11 Blackstone Griddle Accessories You Actually Want? We’ve Tested Them All!

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Launched in 2005 with its 36” signature griddle, The Blackstone Griddle has been making big waves all over TikTok recently (#blackstone) and around the world as more and more people take to this phenomenal cooker.

Blackstone Griddles have quickly become America’s new favorite cooker!


Several accessories enhance the performance and utility of this cooker and make using it a real pleasure! From breakfast kits to tool kits, cleaning accessories, and covers, Blackstone offers an incredible range of add-ons.

Let’s get cooking and check out some of the best accessories for the Blackstone Griddle so you can bring out your culinary genius!

The Blackstone Covers Are A Must! 

Having an outdoor griddle is one of the great joys of living the American life! Family cookouts, breakfasts by the lake, and lazy Sunday lunches are what outdoor living is all about.

You also have to contend with some mildly unpleasant natural elements such as dust,pollen, rain, and of course, the critters whenever you are cooking outdoors!

But the good news is that the folks at Blackstone have got that covered- literally! They offer both hardcover and softcover to protect your grill after use and keep rain, dust, and the four-legged and winged visitors safely at bay.

The Hard Cover is designed to reduce condensation and so prevent rust from forming on the flat top. This will ensure that the cooking surface stays in top condition throughout its life and keeps the critters away too!

The Soft Cover fits over the complete unit and will keep the rain away, and animals attracted to the smell of the leftover food.

Even if you have an undercover section to store it, the two covers are an essential accessory!

This Blackstone Accessory Kit Is A Game Changer

If there is only ONE accessory you buy for your griddle, it should be this one! It comes with two restaurant-type spatulas, two plastic bottles that are great for keeping your oil and water in, and a stainless steel scraper or chopper.

For real stylish and professional cooking, the spatulas are a must, and the schttps://amzn.to/3AQlS6jraper will help keep your cooking top clean as it will easily remove any leftover food particles. In contrast, the two plastic bottles will keep your cooking liquids handy and available as needed.

The 12” Basting Cover 

Being able to control temperature is a critical element in any cooking. When it comes to burgers, eggs, melted cheese sandwiches, and pretty much most other dishes, a basting cover is a must-have.

Made from stainless steel, the basting cover keeps consistent temperature and moisture, and this means your dishes come out full of flavor and taste GREAT!

The Blackstone Breakfast Kit

Who doesn’t LOVE a great outdoor breakfast? Bacon, eggs and pancakes and a cup of hot coffee is the best way to start your day!

Well, the folks at Blackstone are obviously fans of a decent way to start the day, and the bacon press, egg rings, and batter dispenser make light work of serving the perfect breakfast!

The egg rings give you great fried eggs any way you want them, the bacon press sizzles, and the batter dispenser makes the perfect pancakes! When it comes to breakfast, this kit makes it all a dream!

The Warming Rack 

Keeping food warm and allowing a little more of the fat and oil to drip off before serving is always a necessity. There is nothing worse than spending an hour making an amazing meal only to find it cold when you want to serve it!

No sir! None of that here! The warming rack is another essential accessory for your Blackstone Griddle. It simply mounts on the back of the griddle by sliding it into the grooves on the back and side. 

Once mounted, it can store extra food and let some of the excess oil drips off, and speaking of letting the oil drip off; the next accessory makes that process a whole lot easier!

Disposable Drip Trays

The grill has a grease catcher underneath it, so you can simply scrape the grease and oil off the cooking top, but cleaning that trap can be messy! 

Instead of having to go through all that effort, the disposable drip trays are a real blessing! Once you’re done cooking, you just remove the disposable trays and throw them in the bin!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The Griddle Hood For Better Cooking 

Insulating food is one of the best ways to enhance flavor and control temperature while cooking. The Griddle Hood only fits across half the cooking surface and is designed to cook foods quicker and make melting things like cheese a breeze!

The Blackstone 8 -Piece Flat Top Cleaner Set

Cleaning a griddle is not a job most people relish, especially after a day of cooking from breakfast to burgers at lunch and maybe some steak or chicken for dinner; after all that, the griddle will need a good clean!

The good news is that, like the other accessories for this flat top cooker, Blackstone has made it easy to get your griddle clean and shiny for the next day without taking an hour of sweat to do it!

The cleaner set comes with everything you need to get your griddle spotless in no time at all. The set includes a 6” stainless steel scraper, three scouring pads, two c;leaning bricks, and a handle.

This accessory kit makes the cleaning easy, quick, and almost fun, just like cooking!

The Blackstone Burger Spatula

While the cooking kit comes with spatulas, if you are going to be using a Blackstone griddle, you are GOING to be cooking a LOT of burgers, especially those big, juicy man-size ones!

For that, you need a special kind of spatula, one that can handle the rigors of making the biggest, juiciest patties around! 

This one is a monster, and not only can it flip and take off those fat burgers, but it also doubles as a scraper, while the heat-resistant handle will keep your hands cool while the burgers sizzle on the grill!

Some Other Cool Accessories

The accessories above will all make using and cleaning your griddle that much easier and more fun, but some ‘luxury’ ones add a bit of finesse and elevate your cooking options to the next level.

One of those is the Griddle Food Mover – ideal for moving large quantities of cooked food off the griddle. If stir fry, home fries, and brown rice are part of your cooking, this is a necessary piece of cooking equipment to have.

Another useful accessory is the Stainless Steel Butter Roller from Cuisinart that will help you look like a pro chef! Perfect for making garlic bread, butter buns, and similar types of dishes, this also helps prepare food and keep it sanitary!

Finally, one more item will boost your cooking and the diversity of your dishes to the next level, and that is a good griddle recipe book! 

There are quite a few different ones available to match your cooking style, and these will give you some great variations on traditional dishes as well as some new ideas to impress your friends and family!


Blackstone Griddle does level the playing fields when it comes to high-quality outdoor cooking! Whether it’s a family breakfast, burgers for the game, or a leisurely Sunday lunch, this truly fantastic range of accessories will suit any cooking style.

With the accessories ready to go and your cookbook in hand, the sky is the limit, so get out there and get cookin’!