Can You Cook A Pizza On A Blackstone Griddle? Yes. Here’s How

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Ever wanted to cook pizza on the griddle? Maybe you know it’s possible or just want to know more about griddle pizza?

Well, you are in the right place, here is what you need to know.

I’ve noticed a lot of confusion surrounding this topic in recent years, and I think it mostly stems from Blackstone themselves.

The company discontinued their pizza oven, and ever since people have been wondering if it’s OK to cook a pizza on a Blackstone griddle.

Thankfully, I have some experience in this department, and I can share with you what I’ve found.

So, now you can make a decision about whether you want to cook a pizza on your Blackstone griddle or not!

baked pizza on pizza peel in oven
DIY Pizza Is The Best

How To Make Pizza On The Griddle

First, let me reassure you. Yes, you absolutely can cook a pizza on a Blackstone griddle, and you won’t have any issue following the guidance in this article.

I think most people are cautious about it because they fear it will damage the griddle top in some way, or else end up with the pizza base sticking to the griddle.

But don’t worry, if you’ve properly seasoned your griddle to ensure that it is non-stick, then you won’t see any of these problems.

So now you know you can make a pizza on the griddle, you’re probably wondering how to do it.

Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve got the perfect method for that too!

The first tip I’d give you is to make your own. Homemade pizza is delicious, and it’s the best way to cook a pizza on a Blackstone.

That way you can choose toppings and extras that you really love too.

Before you construct your pizza, I’d recommend browning any meat first, and softening any vegetables on your Blackstone.

This will just help everything cook better when you’re cooking the pizza because the pizza base will act as a barrier between the meat and toppings, and the hot griddle surface. So cook your toppings first.

Your Blackstone will easily cook the base and melt the cheese though, so there’s no reason to worry about that.

After that, it really is just a matter of constructing your perfect pizza.

Whatever you like, just add it to a pizza base topped with pizza sauce and cheese, and then you’ll be ready for the next step.

Your griddle should still be hot after cooking your toppings, so just take your pizza and throw it on the griddle top.

If you have a lid on your griddle, then close it to create an oven like environment for your pizza to cook in.

If you don’t have a lid, look for a large enough cover that is safe to be used on high heats and place this over the top of your pizza.

I’d recommend leaving it for 10 minutes before checking it, but depending on the thickness of the base and the weather outside, I’d guess most pizzas would take between 10 and 15 minutes to cook.

Just lookout for a crisp, thin pizza base and melted cheese, and you’ll know you’re ready to go.

Did Blackstone Discontinue The Pizza Oven?

As we mentioned in the intro, Blackstone did discontinue their pizza oven, and they did so for a variety of reasons.

One reason I can think of straight away is that it’s possible to cook a pizza on their griddle tops without the pizza oven.

In all possibilities, Blackstone might not have seen it as a necessary product to develop – especially when they already do griddles so well.

And that point fits in nicely with the major reason I think Blackstone gave up on their pizza oven.

Not only were they creating amazing griddles, but they were also creating pizza ovens that were simply below par when compared with other similar products.

The Blackstone pizza oven was a difficult product to use, because it simply didn’t have space inside it to cook things effectively.

The cramped conditions meant cooking multiple things beforehand if you wanted to eat at the same time, and practically, it just wasn’t something I, or any other customer for that matter, found to be workable.

I’ve also found some suggestions online that point to a high level of demand on customer services based on their pizza ovens, so it’s possible that the products weren’t very reliable at all.

Keep in mind, although those are just suggestions made by customers who had problems with their Blackstone pizza oven.

Whatever the case, Blackstone discontinued their pizza oven some three years ago, and they haven’t offered a replacement product since.

So what can you buy if cooking pizza on your griddle is something you want to avoid?

A Better Option For Backyard Pizza Cooking

Ooni Pizza Ovens are a game-changer!

If you’re looking for a backyard pizza oven, then Ooni is the place to go!

In fact, when others discuss the discontinuation of the Blackstone pizza oven online, they almost always point towards Ooni being a much better option as one reason Blackstone shifted focus to their griddles instead.

The wonderful thing about Ooni as a company is their versatility.

They offer pizza ovens that are gas-powered, wood fired, and even multi-fuel so you can make use of wood, charcoal, or gas – whichever you prefer.

They come in sizes from 12 inches to 16 inches, so you can pick one that is right for you and your typical party size.

Additionally, Ooni Pizza Ovens reach heats of 950 degrees Fahrenheit with ease, meaning you can cook a pizza in 60 seconds.

If you need a spacious, fast-heating, and practical outdoor pizza cooking alternative, then you can’t go wrong with an Ooni product.

I’ve always seen Ooni as a company that makes reliable products, and I’ve never personally encountered anybody who has run into any problems with their pizza oven from Ooni.

I think for me though, the best part about an Ooni pizza oven is its portability.

One of the things I love most about outdoor pizza cooking is doing it with friends, and you can certainly do that with an Ooni.

Just pack it up and take it with you, wherever you’re going, and you’ll be able to sit back with delicious, piping hot pizzas in no time.

If you miss the Blackstone pizza oven, then I can’t recommend a pizza oven from Ooni highly enough! Learn more about Ooni Pizza Ovens.

Griddle Accessories You WILL ACTUALLY NEED

If you’re new to griddling altogether, I recommend checking out these accessories as they will save you some headaches and some greasy laundry. This is another big one.

While your griddle does come ready to use….it’s missing some really BASIC items you will need. 

  • Griddle Spade and Spatula: These are the backbone of griddle chefs all over the world. Due to the flat-top design of a griddle, you will need to have metal surfaced griddle spatulas and spades. Something simple like this works great, see it here on Amazon. 
  • Griddle Hood: This is a bit of a bigger deal than many think initially. A quality griddle hood will help you cook better by controlling heat and creating a “oven” as well as protecting your griddle cover from coming in contact with your griddle surface that can either be dirty or really hot. Something like this works great, see it here on Amazon.
  • Griddle Cover: I didn’t think I needed one either. But, I found out very soon how great of a job they did from preventing unnecessary wear and tear from the weather when being stored in my back yard. Its a small investment that pays back big time. Something like this works great here on Amazon.
  • Infrared Temperature Gun: See Step 4 above, these are really crucial to fully understand what your griddle can do and what areas are putting out the heat you need, and what areas can be used to just keep the food warm while working on others. This is a great option that won’t t hurt your wallet, check it on Amazon.
  • Grease Tins: These are dirt cheap and save you an unnecessary headache when cleaning up. Simply drop them into the grease trap and toss them when you’re done! Check these here on Amazon. 
  • Griddle Bottles: Another must-have, you really only need two. One for water, and one for your chosen cooking oil. If you are not sure what I mean, check out our Guide to Griddle Bottles here. These on Amazon work great and are cheap, check them out here. 
  • Griddle King Apron: I know what you’re thinking “I’m not wearing an apron” and yeah, I get it. But all that changed when I got a griddle and realized how much grease is popping off the griddle surface and landing on my clothes. A simple apron solves that and my signature “Griddle King” or “Griddle Queen” apron is a cheap easy fix for you, grab it here on Etsy.
  • 1lb To 5lb or 20lb Propane Adapter: Like mentioned above, just swapping out your tiny 1lb propane bottle will save the world and your trips to find a camping propane bottle every hour. Grab one here on Amazon.