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How To Fix A Warped Members Mark Griddle

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Have you noticed some warping on your Members Mark Griddle? Looking to find out how you can fix your warped griddle? You are in the right spot! We will show you step-by-step how to fix your Members Mark Griddle!

Purchasing a new griddle is always exciting. Sure, they’re pricey, but they’re an investment piece that’ll hopefully last you for a lifetime if you look after them as you should.

When your new member’s griddle becomes warped then, it can feel a little disheartening.

But don’t worry, throughout today’s post I’ll tell you all about why it happened, how to fix it, and what to do to prevent it in the future.

So, if your members mark griddle warped, you can fix it with this simple guide. Ready? Then let’s get on with it!


Why Has My Member Mark Griddle Warped?

The first thing you need to know is that warping isn’t uncommon in most griddles, and you might not actually need to do anything to fix it, because it can often resolve on its own.

That’s because as metal heats and cools, such as the steel used on members mark griddles, it naturally expands and contracts. As different parts of the griddle heat and cool differently, this can cause some warping.

This is especially common after the first use.

But, overtime, your griddle should eventually flatten on its own. It’s also true that minor warping, while inconvenient because it looks different, doesn’t actually affect the performance of your members’ mark griddle.

It’ll still cook all the same food in the exact same way as it did before. The real problems begin when the warping is more severe than a tiny bump here and there.

Extreme warping of your members’ mark griddle can happen for a bunch of different reasons.

I’ve seen people pour excessive amounts of cold water over a hot griddle to clean right after use, and this quick change in temperature has been enough to almost buckle the steel griddle top entirely.

I’ve also seen people who cook primarily on one side of a 4 burner griddle, which eventually leads to more extreme warping because the other side rarely gets hot.

The point is, extreme warping is rarely natural. Some sudden change in temperature is usually the cause.

But let’s not worry about that for now. I’ll tell you how to avoid warping in the future in a later section. Next up, I’ll tell you how to fix your warped members’ mark griddle.

How To Fix A Warped Members Mark Griddle

This section might be a little frustrating, because ‘fixing’ your warped griddle might not be something you have control over. Let me explain what I mean by that for the different types of warping.

Minor Warping Fix

If you’re only using your member’s mark griddle for the first time, and it’s warping slightly, the first thing to do is remain calm. I told you before, it’s normal, and this happens with a lot of other griddles, too.

It’s the steel griddle top heating and cooling at different times, and every manufacturer of griddles deals with these complaints after someone has bought a griddle and not realized that minor warping is natural.

To ‘fix’ this, all you need to do is keep using the griddle.

The minor warping won’t affect the performance of your members mark griddle, and over time the griddle top should flatten out as it gets used to expanding and contracting with the heating and cooling process.

This could take anywhere up to 10 uses before it starts to flatten out and find its rhythm.

And even if it doesn’t flatten out completely, a slightly warped griddle is normal for most users, and it isn’t a reason to replace your griddle or call for a new griddle top.

Why? Because your new griddle top is just as likely to warp because of the heating and cooling it has to go through.

There’s nothing you, me, or the manufacturers can do about it, so you just have to live with it.

Save your replacement griddle top warranty for when you really need it.

But what if the warping becomes extreme and starts to affect the performance of your members’ mark griddle?

Extreme Warping Fix

When the warping is extreme, there isn’t really a ‘fix’.

If your members mark griddle is still under warranty though, then you’ll be able to contact members mark’s customer service team to discuss the issue to see if they can help by sending out a replacement griddle top.

Alternatively, you may just need to buy a new griddle top. But why isn’t there a fix available?

For the longest time, I tried to work out why there wasn’t some simple way of fixing a steel griddle top that had warped. I mean, you can do it with griddle pans by flattening them out yourself while hot.

But then I realized that the process of creating a griddle top is a lot tougher. The steel itself needs to be reinforced to withstand life outdoors, never mind the extreme temperature changes it sees throughout its lifetime.

Flattening it out with some wood and a mallet just isn’t going to cut it.

Thankfully, extreme warping in all griddles, including members marked griddles, is rare, because of how tough the griddle tops are made while manufacturing them.

So, if your griddle ever warps to the point of it affecting performance, then you’ll have no choice but to replace it.

And if it’s under warranty, then you’ll usually be able to get it replaced for the price of shipping – but that depends on where you bought the members mark griddle from and the specific warranty on your product, so make sure you check what’s covered before demanding a replacement griddle top free of charge.

What To Do To Prevent Warping In The Future

Now you know what to do if your griddle ever warps, but what can you do to prevent your members’ mark from warping to begin with? Well, just follow these simple tips:

  • Avoid placing frozen food on a hot members mark griddle
  • Only use small amounts of water on a warm, not hot, griddle when cleaning
  • Avoid preheating your griddle to high temperatures when placing cold food on it
  • Basically, avoid extreme temperature changes to prevent your griddle from warping.

Natural warping will occur because the griddle top has to heat up and cool down a lot, but that doesn’t mean you should make the temperature changes more extreme with an extremely hot griddle and frozen food, for example.

Just keep temperature changes in mind when using your members mark griddle, and the warping should only be minor, if at all, and will usually fix itself after some more uses.


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