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How To Connect A Blackstone Griddle To RV Propane (Solved!)

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Looking to use your RV propane to fuel your griddle? Converting your Blackstone griddle to RV Propane makes sense.

If you manage to do it successfully, that means you won’t have to carry around propane tanks for your Blackstone griddle anymore, meaning more storage inside your RV.

It seems logical, right?

If it saves on the amount of things you have to take with you, and you use your Blackstone Griddle exclusively while out with your RV anyway, then it’s an obvious choice to make.

But how do you do it? Well, stick with me and I’ll explain the process below.


The First Thing You Need To Know

The propane pressure regulator that ships with a Blackstone as standard isn’t able to be used with your RV propane because it isn’t the right fitting.

The regulator that Blackstone provides is specifically designed to work with propane bottles, because they manufacture their griddles with the idea that they need to be portable in mind.

But when you’re on the road, taking all those propane bottles with you becomes an inconvenience.

Instead, it’s much easier to tap into the propane line of your RV’s outdoor kitchen that’s already there, so you won’t have to deal with the pain of carrying extra propane bottles around with you, or running out of gas too quickly again.

But if the regulator that ships with your Blackstone griddle isn’t compatible with your propane line on your RV, what can you do about it?

What You’ll Need

Well, here’s everything you need to get your Blackstone connected to your RV:

* Blackstone griddle RV propane connector – also known as a quick connect adapter

* Quick connect propane hose (12ft is best for ease of access)

That’s it, that’s all you’ll need to connect your Blackstone griddle to your RV’s propane line.

So now let’s look a little closer at how to use your Blackstone griddle RV propane connector and hose to tap into your RV’s propane supply and light the flames on your Blackstone.

How To Convert Your Blackstone Griddle To RV Propane

This process is actually really simple, so I’ll cover it below in a few steps.

However, you’ll be surprised by how many people make some basic mistakes, so I’ll point them out in the section below so you avoid these common pitfalls.

For now though, if you follow these simple steps below, you’ll be able to hook up your Blackstone to your RV’s propane:

* First, take your propane hose and connect it to your Blackstone griddle RV propane connector adapter

* Then plug the Blackstone adapter end directly into your griddle

* Connect the other end into your RV’s propane supply

* Switch the levers on the adapter to allow the propane to flow

* Always check for signs of leaks to be safe – but if it’s attached properly, this won’t be an issue

* Light your Blackstone griddle as normal

You see, it couldn’t be simpler! Or at least it should be simple, but I’ve seen a lot of people online complaining that the connection is poor and the flames are low or that the griddle is no longer portable and they wanted it to be.

But don’t worry, I’ll explain away these common problems below by addressing some of the mistakes I see people making when trying to connect their Blackstone to their RV’s propane.

Common Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

If you’re having problems after connecting your Blackstone griddle to your RV propane, then this is the section for you.

It’ll just be a simple mistake you’ve made along the way, so to finish off today’s post, I’ll clear it all up here.

What Should I Do With The Propane Regulator That Ships With The Blackstone?

KEEP IT! Please make sure you keep the propane regulator that comes with your Blackstone as standard, because otherwise your griddle is no longer portable.

If you lose the propane regulator, you’ll need to replace it by contacting Blackstone customer services if you ever want to use your Blackstone away from your RV again.

That’s because the quick connect propane hose you’ll need for your RV won’t work with propane tanks. It’s specifically for a RV propane supply.

The only way you can use your Blackstone griddle portably is with the propane regulator it came with.

This regulator is designed for propane tanks and helps control the flow of propane to your griddle in a safe way.

Even if you have no immediate plans to use your Blackstone griddle away from your RV, it’s important to keep it in case you ever decide to picnic further away from your RV.

The beauty of these smaller Blackstone griddles is that you can take them with you wherever you go, so hold on to that propane regulator.

It’ll almost certainly come in handy later.

Why Are My Flames So Low After Connecting To The RV Propane?

Of all the complaints I’ve seen to do with Blackstone griddles connecting to RV propane, this is the most common one.

If your flames are really low compared to when you were using your Blackstone griddle with just the propane regulator and propane tanks, double check the steps in the ‘How To Connect Your Blackstone Griddle To RV Propane’ section above.

The most common mistake when connecting your griddle to the RV’s propane supply is that people don’t plug the Blackstone adapter end directly into the griddle.

Instead, they plug it into the regulator that shipped with the Blackstone, and then plug _that _into the griddle. This will cause low flames. But why?

Well, a RV propane supply already has a propane regulator built into it. This helps control the flow of gas and keeps everything safe when you plug it in.

The propane regulator that comes with the Blackstone does the exact same job.

That means, if you plug the Blackstone adapter end of the quick connect propane hose into the Blackstone regulator instead of directly into the griddle, the propane is being regulated twice.

And if the propane is regulated twice, less of it will make it to your griddle, causing low or no flames.

So, make sure you plug the Blackstone adapter end of the hose directly into the griddle.

The Blackstone regulator that shipped with the griddle can be put to one side until you want to connect to a propane tank again.

And that’s it – that’s all you need to know about connecting your Blackstone griddle to your RV propane.

I told you it was simple, didn’t I!


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