Can You Use Pots On A Steelmade USA Flat Top? (Solved)

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Trying to determine if you can use pots and pans directly on the Steelmade USA Flat Tops and Griddles? Well, let’s sort that out, there are some things to know. 

Steelmade Flat Top griddles are increasing in popularity in recent times, and they’re beginning to really let themselves be seen as a powerhouse in the griddle world. 

They are versatile and easy to attach to your stovetops, but sometimes people want to take them a little further. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy exploration, after all. 

So the question that I’m answering today is can you use pots on the Steelmade Flat Top?

Pots and pans have become a staple in modern cooking. You can’t really get away with cooking anything without them, and with good reason. 

You can get your sauces cooked and your water boiled in a matter of minutes. But is the Steelmade Flat Top really the best choice when using pots on top?

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Can You Use Pots And Pans On A Steelmade USA Griddle Top??

The simple answer is a resounding yes. You can absolutely use small pots and pans on a Steelmade Flat Top. However, follow the details below to ensure you do it right and don’t ruin your Steelmade USA Flat Top Griddle.

I looked through their website to look at what they have suggested and recommend using small pots and pans to heat water and sauces when needed for cooking. So that’s pretty good going already. Check the response from Steelmade USA here if you like nerding out on this stuff like I do.

However, they do have a side note that mentions you shouldn’t use any pots or pans larger than 1 quart on the Flat Top. 

When the Flat Top is placed on top of a burner or a stovetop, it’s spreading the heat out into a larger area, thus making larger pans less efficient at doing what you need them to do. You can only get away with smaller pans, I’m afraid.

Can You Boil Water On Steelmade Flat Top Griddles?

While Steelmade themselves have said that it is possible to heat water on a Flat Top, it’s wise to pay attention to their wording. They said “heat,” not “boil.” 

To me, that’s pretty clear. You can’t really boil water on a Flat Top, and you shouldn’t try either. That’s not to say it’s impossible. If you give it enough time, you’ll definitely be able to bring your pan of water to a boil, but it’ll take way more time than I know I’m comfortable spending to do it.

You’re better off putting a pan directly on a burner if you’re planning on bringing the water to a boil. 

The Flat Top will spread out the heat, making the boiling process much slower. When you’re grilling, you want everything to be done in good time so you can get to the best bit – the eating.

Also, Steelmade has mentioned that a large pot of water heated on the Flat Top can act as a “heat sink” (that’s how they described it). 

Basically, it will pull in a lot of heat from the Flat Top while it’s in operation, and you could end up warping the steel if you’re not careful.

Should I Use Pots On The Steelmade Flat Top?

There is a difference between a question starting with should and a question starting with can. Of course, both questions can have different answers, and the truth is that it really is up to you. You can make the ultimate decision, BUT it definitely is approved for that type of use from Steelmade.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to use a pan on the Steelmade Flat Top. In fact, it could be a pretty efficient way of getting your sauces heated up while you’re getting your grill going.

Being able to heat a pan while you’re grilling is pretty essential for most people. Timing is everything in getting the perfect meal, after all. 

First, however, make sure you consider the points raised about the efficiency of using the pots on the Flat Top. At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you truly want to use one of your smaller pans. 

Still, it’s your funeral if you attempt to boil water or use something too large for the Flat Top to handle, and you have to wait around for seemingly hours before your meal is finally ready!

What Can I Do Instead?

The best way to get around the pan problem is to heat them on the burner instead. For convenience sake, nothing truly beats using the Steelmade Flat Top for all purposes. 

However, it’s good to cover all angles if you want to experiment. So, if you have the room, stick a pan on a free burner while you’re using your Flat Top.

Of course, Steelmade Flat Tops are pretty large and can cover most burners on your stovetop (if not all of them). So, you’re going to want a different solution to your problem. 

After browsing through the Steelmade website to see what they recommend, I found that they suggest plug-in hot plates to do the trick. 

It definitely saves you having to move your Flat Top around or try to shove a pan on top of a free burner.

Like I’ve said, there isn’t all that much wrong with just having a pan on top of your Flat Top in the first place. 

They’ve been really well designed and have plenty of functions for versatility. I’m sure they considered their consumers’ decisions and took pots and pans into account when they manufactured them. 

You’re in good hands with Steelmade, so you can be safe in the knowledge that using your pots won’t ruin your griddle.

Why Use Steelmade USA Griddles And Flat Top Grills?

I feel like Steelmade USA has done a few commendable things that warrant your business (and hard-earned money).

First and foremost, Steelmade USA griddles and Flat Tops are designed and manufactured right here in the United States, and trust me, not many companies can say that these days, just check this out for an example.

Second, Steelmade really did an excellent job of capturing a gap in the market for consumers. Steelmade developed a line of quality griddles and Flat Top Grills that work directly with your existing stovetop or your traditional grill.

This effectively gives you the power of a griddle without the spending of a stand-alone outdoor griddle like that offered from Blackstone and others….Bravo Steelmade USA!

If you were on the fence about a griddle with all the hype these days and you want to dip your toes (and your wallet) into the griddle game, Steelmade USA is definitely your go-to for getting into griddling.

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Hopefully, I’ve managed to answer your question and enlightened you a little. Steelmade Flat Top griddles are an excellent way to up your grilling game and are easy enough to attach to any of your existing stovetops, whether indoors or outdoors. 

You’ll be able to use small pots just fine on your Steelmade Flat Top, and you’ll find that most of the contents are heated up to perfection along with whatever you’re planning on grilling.

Don’t forget there are some recommendations against it, though. Don’t decide to throw a large pan full of water on your Flat Top, for example. 

You might be fine and get away with the warping problems, but it’s not going to do you much good in the first place. For me, efficiency and timing are everything. So if you’re anything like that, then boil your water on something else!