The Ultimate Guide to the New Weber 28-Inch Griddle

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Griddling is having a major moment right now. Big grill brands like Weber are expanding into griddles, recognizing the versatile cooking capabilities and fun factor a quality griddle offers. 

I’ve been cooking on Weber grills for over 20 years, so when I heard they were releasing a new 28-inch griddle line, I was eager to test it out.

After extensive use, here is my detailed hands-on review of the new Weber griddle, along with tips and guidance for getting the most out of this impressive outdoor cooking machine.

Weber Griddle Overview

The Weber 28-inch griddle sports an expansive 504 square inch cooking surface to handle cooking for a crowd. It’s built with quality in mind, from the thick cold rolled steel cooktop to the sturdy steel cabinet. 

Weber Griddle Key specs and features:

  • 28 x 19 inch cooking area
  • Cold rolled carbon steel cooktop  
  • Stainless steel burners with 36,000 BTU output
  • Removable backsplash
  • 4 tool hooks for easy access 
  • Front-mounted grease management system
  • Side shelves for prep space
  • Enclosed cabinet base with storage
  • Hard cover included for protecting the griddle  
  • 5-year Weber warranty backing 

Out of the box, assembly is straightforward following Weber’s instructions. In about an hour, I had the griddle fully built and ready to start seasoning the cooktop. 

weber flat top grill best pick

Weber Flat Top Grill Performance and Cook Experience 

This griddle absolutely delivers when it comes to heating performance and cooking ability. Here’s an in-depth look at how it cooks:

Even Heating Across the Entire Cook Surface  

One of the most impressive qualities of this griddle is the evenness of cooking temperature across the large surface area.

There are no hot or cold spots whatsoever. The heat diffuses evenly from the burners located below the cooktop on both sides. Thick metal materials also help retain and distribute heat. 

Whether cooking pancakes and eggs or searing steaks and veggies, everything heats and browns consistently no matter where it’s placed. The grates get hot quickly when preheating too.

Precise Temperature Control

The griddle exhibits precise and responsive temperature control. When you adjust the heat settings, the cooking surface temperature reflects that change right away. 

For example, when preheating on low, the griddle only reaches about 325°F – perfect for delicate foods. Cranking it up to high brings temperatures over 500°F to sear meats. The included thermometer lets you accurately monitor griddle temps.

The dual zone burners are also great for temperature control. I’ll often cook meat on the hot side while keeping a lower temp for eggs or pancakes on the other. 

Retains Heat Well

Once preheated, the thick cold rolled steel cooktop does an amazing job retaining heat. The temperatures remain steady and don’t fluctuate when loading up the griddle.

By maintaining heat so well, you can cook in batches without losing your optimal cooking temp in-between. The griddle comes back to high heat quickly after lifting the lid too.

Seasons and Releases Food Easily 

The cooktop took seasoning beautifully during the initial burn-in process. Food also does not stick badly, especially after building up a non-stick layer over time. Meat and veggies release cleanly with just a gentle scraper nudge.

The surface is smoother than other griddles, which seems to help with food releasing. Over months of use, the release capability keeps improving.  

Heavy Duty Construction

This griddle is built to last. From the 4 sturdy legs to the oversized grease management system, it can withstand heavy use for years.

The cold rolled steel used for the cooktop is 3/16 inches thick – thicker than competitors. The similarly robust stainless steel burners are resistant to rust and corrosion.

While still portable, the unit has substantial weight at over 100 pounds fully assembled. Yet the cabinet with caster wheels makes moving it reasonably easy. 

Side Shelves Are Functional  

The two side tables provide convenient prep space on both sides of the cooking area. I love that they stay cool to the touch even when the griddle is cranked to high heat.

The tables are also the perfect place to hold platters, condiments, tools, and other griddling essentials. They have a high weight capacity as well.

Easy Maintenance 

Cleaning and care is straightforward for the most part. The stainless burners and surrounding tray only need occasional wiping. Burnt food flakes away from the textured cooktop using a grill brush.

The generous front grease tray has plenty of capacity. A fold-out tray below the cooktop neatly catches any food drippings too.

Weber Options and Accessories 

While the griddle functions great on its own, Weber does offer some handy accessories and attachments:

  • Hard cover – provides protection when not in use
  • Side tables – expand prep space on each side
  • Cutting board – inserts directly into the cooktop  
  • Double side burner – for adding a stove burner  
  • Griddle combo kit – griddle, cutting board, burners
  • Stainless steel splash guard – mounts to the back edge

Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Weber Griddle

After cooking on the Weber extensively, I’ve discovered techniques for optimizing performance. Here are tips for griddling pros:

  • Fully preheat on low before cooking. This prevents overshooting temps.
  • Use metal spatulas and scrapers to avoid scratching the surface.  
  • Apply a light coating of oil before each cook for easy release.
  • Cool the griddle down gradually – don’t douse it with water.  
  • Remove stuck-on food after each cook while the griddle is warm.
  • Keep the grease tray emptied to prevent excess buildup.
  • Use the back ledge to hang spatulas and tongs for easy access.
  • Clean the surface with hot water and a grill brush after each use.  
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners that can damage the cooktop over time.  
  • Apply a fresh layer of vegetable oil periodically for continued seasoning.
  • Cover when not in use to protect from outdoor elements.
  • Verify propane tanks are fully fueled before each cooking session.

Getting Creative with Griddle Cooking

While perfect for breakfast classics like pancakes, eggs, and bacon, the cooking possibilities go far beyond the basics.

This griddle begs you to get creative and expand your culinary skills. Here are some tips for moving beyond boring:

Think Beyond Breakfast

Breakfast will always be the griddle’s time to shine. But don’t limit yourself to just AM cooking. Flat top grills make weeknight dinners fast and easy too. Cook burgers, chicken, pork chops, veggies, seafood, and more. 

Add Restaurant Flair  

Recreate your favorite restaurant dishes at home. Cook up fajitas, quesadillas, grilled cheeses, and specialty sandwiches. Impress guests with hibachi-style fried rice and veggies.

Make Use of Two Heat Zones

Take advantage of the Weber’s dual zone burners by cooking at two different temps. For example, sear steaks over high heat on one side while keeping veggies warm on low over on the other. 

Get Creative with Marinades and Sauces

Marinating meats and veggies adds big flavor. Brush sauces on while cooking too – barbecue, teriyaki, honey mustard, jerk seasoning, etc. Deglaze with wine or broth for tasty pan sauces.

Cook Delicious Appetizers 

Your griddle makes the ultimate outdoor appetizer station. Try cooking bacon-wrapped jalapenos, seared ahi tuna, coconut shrimp, chicken satay, and so much more. 

Braise and Simmer in Griddle Pans

Use a flat-bottom griddle pan to open up braising, simmering, and deep frying while on the cooktop. Braise short ribs, simmer chili or mac and cheese, deep fry chicken wings, and more. 

Best Foods for Griddle Cooking

While you can cook just about anything on the flat top, these foods are griddle superstars:

  • Smash burgers
  • Steak, chicken, pork chops  
  • Vegetables – onions, peppers, asparagus, etc.
  • Seafood – fish filets, shrimp, scallops  
  • Eggs
  • Pancakes, french toast 
  • Grilled sandwiches
  • Bacon
  • Stir fry  
  • Fajitas
  • Quesadillas  
  • Pizza

Make sure to utilize the Weber griddle’s large cooking space by loading it up with all your favorites!

Weber Griddle vs. Competition

Weber is joining a griddle market that has rapidly expanded in recent years. Compared to top competitors, how does Weber’s new griddle stack up? Here is a look at the key differences:

Weber vs. Blackstone

  • More advanced temperature control technology on Weber  
  • Blackstone offers larger cooking areas up to 60 inches  
  • Weber has more durable thick cold rolled steel cooktop  
  • Blackstone equipped with handy side condiment shelves
  • Blackstone comes in at lower price point  

For more on the Weber vs Blackstone Griddle debate, checkout this breakdown of Weber Griddle vs Blackstone Griddle: Should Blackstone Be Worried?

Weber vs. Camp Chef

  • Weber has superior heat distribution and retention 
  • Camp Chef sells griddle combo units with stove burners  
  • Weber provides more prep space with dual side shelves
  • Camp Chef includes griddle cover at purchase
  • Camp Chef priced lower but doesn’t have two-burner zones

Weber vs. Pit Boss 

  • Weber cooktop made of commercial grade carbon steel  
  • Pit Boss sells larger models including a huge 1050 sq. in. option
  • Weber has thicker 3/16″ cooktop for better heat retention
  • Pit Boss features attractive exterior stainless accents 
  • Pit Boss griddles come with side burner attachments 

While the new player, Weber offers advanced cooking technology and performance comparable to top brands. The built-to-last quality comes at a premium price though.

Tips for Maintaining and Caring for the Weber Griddle 

To keep your griddle looking and cooking like new for the long run, follow these maintenance best practices:

  • Empty and clean grease management system after each use
  • Use plastic or wood scrapers to avoid scratching the cook surface  
  • Clean the surface thoroughly after each cook
  • Check burner tubes regularly for spider nests or debris
  • Cover when not in use and store indoors or under shelter  
  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaners or abrasive pads
  • Re-oil and season the cooktop periodically  
  • Replace burner tubes and igniters if needed
  • Keep exterior surfaces clean using warm water and soap
  • Verify propane tank is detached when not in use
  • Disconnect hoses when storing away for extended time
  • Spot clean any exterior rust spots quickly 
  • Check for bugs/insect nests if stored outdoors

With the right care and cleaning regimen, your Weber griddle will deliver years of flawless performance. Don’t let grime, grease buildup, rust, or weather damage shorten its lifespan.  

Troubleshooting Common Weber Griddle Problems

Like any outdoor cooking equipment, you may encounter occasional issues with the Weber griddle. Here are some potential problems and troubleshooting tips:

Griddle Won’t Ignite or Light

  • Check propane tank fuel level 
  • Ensure control knobs are rotated to high when igniting
  • Verify propane hose and regulator are tightly connected
  • Reset main burner igniters if needed
  • Clear any obstruction from burner tubes

Temperature Uneven or Spotty

  • Allow full 15-20 minute preheat on low   
  • Clean burner tubes and clear any debris/nests
  • Adjust griddle position to ensure it’s perfectly level 
  • Ensure lid is opened fully when cooking
  • Contact Weber if burner issue – may need replacement

Food Sticking Badly to Cook Surface

  • Allow cooktop to fully preheat before adding food
  • Use thin metal spatulas/scrapers to gently release food
  • After cooking, clean griddle thoroughly while still warm 
  • Season and re-oil the cooktop frequently

Excess Grease Buildup on Cooktop

  • Empty front grease tray after each cook
  • Don’t overload the tray – empty before it’s full
  • Clean griddle surface thoroughly after each use
  • Don’t allow grease and food bits to carbonize over time

Flare-ups While Cooking

  • Trim excess fat from meats to minimize flare-ups
  • Adjust temperature lower and allow flare to die down
  • If severe, temporarily move food to cooler side of griddle 

By identifying and addressing issues promptly, most common problems are quick fixes. But don’t hesitate to contact Weber customer service for troubleshooting help if needed.

Is the Weber Griddle Worth the Investment? 

At around $450-500, the Weber 28-inch griddle sits at the higher end of the market in terms of pricing. You can certainly find cheaper griddle options. Is the Weber worth the premium cost?

For the home cook who will get frequent use out of the griddle, I believe the Weber is well worth the investment. Here’s why:

  • Commercial-grade quality and construction
  • Advanced cooking technology for superior performance 
  • Huge 504 square inch cooking surface area
  • Dual cooking zones for versatility
  • Useful side prep shelves on both sides  
  • Large under-storage cabinet and grease management
  • Hard cover included for weather protection  
  • Backed by excellent Weber customer service and warranty

A bargain griddle around $200 may seem appealing. But I’ve found the cheaper models tend to compromise on build quality and durability.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to griddles.

While pricey, the Weber griddle provides exceptional cooking capabilities and is built to last a lifetime. Provided you have room for the large footprint and will use it regularly, the griddle is worth every penny. 

Accessories and Upgrades to Enhance the Weber Griddle

One benefit of such a popular grill brand is all the available accessories and attachments. Here are some add-ons I recommend checking out:

  • Melting Dome Lid – This dome lid traps heat to melt cheese on top of food. A must-have accessory! 
  • Griddle Cutting Board – This poly board fits right into the cooktop for chopping veggies and meats.
  • Bamboo Side Tables – These foldable side tables offer additional durable prep space. 
  • Caster Wheel Kit – Makes the griddle even easier to maneuver with smooth rolling casters.
  • Stainless Steel Cover – For those needing a sturdier cover, this stainless upgrade is excellent.
  • Propane Tank Hideaway – This black cover neatly hides your propane tank from view.
  • Double Side Burner – Adds a convenient side burner for pots/pans. 

There are also helpful extras like grill brushes, scrapers, grease buckets, thermometers, and more. Browse all Weber griddle accessories to customize your set-up.

Tasty Weber Griddle Recipes to Try

A quality griddle begs you to cook up all kinds of delicious recipes. Here are some of my favorite foods to griddle on the Weber:

  • French Toast Stuffed with Mascarpone and Berries  
  • Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 
  • Skillet Lasagna – cooked right on the griddle!
  • Smoky BBQ Bacon Burgers
  • Italian Sausage, Peppers, and Onions  
  • Breakfast Burritos with Eggs, Chorizo, and Potatoes
  • Hawaiian Pizza with Pineapple and Ham  
  • Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
  • Chili Lime Skirt Steak Fajitas
  • Cajun Blackened Shrimp Tacos
  • Skillet Mac and Cheese with Bacon
  • Peach Bourbon BBQ Chicken Thighs
  • Vegetable Stir Fry with Ginger Sauce
  • Skillet Lemon Garlic Herb Salmon
  • Cookies and Cream S’mores Quesadillas 

Check out my recipe posts and videos online for more unique and tasty ways to use the Weber griddle!

Get Out and Start Griddling!

Equipped with this Weber griddle review and guide, you have all the information needed to get the most from your new outdoor cooking machine.

From assembly and care tips to recipe inspiration, I hope I’ve provided a helpful resource as you break in your griddle.

The most important advice I can give? Don’t let your new griddle sit there collecting dust! Get out and start cooking amazing recipes.

Learn new techniques and have fun with flat top cooking. Don’t be surprised when your shiny new Weber becomes your backyard’s daily workhorse.

Now who’s ready for family griddle night?? This thing has me itching to fire up some smash burgers!