Are Grilla Grills Made in the USA (Who Owns Grilla Grills)?

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Previously, Grilla Grills operated as a metal processing company in Michigan, during which time it worked in the construction and automotive industries.

Naturally, then, Grilla Grills has always used the finest and most robust materials for all its products.

The short answer is that Grilla Grills are made in China. However, the business is still owned by an American family, and has been around for over four decades now.

Back in the day, the business stuck to stamping, pressing, welding, and cutting steel.

Gradually, though, it started looking for ways to diversify –and after numerous sit-downs at the drawing table, Grilla Grills came into existence. 

Grilla Grills, for the first three years, completely manufactured its pellet grills in the USA.

The distributors and dealers were excited at the idea that Americans would love to purchase products that were fully made in their own country.

However, once customers learned about the high prices, they decided to go for one of the cheaper, imported grill options.

The sellers felt that the product was still excellent, but something needed to be done about the price. 

After that three-year mark, Grilla Grills had two options: they could either kill the grills off, or find a way to lower the manufacturing expenses.

At this point, a team of Grilla Grills representatives traveled overseas to see if there was a manufacturer who could help the business reduce its manufacturing costs.


The business eventually signed a deal with a Chinese grill manufacturer.

This, of course, was not an easy decision, but needed to be done for the survival of the product. 

Shifting the product overseas, and eliminating the dealers or ‘middlemen’ from the process allowed Grilla Grills to save a great deal of money.

This money was then funneled towards further enhancing the quality of the grills.

The business improved the construction process, and turned it dual-wall to create a more effective thermal jacket.

Certain aspects of the grill were strengthened, which improved the grills’ longevity and durability.

Today, the entire line of Grilla Grill products contains more stainless steel than it has done ever before. 

These days, the extra hardware and other accessories for the grills are manufactured in Holland, Michigan.

The business is always coming up with new products that are usable with its grills.

These products are being shaped using laser cutters, and are being tested by avid grillers across the country.

Even though the core manufacturing might have moved overseas, Grilla Grills has never compromised on quality – the company opens up and assesses every grill that makes its way over from China. 

The reduction in price and increase in quality has led to a more than tenfold increase in Grilla Grills’ sales.

The company has sold more grills in the last three months than it did during its first three years in operation.

This, of course, also means that the customers are wholeheartedly approving of the new grills. 


Grilla Grill Accessories:

  1. Grill Cover:

This 100% waterproof and polyester fabric will ensure that your grill stays nice and clean.

Being weather-proof, the grill cover is adept at handling rain, snow, and any other harsh weather conditions.

The sturdy cover material keeps moisture away from the grill, bravely and strongly weathering the changing seasons and temperatures. 

Moreover, the cover is color fast, promising fade-resistance.

This means that your Grilla Grill can keep coming across as attractive and amazing on your patio, for a long time to come. 

The covers have been designed to perfectly fit the entire range of Grilla grills.

Not only will the cover fit your grill beautifully, but it will also adequately cover all parts of the smoker. 

The cleaning is extremely simple, and only requires a water hose.

Alternatively, you can chuck it into a large washing machine and wash it exactly how you would wash any other fabric.

Even after months of rough use and tough weather, all it takes is a single wash for the Grilla cover to start looking as good as new. 

  1. Grill Mat:

As a grill lover, you would want your Grilla Grill smoker to look stellar while you set it up – and this is where this grill mat comes into the picture.

The mat, with dimensions of 34 inches x 56 inches has been customized to perfectly fit any Grilla grill, and offers excellent protection and grip against high winds. 

Made using thick, durable, and heat-resistant PVC material, the mat can endure tough weather and pretty much anything else that is thrown at it. 

Offers ideal surface protection, allowing you to keep your driveway, deck, or wherever else the grill is placed, safe from dropped food, grease dripping, and any other kind of spill.

What’s more, using a water-hose and a washcloth, you can get rid of almost any kind of dirt that finds its way onto your mat.

The mat has been designed to stay put, and will not pull your grill out of place even when the winds are at their harshest.

To assure you that the promises made above are in no way empty, this Grilla Grill mat comes with a one-year, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

 Wrapping Up:

So, to sum up, Grilla grills are manufactured in China, but that has only resulted in benefits for both the business as well as for its customers.

In addition, the company is still owned and run by a family based in Holland, Michigan, USA.

Despite shifting manufacturing overseas, quality of the product has not been compromised in any way.

If anything, the savings in manufacturing and dealership costs have allowed the business to dedicate more money towards enhancing the quality of the grills while simultaneously lowering prices.