Griddle Spatulas 101: Selecting The Right One

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Find yourself searching for the best griddle spatula? You are not alone, we all tend to want the “best” of anything, including for our griddles! 

This griddle spatula is perfect for grilling burgers, cooking eggs, flipping pancakes, and much more!

I find it easier to flip my pancakes when I use it, and it’s so much more convenient than using a regular spatula.

The silicone edge is perfect for scraping up batter and the ergonomic handle is really comfortable. There are many other benefits to using this spatula, but I’ll just name a few.

So, in this post we share what you want (and need) out of your griddle spatula, and what hype to ignore when looking for the best griddle spatula. 

What is a Griddle Spatula?

A spatula is a kitchen utensil used to flip pancakes, eggs, and burgers on a griddle.

There are many different types of spatulas that are made of different materials. Silicone spatulas are durable and won’t scratch the griddle.

They are also heat resistant and grease-proof. Stainless steel spatulas are a good option because they are durable and won’t melt or absorb food flavors.

Plastic spatulas are affordable but can melt at temperatures over 400 degrees.

We don’t need to over complicate this, a griddle spatula is basically just like your standard stove top and grill spatula. 

There is a slight difference however.

On a typical spatula that you likely have in your kitchen now, the handle is generally long(ish) around 10-12 inches and the flat portion used on food is usually only around 4-5 inches long. 

With a griddle spatula, the handle is typically shorter, around 6-8 inches, and the flat bladed end is usually around 8-10 inches long. 

That’s really it! 


Can You Use A Plastic Spatula On A Griddle?

No, you should not use a plastic utensils on an outdoor griddles.

With an outdoor griddle, there is generally a carbon steel or cold-rolled steel cooking surface. Using a plastic on a 600-700 degree cooking surface will melt most plastic spatulas. 

Also, on an outdoor griddle, the spatula has a bladed, metal end that is used to not only flip and move food, but cut and slice food too!

Types of Griddle Spatulas Explained

When it comes to griddles, there are basically three (3) types of spatulas. 

It’s a good idea to understand how each works and when each is most appropriate to use based on what you are doing. 

Standard Griddle Spatula

This is your workhorse of the griddle station. This guy (or gal) pretty much does it all.

There are other options below, but this one will do 90% of what you need to do on a griddle when it comes to cooking and even cleaning

These are your daily go-to for griddling. The reason they work so well is because they have a longer handle and end, allowing for more food-flipping real estate as well as chopping, slicing and scraping. 

Best of all, this can do it all, while still  keeping your hand far enough away from the extremely hot cooking surface. 

Burger Griddle Spatula

Burger griddle spatulas are more of a boutique style. Here’s the deal, yes they work at burgers on a griddle, but so will a standard griddle spatula. 

So, what’s the point of a stand-alone griddle burger spatula?

It comes down to the time-honored griddle tradition of making smash burgers!

In a good smash burger, the thin layer of beef must remain on the griddle surface at high temperatures and allow the juices to harden and “calcify on ” the griddle surface. 

A burger griddle spatula will have a thicker metal density and allow you to really scrape that smashburger off the griddle. 

Can you use a regular griddle spatula for smash burgers? Sure, but a burger spatula is actually a bit easier to use. 

I’ve learned the hard way in the past and when I scraped the burger patty up, I had to use enough force that the thin cheap Wal-mart griddle spatula metal actually bent. 

So, don’t be like me, if you like smash burgers, get a burger spatula. 

Griddle Scraper and Chopping Spatula

The little engine that could, the griddle scraper. 

Essentially, the griddle scraper is a single horizontal handle with a shorter 4-5 inch scraper extending out. 

A griddle scraper also has thicker metal used to allow you to scrape off food without bending your standard spatula. 

However, they do more than that, they are great for slicing food, chopping stuff and also steering raw egg yolk back in line when it starts rolling all over the griddle before cooking. 

These little beasts are good at lots of things.

Everyone needs a griddle scraper spatula. 

Best Griddle Spatula

Ok, so we covered what a griddle spatula is, how they work and what types of griddle spatulas are out there. So, now the question you all are wondering, what is the best griddle spatula?

Rather than throw 15 different spatulas at you, I’m going to keep this simple. 

After all, why do so many sites give a “best of” article and then just list 20 different “best” items? They can’t all be the best!

So, here we go!

Blackstone Griddle Culinary Series Griddle Spatula Kit


Here’s the deal, I’ve bought and tried plenty, this kit is a really good balance between what works, good quality and not so cheap that it’s bending and breaking every time you use any force greater than my grandma. 

If you’re looking for a quality griddle spatula, look no further. 

This spatula is made with high-grade materials including hi-heat resistant composites, and should last longer than your average kitchen utensil.

You can use them in any situation from backyard chefs all the way up to professionals.

These come equipped with durable stainless steel blades as well as composite handles that make them heat resistant up against corrosion or breakage.

Best Griddle Burger Spatula


Another great kit from Blackstone. It has all the griddle burger spatula traits but comes with a couple accessories to take your smash burgers to the next level! 

Complete with a durable griddle burger scraper and a burger press!

Grab this and start smashing burgers.

Best Griddle Scraper Spatula


Learning to clean your griddle is a bit of an art, and that art starts with a solid griddle scraper. 

Save yourself the time and cussing, use the right tool the first time to scrape your griddle clean after each use. 

This kit also includes a few scouring pads that work great for removing the food residue that lingers after you scrape the food off. 

Hard to fix residue? No problem, use the pumice stone in the kit and get everything off in a quick few swipes. 

Not Sure What To Get? Grab This.


Ok, I threw a lot at you today, I get it. Feeling like you are in a bit of analysis paralysis? Dont, just grab this kit and start cooking. 

It’s the best overall, do-it-all and do it right kit offered. Quality materials, a little bit of everything in the kit and it’s just ready to get you off the internet and in your backyard wowing your family with great griddle grub.

OK, thats all I have for today, get outside and you know the drill, get griddling!