Blackstone Griddle vs FireDisc: 5 Things To Consider

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Blackstone Griddle versus a FireDisc, who takes the title here? Who is each better for? Well, let’s figure this out together. We won’t be focussing on the manufacturer differences in terms of the specs, because they aren’t really comparable in that sense.

They weren’t designed to go toe to toe because they weren’t designed for the same purpose.

In many ways, having both of them in your arsenal of outdoor cooking equipment could be a good thing, but there are certain situations in which one might be better for you.

As such, our focus today isn’t one which is ‘better, but which is better for you depending on the situation you want to use it in. So without further ado, let’s take a look at both products, and how convenient they are for you in different scenarios.



If we’ve just purchased a new piece of outdoor cooking equipment, then the first thing we want to do is take it camping with us so we can enjoy being in the outdoors and cooking with fresh air all around us. For this, both products have their merits. Let’s start with the Blackstone griddle first.

Now, there are so many options available for you when it comes to cooking outdoors with a griddle that is easily transportable from Blackstone.

There are tabletop griddles, griddles with stands that can be disassembled and reassembled with ease, whatever you’re looking for really, and this is going to be very convenient when you’re packing it up to take camping.


But FireDisc offers this too. And, arguably, maybe slightly more convenient – and we don’t say that lightly. FireDiscs can also be assembled and disassembled with ease, breaking down into three parts that pack flat, and so are easy to throw in your trunk as you’re leaving for the weekend, however, where a FireDisc seems to pip it for us, is the size of the cooking surface available to you when you get there.

Because of its innovative design, you could realistically pack their 36-inch models alongside your camping gear and not take up a lot of room. Blackstone doesn’t offer easily transportable griddles of this sort of size.

That’s not to say that one wins out over the other for everybody. If you’re cooking for fewer people, then the range that Blackstone has can be perfect. But if you’re a larger group, then FireDisc would have to take this one.

Backyard BBQ’s

This will be the situation in which you’ll use your product the most, so it’s an important one. Looking at Blackstone griddles again now, you can find the perfect griddle for you easily.

There’s so many options ranging in size, that you will find one that works for your family or group of friends that usually attend your backyard cook-offs. Because of the range of products available, Blackstone really put up a strong fight in this department.

But FireDiscs, once again, offer products to cater to this need too. They may be designed to be transportable, but they’re also designed to withstand the weather, so realistically they could also be kept outside like Blackstone griddles, just waiting to be fired up the next time you want to entertain family and friends.

However, the FireDisc is designed to more than just grill your food. It can boil and steam and broil, and just about everything you can imagine. This is helpful, of course, but for a simple backyard BBQ, we just don’t think it’s necessary.

The fact that the manufacturers have designed it to be easily assembled and reassembled, makes us also question how much they want customers to leave their product outdoors all summer long.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Whilst Blackstone griddles obviously need some extra care and attention to ensure they don’t rust, we think that a Blackstone griddle would work better for a backyard BBQ, because it can be kept outdoors no matter the weather, so long as you treat it well.

For a simple backyard BBQ, we’d have to hand it to Blackstone. But if you’re looking for a product that functions as an outdoor kitchen, well FireDisc seems to have that covered.

Larger Entertaining Events

This could be anything from catering a birthday party, all the way through to tailgating for a bunch of fans at a stadium, whatever the case, sometimes we need a product that can cater for lots of people, all at once. In this department, Blackstone can really deliver, but you will need to be cautious about which product you pick, because there will be some compromising needed on size vs transportability.

Considering you won’t necessarily be taking lots of additional things with you besides your food, you could realistically pack one of Blackstone’s larger 36 inch models here, which will make for some serious cooking capabilities, feeding lots of people fast.

FireDisc actually offers what they believe to be the perfect bundle for tailgating, but it’s only 22 inches to make it more easily transported. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because 22 inches is a lot of space still.

But even if you opted for their larger 36-inch models too, you’d notice a difference in how much you can realistically cook at once, and it’s because of the circular design.

Yes, it looks impressive and will probably bring a lot of attention your way, but it simply isn’t as practical as Blackstone griddles for serving larger amounts of people quickly. For larger events, we think Blackstone takes it again.

Off The Beaten Path Cooking

Now, when we said earlier that the two of them weren’t designed to go toe to toe, we were really thinking about this last point. That’s because FireDiscs are designed to be taken anywhere.

Literally. If you want to eat by a cliff, on the back of a boat, or in the middle of the woods whilst hunting, FireDisc can deliver in a way Blackstone griddles simply can’t.

First, they’re more transportable, second, they’re designed so that the legs can remain stable on uneven surfaces, and finally, they’re much more lightweight so you can literally carry it with you wherever you are.

FireDisc will beat Blackstone every time in this department, but they were always supposed to. And in many ways that is the best way to highlight our point about both being great products, but great products that are better suited to different situations.

Which Is Right For You?

FireDisc? Blackstone? Both? Neither? Really, it’s up to you. If you’re somebody who only ever cooks outdoors in their backyard, then a FireDisc would be wasted on you.

If you’re somebody who cooks outdoors in a different place every night, then why would you bother with a Blackstone? The point is, they are wildly different products that serve different purposes, but as a group of outdoor cooking enthusiasts, that couldn’t be better for us.

So, as we said at the start of this post, both products have their place, and if you are somebody who cooks outdoors a lot across lots of different circumstances, then you should probably invest in both a Blackstone griddle and a FireDisc!