Recteq Matador vs. FireDisc: Who is The Overlanding Champion?

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If you’re somebody who is keen on overlanding and camping, then you will more than likely have heard about the Rec Teq Matador and FireDisc at some point.

These two examples of portable outdoor cooking equipment are at the top of their field, and you’d struggle to find anything that is as compact, versatile, and useful as these two devices for cooking whilst on the move.

So today, we’re going to be taking a look at both of them to compare the two, and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to determine the absolute best of the best between these two outdoor cooking equipment powerhouses.


RecTeq Matador vs FireDisc in Size Comparison

The first thing you want to think about is the size of the equipment. If you’re camping or overlanding, then you need a bit of kit that’s going to serve everybody that you’re with.

For overlanding, this might not be so much of a concern, since part of the fun of overlanding is experiencing the solitude of nature, so you might be less likely to have a huge traveling party with you.

But, for those who take a crowd overlanding, or else camp out with a bunch of friends and family, size is certainly something you’ll need to consider.

The Rec Tec Matador (which actually goes by the name of RT-G450 Matador) has a pretty large cooking area, which should do for most camping and overlanding crowds. Sure, you might need to cook a few things in batches, but when you’re sitting outdoors with the sun beaming down, you don’t really need to worry about rushing.

With its standard 22 inch pan you can get a lot of stuff cooked quickly though, and it stands at a height of 36 inches, so it’s perfectly comfortable for most people to cook on.

The FireDisc is pretty comparable on this front too, with an equally large 22 inch cooking area. The major difference between the two is in the stand’s size itself.

The shorter (and cheaper) models of FireDisc stand at 24 inches tall, which isn’t necessarily the most comfortable to cook on. You can purchase a taller model for around $20 more, but this is an additional cost that people might shy away from.

Given that they are so similar, we’d have to give this one to the Rec Teq Matador simply because their product is the same size, but substantially cheaper than both FireDisc models.

Weight Comparison and Real World Usage

The weight is the second most important thing. If you’re hauling one of these products around with you, then you need something that’s lightweight enough for you to be able to bring it with you when you take a trip. Part of the joy of these products is in their transportability, so you really want it to be as light as possible.

The Rec Teq Matador is a super lightweight 37lbs. You can take it with you wherever you’re going and you won’t have any issues at all. Both FireDisc models are slightly heavier, with the 24 inch model weighing 50lbs and the 36 inch model weighing 60lbs.

Whilst that’s still light, it’s worth pointing out the difference because of how big it is. If you’re carrying other items with you whilst camping or overlanding, then you’ll appreciate the 37lbs of the Rec Teq Matador a lot more than either FireDisc model.

That being said, there are those in the camping and overlanding community that prefer their cooking products to have a little more weight to them.

If it’s a windy day or you’re cooking on unstable ground (which both products can do because of their adjustable legs) some people feel more confident in the heavier models, but that’s something you’d have to decide for yourself.

Generally, we’d favor the lighter models for convenience, so RecTeq Matador would probably take this one again, but we understand why others would prefer the FireDisc on this point.

RecTeq using the 1-lb propane camping bottles

Packing It Up For The Outdoors

Now this is the real clincher. Convenience is king in the outdoor cooking world, so packing it up is an important aspect. If it isn’t easily collapsible, then it isn’t much good for the camper and overlanders out there. Thankfully, both products are really easy to collapse and pack away.

Both the FireDisc and the Rec Teq Matador are collapsible in design. They collapse flat, so you can easily throw it into the trunk of your car or truck without having to worry about whether it would fit.

In terms of the ease at which you can do this, the firedisc probably takes this one. Neither product requires tools or hardware to assemble and disassemble the products, but the firedisc just seems to come down in a matter of seconds compared to the rec tec matador.

There’s a knack to both of them though, and if you learn how to collapse your specific model, then after a few attempts it’ll be second nature, and you won’t even notice the difference in the time to have everything flat packed and ready to go. Given that it’s quicker though, the fire disc wins for convenience on this one.

How It Stacks Up When Overlanding

Now, this section is for the overlanders in this community, but it applies equally to campers and outdoor folk too. The point we’re trying to make here is about the convenience of taking it with you when you already have a lot of other stuff that needs to come along too.

When overlanding (but equally when camping) you need to pack A LOT of stuff to take with you, so you need a cooking product that will not take up a lot of space.

That might sound similar to the previous point we made, but this isn’t about how small the product is when collapsed or how easy it is to do it – this is about the amount of accessories you’ll need to bring along with you.

With the rec tec matador, you literally have everything you need as standard. Utensils that’ll work great with your rec tec, a windshield as standard, adapter for different size propane tanks, dual burners, and a lid.

So basically you’ve got everything you need to cook. With the FireDisc, you’re going to need to make some additional purchases (and keep in mind that a FireDisc will already cost you at least $150 more before you even look at accessories).

You won’t get a windshield or utensils, and they won’t exactly come cheap either. Given that they’re sold as additional pieces, they won’t be part of the collapsible design, so that just means additional space that needs to be created.

Sure, a wind helmet and a few utensils don’t sound like much, but when you’ve got everything in one convenient place with the Rec Teq Matador, it’s difficult to argue in favor of the FireDisc on this point.

The Verdict

We really feel the need to get something straight: both products are exceptional at what they do. Making a comparison like this is so hard because we truly love them both.

But we needed to look at it from the point of view of the average camper or outlander, and when you do that, the Recteq Matador takes it.

We’re not saying that the Matador beats the FireDisc outright, and we’d definitely encourage you to consider both products seriously before making a final decision.

There is also the HitchFire grill that mounts to your tow hitch on your vehicle if you want to go a totally different route.

Whichever product you settle on will certainly guarantee you weeks of fun cooking outdoors on your next trip! If you cant make up your mind, check out our write up on the best portable camping griddles to compare a few more.