What Is An Outdoor Griddle? (Easy Breakdown)

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Have you ever wondered what a outdoor griddle is? You are not alone. In this post we will explain wht a outdoor griddle is and how to use it!

When it comes to making the best use of your outdoor space, investing in an outdoor griddle could be a great option for you to consider! Outdoor griddles are highly popular for many people and could transform the way in which you cook!

Luckily, we’re here to help you understand how investing in a griddle for your garden or outdoor space could be the right step for you to take!

What Exactly is an Outdoor Griddle?

TLDR: An Outdoor Griddle is simply a Griddle engineered to be used outside with the elements. However, not to be confused with a standard indoor kitchen griddle, there are some differences we discuss below.

So, what is an outdoor griddle anyway? An outdoor griddle is a cooking device that is somewhat similar to a grill, however, works in a slightly different way and is commonly favored for outdoor use instead of indoor use.

Superb 8 Steps For How To Use An Ou...
Superb 8 Steps For How To Use An Outdoor Griddle

A griddle works by providing a smooth surface on which you can cook your favorite dishes, and this smooth surface means that many people choose to use their griddle to cook things such as pancakes, bacon, sausages, home fries, French toast, and more.

Furthermore, griddles can also be used to help you cook other dishes such as quesadillas or grilled cheese sandwiches – or really, anything that could normally be cooked in a frying pan can also be cooked with your griddle!

Griddle Components and Versatility

Outdoor versions of the standard griddle are usually designed for use on open flames or barbecues, and this makes them a great centerpiece for any outdoor gathering.

Their versatility means that they are incredibly useful for cooking numerous different dishes and this can transform the way you serve up food for your family and friends when they come around to visit!

Griddles and grills are quite similar to one another and this means that people commonly get them muddled up and confused with each other.

This is especially the case in an outdoor cooking context, with many people regularly finding themselves unsure about whether they are using a grill or a griddle for cooking!

Luckily, we can help you understand the differences between these two cooking appliances so that you can make the most of your outdoor cooking by using the right tools for the job!

What Is Better, A Grill Or A Griddle?

So, which is better anyway – an outdoor grill or griddle? The answer to this question, of course, is somewhat subjective and so you will have to decide for yourself as to whether you prefer the sound of a grill or a griddle for your outdoor cooking.

However, there are a number of pros and cons associated with using both of these two different cooking utensils; understanding these will help you make a decision about whether you want to choose an outdoor grill or griddle for your cooking.

The most obvious difference between a grill and a griddle is that these two appliances differ in the way in which they cook their food.

A grill features raised edges whereas a griddle is completely flat and this will change the way in which heat is distributed throughout the food that you are cooking. 

A grill, for example, will provide areas of intense heat that can leave aesthetically pleasing marks on the food that you are grilling; because the griddle does not have these ridges, the food will be completely evenly cooked and browned.

If yo cant make up your mind, check out this guide to the Best Griddle Grill Combos!

Pros of an Outdoor Griddle

There are many pros of griddles that could make an outdoor version a good choice for your home. Understanding these benefits could be important for allowing you to make sure that you invest in the right type of cooking equipment for your needs.

So, what are the pros of choosing a griddle for your cooking? Well, one of the most notable benefits of choosing a griddle for outdoor cooking is that you have a larger cooking area with which to work and this will mean that you can cook more food at one time.

This is especially useful if you are planning a big gathering or want to cook a number of different dishes at one time.

In addition to this, griddles are arguably more versatile and easier to cook with. You don’t have to worry about making sure sausages aren’t going to fall through the gaps in the grill, for one thing!

Furthermore, the even cooking of food on the griddle also means that you can ensure that all food is evenly cooked and won’t have to worry so much about whether the charcoaled outside is representative of the middle of the food – which is important when cooking meat in particular.

Finally, griddles are also notably easier to clean than grills, as they have one large flat surface instead of numerous individual rows that need to be cleaned.

When cooking meat in particular, incredibly thorough cleaning is important and so, making sure that you have cleaned up well is something of notable importance – and the griddle can make this easier.

Griddles are ideal for numerous applications, including cooking foods such as burgers and sausages as well as for toasting buns.

Cons of an Outdoor Griddle

Griddles are great, but there are a few notable cons that should be considered before you decide to invest in one. For one thing, it should be noted that food can stick easily to griddles because of the large surface area.

This is typically not such a problem for grills, as the food is touching a smaller surface area.

This could be avoided if you can add some non-stick spray to the griddle before using it, though. In addition to this, it is worth considering that a griddle won’t give the same smoky flavor and charcoaled grill marks as a grill can provide.

Final Thoughts

Both grills and griddles have pros and cons which are important to understand before choosing to invest in one. Notably, griddles provide a more even cook and are great for people wanting to cook more food in one go (and with less washing up to do after), however, they don’t give quite the same aesthetic and flavor sensations as a grill may do.

However, if you think that a griddle could be the right option for you, it is good to know that there are many high-quality brands that you could consider for your garden including Blackstone, Camp Chef, and Blue Rhino