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Does Camp Chef Ship To Canada? 5 Facts About Camp Chef Shipping

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So, you want to buy a camp chef grill but you also need to know whether or not Camp Chef ships to Canada.

Knowing that you can buy anything from Camp Chef grills and Camp Chef griddles to Camp Chef shipping will answer some of your questions on purchasing your new favorite off-grid camp cookware.

So, do they?

Does Camp Chef Ship To Canada?

Answer: No, Camp Chef USA does not ship internationally to Canada. However, Camp Chef does have retailers specific to Canada. Follow the steps below to find out how to get Camp Chef products in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Camp Chef is a company based out of the United States. Currently, Camp Chef USA does not ship internationally.

BUT, all hope is not lost, Camp Chef has retailers in Canada as well as a United Kingdom branch of Camp Chef where you can have Camp Chef products shipped to your home in the UK.

Because Camp Chef does not ship to Canada, it requires you to use a Camp Chef Canadian retailer to buy Camp Chef Products.

Fortunately, Camp Chef has partnered with huge retailers to make it easy for you to get your hands on a Camp Chef product. The easiest way to get a Camp Chef product to Canada is to use the brands you already know and trust.

Retailers like, Home Depot Canada,, and all carry Camp Chef products with fast (and sometimes free) shipping.

If you have any questions about buying Camp Chef grills or griddles, you can go to the website of Camp Chef UK and ask them. Another option is to email Camp Chef to ask them questions on how they ship internationally, and what they cost for shipping and handling. If you have any other questions, contact their customer service here.

Is Camp Chef Made In The USA?

Camp Chef is an American-based company, and depending on your personal choice, you may want to know if Camp Chef products are Made in the United States.

I took a look at the Camp Chef website and contacted their customer service, in the end, I found out that Camp Chef is designed in the United States and manufactured overseas in China.

Why are so many American company products manufactured in China and other non-USA countries? Well, see, I said I wasn’t going to get involved, I’ll just say this. Companies are in the business of maximizing profit margins.

Facts are facts, and manufacturing products in China is substantially less expensive than in the United States. It is what it is folks.

I’m not here to debate foreign policy, rather answer your question and move on. Save your yelling for Thanksgiving family dinners.

How Long Does It Take Camp Chef To Ship?

So, you just bought that new Camp Chef griddle and now find yourself refreshing your gmail account on the hour to find that shipping notification.

If a day has passed by and you haven’t heard anything you may start wondering how long it will take to get that new Camp Chef grill shipped to your door.

I did a little bit of digging and reaching out to Camp chef and found the answer your sweaty palms are after!

Camp Chef has a “processing” period where they package and prepare the shipping of your item after you order it.

According to the Camp Chef website, the typical processing time is a period of 5 days from order to shipping where Camp Chef will then send your item to the shipping address you entered at the time of ordering.

Does Camp Chef Offer Free Shipping?

Ordering online has become so common from big brands like Amazon, we are at a point where we almost expect free shipping on everything we order.

If you are dropping Camp Chef items in your cart and seeing that bill rack up, you may be wondering if Camp Chef has free shipping to soften the blow when you whip out that credit card on the ordering page.

Currently, Camp Chef does not offer free shipping. However, I checked out a rather large item on their website today and they did offer a flat rate of $10.00 with FedEx ground shipping.

This flat rate FedEx shipping is a pretty good deal considering they price their grills very competitively, not to mention most products are big and heavy.

Final Thought

Camp Chef makes high-0quality outdoor cooking solutions for all occasions, from your backyard BBQ to Overlanding adventures.

Hopefully, if you were on the fence about grabbing a Camp Chef grill, this helped you make a decision. Remember, getting a Camp Chef grill can be done in Canada and the UK (and the USA), and it’s pretty easy!

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