Can I Use My Blackstone Griddle Indoors? (Solved!)

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Trying to figure out if your Blackstone Griddle can be used indoors? Griddles walk that thin line between a stovetop and an outdoor grill. Can you cook with your griddle indoors? Well, let’s sort that out once and for all. Let’s start with the most obvious answer from the source, says: “No. This unit is for outdoor use only.” While that’s short and sweet, it doesn’t really explain why.

So, let’s explore this a little further with the Griddle King. Have I used my 17″ griddle indoors? Yes, BUT, as always there is more to this just a simple “No” that Blackstone gave us. Walk with me…PSSST!!: Want to step up your griddling game? Check out Grill Masters Club

What Is A Griddle Anyways?

can you use a griddle indoors

A griddle is just a propane powered cooking surface, similar to the same stovetop in your house. However, there are some combustion considerations and safety precautions to take in account before lighting that bad boy up just yet.

Because I walk the walk of the griddle game and don’t just spew info for my own entertainment. Here is a pic of us using the griddle in our RV while on vacation in Yellowstone because the RV factory stove top SUCKS.

However, I’ve always been a bit of a risk taker (even when its dumb) so don’t be like me, let’s talk safety and other considerations.

Considerations To Take In

Size of The Griddle

Blackstone E-Series Electric Griddl...
Blackstone E-Series Electric Griddle 17inch Unboxing, Usage and Seasoning?

Depending on the size of your griddle or flat-top grill, you could be stuck if you need to bring it indoors. Some of these griddles are large, like the size of your standard grill, moving around may not be the best idea. However, because I am the Griddle King, aside from the larger griddle, I also have the Blackstone Adventure 17″ Griddle and it is PERFECT for bringing to a campsite BTW if you were wondering. I’m a fan if you cant tell.

Propane Use Of The Griddle

Yes, propane is one of those parts of the griddle cooking experience that cant be overcome. If you’re planning on cooking indoors, you need to be thinking about the size bottle of propane coming into your house. Personally, I don’t want a large outdoor-styled propane tank coming into the house.

However, if you have the smaller green camping-styled propane containers, that works too. HOWEVER, remember all those “considerations” I was referring to at the beginning? Well, let’s talk about propane combustion rates because that is where this can get dangerous.

Propane Combustion CAN make Carbon Monoxide

Let’s just get this out there now, yes, it is possible for Propane to create Carbon Monoxide. How? Well, without getting too scientific, it depends on if the propane went through the proper combustion process.

From Carbon Monoxide is produced during the incomplete combustion of propane. Incomplete combustion is defined as within the limits of flammability but higher or lower than the ideal ratio of 4 parts propane 96 parts air. Incomplete propane combustion can occur in one of two ways:

  • Propane Lean Burn – The ratio of propane to air is less than 4 parts propane. 2.5 parts propane to 97.5 parts air would produce a lean burn. A lean burn can be recognized when flames appear to lift away from the burner and can potentially go out.
  • Propane Rich Burn – A ratio of propane to air is more than 4 parts propane. 8.5 parts propane to 91.5 parts air would produce a rich burn. Recognizing a rich burn is very simple as the flames are much larger than they are supposed to be and are largely yellow in color. Read more.

So, thats concerning enough and for me, after learning this, it’s enough for me to no longer do it. I have no idea how to determine if the propane is combusting properly and not creating Carbon Monoxide. PSSST!!: Want to step up your griddling game? Check out Grill Masters Club

Other Hazard Considerations When Cooking With A Griddle Indoors

Open Flame:

Although it’s not the end of the world, it’s important to consider the fact that a griddle’s source of heat is a flame. Because of this, put careful thought into what you cook next to. Drapes, papers, and blankets near the griddle could be a disaster waiting to happen.

But, like all things use common sense, I’m sure you don’t have papers, drapes, and blankets near your stovetop either. The same thought process here folks. Keep it simple.

Mess That Griddles Make

Cooking on a griddle is a bit messy, even if your careful. Hot oil and grease popping off the side onto the tabletop or counter is not uncommon in this labor of love we share. With that said, this is another consideration to think about when you consider using a griddle indoors.

Harmful Gases and Odors

A question that comes up often is if it’s safe? Well, I’m no expert on noxious gases but I do believe this can be safely treated just that of your open flame gas top stove.

However, you are still using gas lines, and if the propane odor is detected when the griddle is off, that’s a good indicator that there could be a leak and moving the griddle and propane back outside is a must while you investigator the source of the propane smell.

Know the Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

While we are on the subject of the potential for propane to create Carbon Monoxide, I think it’s a good time to remind you to be aware of the symptoms of a potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

From the CDC: The most common symptoms of CO poisoning are headache, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. CO symptoms are often described as “flu-like.” If you breathe in a lot of CO it can make you pass out or kill you. People who are sleeping or drunk can die from CO poisoning before they have symptoms. Read more.

Griddle Accessories You WILL ACTUALLY NEED

This is another big one. While your griddle does come ready to use….its missing some really BASIC items you will need. 

  • Griddle Spade and Spatula: These are the backbone of griddle chefs all over the world. Due to the flat-top design of a griddle, you will need to have metal-surfaced griddle spatulas and spades. Something simple like this works great, see it here on Amazon. 
  • Inferred Temperature Gun: See Step 4 above, these are really crucial to fully understand what your griddle can do and what areas are putting out the heat you need, and what areas can be used to just keep the food warm while working on others. This is a great option that won’t hurt your wallet, check it on Amazon.
  • Grease Tins: These are dirt cheap and save you an unnecessary headache when cleaning up. Simply drop them into the grease trap and toss them when you’re done! Check these here on Amazon. 
  • Griddle Bottles: Another must-have, you really only need two. One for water, and one for your chosen cooking oil. If you are not sure what I mean, check out our Guide to Griddle Bottles here. These on Amazon work great and are cheap, check them out here. 
  • Griddle King Apron: I know what your thinking “I’m not wearing an apron” and yeah, I get it. But all that changed when I got a griddle and realized how much grease is popping off the griddle surface and landing on my clothes. A simple apron solves that and my signature “Griddle King” or “Griddle Queen” apron is a cheap easy fix for you, grab it here on Etsy.


While we are on the topic of cooking, check out this recipe for Griddle Pancakes, you won’t regret it! That’s all folks! I hope this was helpful in you making a decision. Personally, the risks outweigh the rewards. If you must use the Griddle indoors, I recommend doing it in the garage with the door open and/or ventilating your house very well.

In addition, remember the warning signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. With that said, go gather some food and GET GRIDDLING! Griddle King, out.

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  1. Griddles can produce a lot of grease latent vapors which are extremely flammable. I would not recommend use of a blackstone griddle indoors under any circumstance that does not have a commercial hood and suppression system. Even that condition can be dangerous if not properly maintained.

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