Why The Wolf Charbroiler vs Griddle Debate Shouldn’t Exist

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Today we will compare the Wolf Charbroiler and a Griddle, which is better for you but more importantly, why is it better? 

There are some real players in the griddle and outdoor cooking game, and if you are anything like me you are always looking for a good one. 


Unlike many of the comparison articles I do on this site, I will not be comparing a specific Wolf Charbroiler with a specific griddle. 

Instead, I’ll be looking at them in a more general way, because I think these two products cater to two different people, so it would be unfair to look at them through the same lens.

Rather than looking at the specs of specific products and arguing which is better, I’ll look at what each type of product is good for and who it might benefit.

That way, if you’re in a position right now where you’re undecided on which of these two products to choose, hopefully the advice I outline below will support you in making a decision.

But be warned, because I am being so general in my reviews here, you should be prepared to do some research after reading this post to decide which specific Wolf Charbroiler or griddle is right for you, and bear in mind that there are many options available to you.

With all that being said, let’s jump into different scenarios that I can see a Wolf Charbroiler or griddle being more useful in.

Quick Answer: Essentially, what I’m trying to say is that Wolf Charbroilers and griddles serve two completely different purposes for two completely different people. It goes back to what I said at the start about them being very different products…and they really should not be compared as cooking peers……Here is why.

Using Indoors

I’m just going to start this section by making it clear that I don’t have a tonne of experience with Wolf Charbroilers, so before you make any sort of purchase you should contact the manufacturers to discuss whether or not your specific product is usable indoors (although from what I have gathered, most all of them are).

You should also do the same for any griddle you think about purchasing for indoor use too. However, I do know that you can use Wolf Charbroilers and specific griddle indoors, so I thought this would be a point worth looking at.

From my research on specific forums, I’ve been able to find mixed reviews when it comes to Wolf Charbroilers indoors.

Many people are thrilled with the actual cooking process (many point to the fact that it’s cooler at the back so easier to use to keep food warm whilst cooking additional food at the front).

Where the Wolf Charbroilers tend to fall down though, is their need for a powerful range hood to deal with the amount of smoke that comes off them.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because at least you know that your food is being cooked effectively at high heats, but it does mean you’ll need to invest in an especially powerful range hood, which obviously adds to your expenses.

I’d also just like to point out that you should be absolutely confident that your range hood is powerful enough to deal with your Wolf Charbroiler, because this mistake has caught lots of users out in the past – and likely left them with a smoke-filled home, which is actually pretty dangerous.

Now, the Wolf Charbroiler fans amongst you will probably be thinking that a range hood is necessary for a griddle indoors too, and you’d be absolutely right.

If you’re going to be cooking at high temperatures on anything indoors, you’ll need a range hood to extract the smoke correctly.

But griddles tend not to have the same technology as Wolf Charbroilers, so they don’t get as hot. Most Charbroilers in Wolf’s range have something known as a ‘heat deflector tray system’.

To you and me, that just means that the heat is constantly being reflected upwards from below, so that no heat escapes, keeping the surface of the charbroiler much hotter for much longer than a griddle.

On paper that makes a Wolf Charbroiler sound much better than a griddle, but practically speaking indoors, a griddle is much easier to manage with any range hood you already have.

But, and it’s a big but, if you can get a range hood that provides enough ventilation, then the Wolf Charbroiler beats any griddle hands down for cooking indoors, and I say that with confidence.

It’s design and versatility will help you create perfectly cooked meals every time, and it’s very easy to control the heat so long as you have effective ventilation for the resulting smoke.

Outdoor Cooking

On the flip side of cooking indoors is, of course, cooking outdoors. Obviously whilst doing that you don’t need to be as cautious about the smoke, so surely a Wolf Charbroiler would win here again? Well, no, actually.

From what I’ve been able to gather, Wolf Charbroilers aren’t designed with outdoor use in mind, so many people only use them for indoor grilling.

Griddles, on the other hand, are used for outdoor cooking more. They are much better protected naturally anyway, and seasoning them brings even greater protection to them to create the perfect piece of outdoor cooking equipment.

Griddles can handle all weather, and so are perfect for use as your outdoor cooking method – Wolf Charbroilers are not.

A charbroiler is perfect for indoor use so long as you have effective ventilation, and a griddle is perfect for outdoor use so long as you look after it well. On outdoor cooking then, griddles win hands down.

Which Product Is Right For You?

You might be sitting there thinking, ‘well that’s great, but how do I decide what I need?’ – well, I don’t have the answer to that specifically. What I can tell you is that you need to work out what you will prioritize.

Don’t get me wrong, I think an indoor grilling option with a Wolf Charbroiler is a great thing to have, and if you cook more indoors anyway, then that’s the obvious route to take. But for me, I love cooking outdoors.

Part of the joy of cooking for me lies in being outside with all the ups and downs that nature brings. So, if you’re like me, a griddle is the perfect option.

However, if you have the extra cash, and a love of grilling everything everywhere, then why not pick up both? That way you don’t ever have to stop grilling, no matter the weather!