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Are PK Grills Worth The Money?

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With investing in any high-quality charcoal grill, a lot of potential buyers are wondering: are PK Grills worth the money?

What are PK’s? PK Grills are effective, portable, and durable charcoal grills and smokers that are bound to pop up on your list when you’re shopping for the best charcoal grills.

With a solid build and an excellent performance, they’re great for both grilling and smoking at home or on the go.

But as with investing in any high-quality charcoal grill, a lot of potential buyers are wondering: are PK Grills worth the money?

If you’re also thinking about purchasing one of their units but you’re unsure about whether or not you’ll get your money’s worth, then you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the features of PK grills to answer the question and help you make up your mind. Let’s get started!


Are PK Grills Worth the Money?

If you’re in a hurry for an answer, then here it is: yes.

Yes, PK Grills are definitely worth it if you’re willing to pay for top-notch quality and grade-A performance from an outdoor grill that will literally last your generations.

These grills are built to last, they won’t ever rust, and are designed to be conveniently portable so you can cook your favorite meals just about anywhere you want!

PK grills operate with excellent heat retention and were once made right here in the United States, but that changed.

These are the sort of grills that you can pass down to your children with confidence that they’ll deliver impressive results every time. I’d say thats worth your money.

What Makes PK Grills Special?

Now that we’ve offered an answer for the rushing folks, let’s dive deeper into the details of the features that make PK grills worth investing in.

1. High-Quality Construction

The material used in manufacturing PK grills is cast aluminum. Unlike stainless steel and iron, the used aluminum is both lightweight and thick.

This means not only are PK grills durable, but they also aren’t unnecessarily heavy. Additionally, the material is rust-proof, so you won’t ever have to deal with the unappealing look of rust nor its tedious cleaning steps.

A PK grill could easily last more than 50 years, it can last up to 80 or 100 years with good maintenance.

The design of PK grills is mostly inspired by the shape of retro charcoal grills of the mid 20th century. The vibes of old-school cookouts and BBQ parties are strong with these units.

The hinges are very smooth and the handle is heat-proof to let you open and close the lid without issues. Also, the seals on PK are made to close extra tight to help control/maintain the temperature inside.

What’s more, PK grills feature temperature-resistant paint that’s cured at the manufacturer’s warehouse. However, the final step in the curing process occurs when you fire up the grill for the first time.

Don’t worry, curing has no negative effects on the food, you, or the grill. The units are completely harmless to use out of the box.

PK charcoal grills are made in the United States, specifically in Arkansas. This alone can put you at ease regarding quality, but the 20 years of warranty makes it even better! And again, worth your money!

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The All New Original PK Grill & Smoker - Graphite | PK Grills
  • Interior ash containment and airflow management
  • Custom aluminum wheels with rubber tires
  • More shelf space
  • Ultra high-quality cart construction
  • Temperature probe access door
  • Reengineered cooking surface with removable fuel door
  • Optional Tel-Tru thermometer
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2. Pk’s Have Excellent Heat Retention

Thanks to the material and design of PK grills, they offer amazing heat retention capabilities. This means they can hold heat for longer and keep the temperature steady, even in windy or cold weather.

PK grills also have high heat conductivity, which allows them to reach optimal cooking temperatures in less time than you’d expect from other grills.

This is good news for anyone who doesn’t like waiting for 15 minutes before they can start grilling.

Speaking of heat, you can use wood instead of charcoal in PK grills. Keep in mind that while wood burns longer, it produces less clean smoke. Our favorite wood types are cherry, alder, and walnut.

3. Controlled Air Flow

Ventilation and air control are very important tools for grilling lovers. The ability to control the amount of air flowing inside the grill is a crucial aspect of controlling the cooking temperature.

Luckily, PK grills are equipped with 4-point air control systems consisting of 2 inlets at bottom of the unit and 2 outlets at the top of the unit. 

For maximum control, these vents are the only passage for air to enter or exit the grills.

What’s more, there are also adjustable dampers on each vent that fit tightly for more precise regulation. With improved control over ventilation, you’ll be able to better maintain the desired cooking temperature.

Generally, more air means more heat build-up and faster cooking. On the other hand, less air means less heat and slower cooking.

4. PK Grills Incredible Portability

The letters “PK” in PK grills are short for Portable Kitchen, so it’s safe to say that the company pays a great deal of attention to this aspect when manufacturing its grills.

We can see this clearly in the lightweight build of the grills, which makes them easy to carry and lift for outdoor parties and trips.

The grills are also compact to take up only as much footprint as necessary, while the rubber wheels allow for effortless moving from point A to point B.

We also love the integrated storage features where you can park your grilling tools and some plates.

5. Hassle-Free Cleaning

Last but not least, PK grills are generally easy to clean. The fact that you can swiftly remove the charcoal grates and the grill allows you to cover all the typically hard-to-reach spots.

The parts are compact enough to fit inside most kitchen sinks, so scrubbing is a lot less problematic.

A PK Grills Product Line Thats Fits Every Budget and Need

From small and affordable to the high-end, PK Grills offers it all. First the super-effective PKGO that you can take anywhere AND grill or smoke with for LESS than $400.

PKGO also offers a Griddle line for the grills so you can have the best of both worlds with a PK Grill Griddle Combo!

Next up is the PK ALl-New Original PK300. I personally own both the PKGO above and this All-New PK Original Grill in graphite.

This grill is a BEAST that really does it all and comes in at $500. With a 20 year warranty and the reputation of PK Grills, I think this is a grill I’ll be handing down to my son.

Then if you really want to step it up, go for the PK360, the Big Boy of the PK lineup.

With shelving and space for days coupled with the classic rust-proof design and heat convection that makes PK’s so loved, the PK360 has it all.

Heck you could pick up a PK Grill used and still use it for decades, Im THAT confident. Try doing that with a china-made thin sheet metal grill, its not happening.

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The Original PKGO Charcoal Grill | PK Grills
  • Dual water-shedding radial exhaust vents
  • Digital probe access door
  • Durabilium handle
  • Real two-zone cooking
  • Molded cradle, charcoal grate, cast iron cooking surface
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Wrap Up

So are PK grills worth your hard-earned money? Our answer is yes, and hopefully this PK Grills review helped you reach that same conclusion.

PK Grills are very durable, rust-proof, and are designed to be conveniently portable so you can cook your favorite meals anywhere you want.

PK grills offer excellent heat retention, precise airflow control, and are made in Arkansas in the United States.

If you’re looking to invest in a charcoal grill, you won’t regret buying one of these units. They’re the type of grills that stand the test of time, performing effectively and delivering impressive results throughout the years.


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