RV Griddle Or Grill? Which Is Better For RV Life?

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Deciding between a RV griddle or a RV grill might not seem like such a big deal. But when you’re on the road and realize you’d have preferred the other one, well, that can make things a little awkward.

In today’s post I’ll lay out the RV griddle vs grill debate for you to consider, and I’ll share my own thoughts on which I think is better for RV life.

The point of today’s post isn’t to convince you to change your mind one way or another, but instead to get you thinking about the pros and cons to see which suits your RV life best.

Sounds good? Then let’s get on with it.


RV Griddles: Pros and Cons

Let’s start with griddles since that’s what I cover the most here, but let’s look at it from a RV perspective, and more importantly, how it affects RV life for the better or worse.


  • * Handles all meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • * They’re easy to clean – with no special equipment required
  • * Easy to maintain
  • * Compact and easy to store (if you find the right one for your RV)
  • * Will handle regular use well
  • * May be a cheaper option than a grill depending on brand


  • * Not all RV griddles are easy to store and lug around, especially larger ones
  • * Seasoning requires time and effort
  • * If unused for long periods, it can rust


A RV griddle is a brilliant thing that can cook everything from pancakes and eggs for breakfast, stir-fry for lunch, and burgers for dinner. It handles any culinary task you throw at it, making it a really versatile piece of cooking equipment on the road.

Cleaning griddles are a breeze when you stay on top of them and they’re usually a little cheaper than RV grills when you’re looking at the high-end products.

But they also take time to look after, especially when seasoning for the first time and maintaining that seasoning for an excellent non-stick surface.

This might not be something you want to have to think about when you’re on the road trying to enjoy a trip with family.

They can also be a little bulky depending on the griddle you pick, and it might not be suited to the size of your RV depending on what you have.

Still, with all that being said, a RV griddle is a great option for most people, and it’ll certainly make your RV life much better, so long as you remember to keep up with the griddle’s seasoning to keep it looking and performing at its best.

RV Grill: Pros and Cons

Now let’s take a closer look at RV grills and what they have to offer. And once we’ve done that, I’ll share my final opinions on which I think is better for RV life and why.


  • * Grills are great for RV life because they make delicious, traditional grilled food
  • * Some prefer the taste of food cooked over flames
  • * Classic grill marks
  • * Easy to clean and store
  • * Range of prices depending on the model you’re looking at – so you can get what you can afford


  • * No grease tray for an easy cleanup
  • * Can’t cook breakfast items easily
  • * You’ll need more equipment – ways to clean the grill, ways to start a fire, etc.


It might already sound like I’m going one way over the other, but I’m not yet. RV grills are amazing – you’ll get great tasting food, you’ll have the joy of cooking over fire, and the whole thing will be easy to store away in your RV.

But there’s no denying that there are certain cons that come with having a RV grill.

Not being able to cook breakfast on it is quite a big con. Versatile equipment is key when you’re traveling in a RV because you don’t have a lot of spare space to bring extra equipment.

Sure, you can cook your eggs and bacon inside and then eat them outside, but everybody knows it’s not quite the same as cooking in the fresh air.

The extra equipment to clean and start the fire to begin with also adds to the amount of space you’ll need to make just to bring your RV grill along.

But that doesn’t mean I’m against them. If you have a large RV, only really eat dinner outdoors, and prefer the taste of food cooked over flames, then a RV grill is clearly a better choice for you. And I love RV grills too. But what if I were forced to pick only one…?

RV Griddle vs Grill – Which Is Best?

Remember, today I’m looking at the RV griddle vs grill debate from the point of view of someone who is only concerned with which is best for RV life.

And if I absolutely had to choose only one, it’d have to be a RV griddle every time.

The main reason for my decision is the fact that a griddle can handle it all. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, a griddle has you covered, and a RV grill does not. Honestly, if I had the space in a large RV, I’d probably bring both along.

There’s nothing like eating smoky, char-grilled chicken right off a camp grill, but given that a grill has its limitations in terms of having to bring extra equipment and being unable to handle a wide variety of culinary tasks, I can’t recommend both to people who are struggling with RV space.

So, if I had to say which one is better for RV life: a griddle or a grill, my answer is simple.

A griddle is much better suited to RV life than a grill, and you’ll benefit more from having a griddle in your RV than a grill.

But if you don’t agree, that’s fine! Pack up your RV grill, enjoy your char-grilled, delicious food, and eat breakfast at a restaurant! The point is, you have to find what works for you and your RV life.

For me, it’s a griddle, and for you, it might be a grill – and that’s OK!