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How Hot Does A Blackstone Griddle Get? (Video Results)

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Ever wonder how hot a Blackstone griddle gets? Well, good news, I own 3 Blackstone Griddles, a griddle blog and I love to share my findings. 

So, today I set out all three of my griddles, the Blackstone Adventure 17, the new Blackstone E-Series and the trusty Blackstone 28” Flat Top Grill. 

Let’s Find Out

Now, is it necessary to crank up your griddles JUST to see how hot they will get? Nope, but i really wonder just how hot we can get this. 

Real-World Results vs. The Blackstone  “Testing Environment”

I also want to compare real-word results to the official Blackstone support that states the Blackstone 36 reached 560 but that was in a “testing environment”. Read more on that here

Additionally we will be testing the E-series Electric Griddle from Blackstone that uses a digital temperature controller that goes from 100-500 degrees. 

Again, this will be helpful to see real-world how hot it gets compared to the 500 degree max setting. It meets it at 500, it may fall short or it may crank up and beyond 500. Let’s find out!

But, I want the real-world numbers, on a real-world griddle that has real-world use and a real seasoning baked on with years of use.

DIY Blackstone Griddle Heat Testing Conditions

So, no test would be complete without first explaining the testing conditions so you can help understand how we got to the results and make adjustments on your end for other factors like altitude, season, outside ambient temperature and the size of your griddle at your house. 

  • Altitude: I live in Northern Colorado and the altitude here is about 5,300 ft above sea-level. Propane consumption will be affected by your area’s altitude due to combustion and oxygen levels in the air. 
  • Season: Today in my testing backyard, it is early June, mid-day, it’s sunny outside and about 88 degrees fahrenheit. 
  • Griddle Sizes Tested: I am testing the Blackstone 28, the Blackstone Adventure Ready 17 and the Blackstone E-series Electric Griddle (outside).
  • Temperature Measurement: I am using a laser infrared temperature gun I purchased off of Amazon. I have no idea how accurate it is down to the fraction of a degree, but overall, it seems accurate.

Understanding Your Griddle’s Heat Zones

So, every griddle (and gas grill for that matter) has what are called “heat zones’. Heat Zones are the areas where more heat concentrates underneath the cold-rolled steel cooking surface. 

Heat zones occur on a griddle because of the placement of the gas tubing that emits the flame. Naturally, as you would suspect, the areas of the cooking surface directly above the gas tube and flame are going to get hotter than the other areas of the griddle surface that are away from the gas tubing. 

Generally, the corners and edges of the griddle cooking surface are receiving the least amount of heat. 

If you want to find out what your Blackstone Griddles heat zones are, you have a couple options. 

First, you can just go with your “gut”, meaning, if when you are cooking, you notice there is a consistent theme of certain areas on the griddle surface that cook food faster than others, that is generally going to be the “hot zone” on your griddle. 

Another option to find out your griddle’s heat zones is to buy an infrared temperature gun to point at all the areas on the griddle top one at a time and learn the actual numbers you’re putting out with real data to find out your actual temperatures. 

Either method is fine, just do what you feel like you need to do and keep griddling. 

How Long Does It Take To Heat Up A Blackstone Griddle?

Learning how hot your griddle gets is important, but it’s just as important knowing how long it takes to get the griddle up to the desired temperature. 

After all, you have a timeframe to cook your meal, you have side dishes that cook at different rates and if you want all items to be done at the same time, knowing how long it takes for a Blackstone griddle to heat up is an important step. 

In my testing, I found that on average the Blackstone griddle temperature reached maximum temperature at about the 8-9 minute mark. In-fact, all models tested took about that time to get there, although the E-Series did take a bit longer to initially gain temperature. I did expect this because the E-Series is heated by an electric coil rather than direct flame from the propane. 

That time of 8-9 minutes is the average for all the Blackstone griddles I tested today to reach maximum temps. 

The specific testing results showed that the Blackstone 28 took 8:30 Minutes to go from the off position to its max temp of 635 degrees fahrenheit, which is HOT. 

The Blackstone Adventure Ready 17 went from the off position to its full temperature in 8 minutes. The Blackstone E-series Electric griddle went from off to its max temperature in 8 minutes. 

How Hot Does The Blackstone 17” Griddle Get?

The Blackstone 17-inch Adventure Ready Griddle reached a maximum temp of 640 degrees in 8 minutes. 

How Hot Does The Blackstone 28” Griddle Get?

The Blackstone 28-inch Griddle reached a maximum temp of 635 degrees in 8:30 minutes. 

How Hot Does The Blackstone E-Series Electric Griddle Get?

The Blackstone E-Series Electric Griddle reached a maximum temp of 502 degrees in 8 minutes. 

As you can see, the Blackstone E-series really is dialed in to hit and maintain the 500 degree mark as advertised, which I thought was pretty cool.

Video of Test Results


The Blackstone 28 and the 17 outperformed the results achieved by Blackstone in their testing environment by a good 65-70 degrees. 

Welp folks, another test in the books, and another example of real-world test results. Hopefully this was helpful in understanding how hot your griddle will get and how long it takes to get to that temperature. 

For some this may not matter too much, for others it’s a pretty big deal. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, hopefully you found value in this. Now get outside and get griddling! 


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