seamlessly with your outdoor furniture while allowing you to enjoy the ultimate grilling experience.

Since steel is readily available, manufacturers do not have to spend an arm and a leg to find it. This means lower prices for grilling enthusiasts, in fact, steel-built griddles are cheaper than other griddles.

Some Concerns Around Steel Built Griddles

Like any other material, steel-built griddles also have some downsides. Let us look at the common concerns surrounding steel constructed griddles below:

First, some people shy away from steel griddles citing poor heat distribution. While steel is not known for efficient heat distribution, manufacturers add bonded conductors to improve heat distributions. As such, your Blackstone griddle will cook your food evenly.

The second concern surrounding Blackstone Griddles is food sticks. Well, your griddle is excellent for deep frying, boiling, browning, and sautéing. However, you might encounter food sticks if you use them for cooking delicate foods.

The good news is that you can overcome this challenge by using enough oil. Above all, it is easy to clean and maintain your Blackstone griddle.

Another reason why some people avoid Blackstone griddle is the fear of discoloration. Well, you can always solve this problem by following the proper procedures.

Can You Scratch a Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, you can scratch your Blackstone griddle after some time. It can happen while trying to scrape up food or moving oil. The good news is that you can remove scratches from your griddle since it is made from steel.

All you have to do is pay close attention to the scratches and take immediate effect to minimize the damage.

Not to worry though, it is easy to remove scratches from your Blackstone griddle. You only have to follow the instructions to keep it clean. Keep reading to see how you can overcome this problem.

How to To Get Scratches Out Of a Blackstone Griddle?

Are you worried about the scratches on your Blackstone griddle? Well, you can permanently remove the scratches by following the proper seasoning procedure below. Read on to discover how you can repair scratches in your grill.

The first thing you can do to keep your Blackstone Griddle completely non-stick and black is to season it. The good news is that it will take a few minutes of your time. Make sure to have Blackstone griddle seasoning oil with you before we start. You can also use olive oil, shortening oil, flax oil, and canola oil.

Do you have the oil? Let’s continue if you have answered yes:

  • Start by adding a small amount of oil to the surface, I only use about a quarter-size drop. The aim is to create thin layers, do not go overboard here or you will end up with a sticky griddle.
  • Heat the griddle. It is advisable to keep the temperatures as high as possible.
  • Please wait for it to discolor. You will need about 10-15 minutes for this step.
  • Repeat the process when the oil stops smoking.
  • Rub the entire surface using a thin layer and let the oil smoke once again.
  • Turn off your griddle immediately the oil stops smoking.


There you go! You now know that yes, you can scratch your Blackstone Griddle, but you can also fix it with a good seasoning. Your griddle will be completely black and non-stick if you follow this quick guide.

Use a paper towel to remove excess oil and store it in a cool and dry area to improve performance and durability. For more info from the source, visit the Blackstone Blog here.