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9 Reasons Blackstone Griddles Are Worth It

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Blackstone griddles have surged in popularity in recent years. The brand has become synonymous with outdoor griddle cooking.

Their flagship multi-burner flat top griddles seem to be a fixture in backyards across America these days.

But with their premium price point compared to other griddle brands, are Blackstone griddles really worth the investment? There are some convincing reasons why the answer is yes.


9 Reasons Blackstone Griddles Are Worth It

No one wants to spend $400 (or more) on a new griddle or grill just to find out they dont like it or it couldn’t do what they thought it could. So, I present to you, 9 reasons a Blackstone Griddle is worth it.

1. High Quality Construction

One factor that makes Blackstone griddles worth the higher price is their solid construction from top to bottom.

Blackstone uses heavy-gauge cold rolled steel to ensure their griddles hold up to the elements. This thickness evenly distributes heat and avoids potential hot spots or warping over time.

The griddle tops have a high-quality seasoned steel surface ready to cook on right out of the box. Underneath, they utilize powerful stainless steel tube burners rated for residential or commercial use.

This makes them far more rugged and able to reach searing temperatures compared to indoor electric griddles.

The thick frame includes sturdy caster wheels that make mobility easy on most models. All components are made to last season after season.

While the initial investment is steep, you get what you pay for in durable materials and design.

2. Excellent Heat Retention

A common frustration with inferior griddles is inconsistent cooking temperatures and spotty heat retention.

However, retaining and distributing heat is a strength of Blackstone’s design and construction.

Their thick cold rolled steel soaking up heat energy and releasing it gradually creates a remarkably even cooking surface.

Once preheated, they maintain temperatures with minimal fluctuation. This allows you to cook with precision and predictability every time no matter the current weather conditions.

The sheer thermal mass of metal on Blackstone griddles makes them unmatched for heat retention.

You aren’t fighting constant ups and downs in temperature that make cooking difficult.


3. Versatile Flat Top Design

Another big perk of Blackstone griddles is the versatile open flat top design. The lack of grated surfaces allows you to cook a huge variety of foods beyond just grilling.

The spacious flat plate is like having a professional restaurant range in your backyard.

You can sear steaks, burgers, and hot dogs like a grill. Or use the griddle like a stovetop to fry eggs, pancakes, stir-fry in a wok, sauté veggies, and so much more.

The flat surface allows for simmering sauces, boiling water, crisping tortillas or potatoes, and anything else you can imagine.

That versatility makes it worthwhile having the extra space compared to a simpler single burner butane griddle. With a Blackstone, the creative cooking possibilities are endless.


4. Easy to Clean

Despite the hearty cooking Blackstone griddles enable, they are surprisingly easy to clean and maintain after use. This is thanks to smart design features that simplify post-cooking care.

The angled stainless steel bottom and rear grease trough allows oil and debris to automatically drain off the surface.

No need for tilting or messy pour spouts. Simply wipe food debris right into the trough using the included cleaning tools.

The smooth, seasoned steel cooking top only requires a simple scrape, scrub with water, and light oiling to be ready for the next use. No need to wrestle with grate cleaning like on a grill. Just wipe and go.

Some Blackstone models even come with plastic side tables featuring an integrated sink and soap dispenser for cleaning convenience. It’s a quick griddle surface refresh after even the heaviest cooking session.

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5. Reliable Components

Another benefit that justifies the extra cost is Blackstone griddles utilize commercial-grade components designed for long-term durability.

As mentioned earlier, the burners are powerful stainless steel units chosen for maximum longevity and heat output. The dials, knobs, and ignitions have rugged stainless construction as well.

The griddle surfaces use thick cold rolled steel that avoids warping or hot spots through years of heavy cooking. There is also no cheap tubing or thin metal anywhere on the unit.

Every piece comes together into a reliable, rugged product built for years of reliable service.

It gives confidence the griddle won’t break down after a few seasons like cheaper models. For serious outdoor cooking enthusiasts, durability matters.


6. Excellent Temperature Control

A common frustration with inexpensive griddles is uneven heat and lack of precise temperature control. However, Blackstone griddles excel in this area.

Each high-output burner has its own control dial allowing different cooking zones across the griddle.

This lets you sear meats on one side while simmering sauces on the other. The sensitivity of the burner dials gives you exact control over the heat level.

You can fine tune temperatures precisely whether cooking at 200°F or cranked up to 500°F searing. No more guessing game trying to match burner strength to your recipe.

For ambitious chefs wanting a true cooking workhorse, this level of temperature control is crucial. Blackstone griddles deliver on that.


7. Optional Griddle Attachments

One last benefit of Blackstone griddles is the range of optional attachments and accessories that add functionality. Here are some of the top options available:

  • Side Shelves – Provide additional prep space that folds away when not cooking.
  • Cutting Board – Allows chopping ingredients or serving platters directly on the griddle.
  • Grill Grates – For grill style marks on meats and veggies.
  • Griddle Covers – Protects the cooking surface when not in use.
  • Fryer Baskets – For dropped frying wings, fries, and other items.
  • Wok Insert – Allows using a wok for stir-frying on the flat top.
  • Pizza Oven – Attaches over burners for wood-fired pizza baking.

The range of add-ons allows customizing your griddle setup for specialized cooking tasks. The basic griddle itself is already versatile, but attachments expand functionality further.

8. #Griddle Community

You may not care about this, or maybe you do? But, the Blackstone online community is like that of Treagers and Big Green Eggs.

From forums and Instagram to Reddit forums and Facebook groups, the Blackstone Brand carries a community of equally enthusiastic griddlers who are here to help, share recipes and more. Speaking of, follow the Griddle King on Instagram! Griddle King Instagram link.

9. Blackstone Warranty and Support

Being the Griddle King, I get contacted by several brands. In speaking with different brands and researching the competition, I have learned that not all companies are created equal.

Anytime I have asked a question to their support whether it be email or a DM on Instagram, they are fast, responsive and helpful.

Also, the warranty is backed for one year and that includes parts, workmanship, and even the finishes! Check out the full warranty here: Blackstone Website

Bottom Line

You certainly pay more upfront compared to no-name griddles. But serious outdoor cooking enthusiasts get what they pay for with Blackstone’s flagship models.

Owners cite the remarkable craftsmanship, reliability, and functionality of these griddles for years on end.

While not cheap, Blackstone griddles earn their reputation for being among the finest and most full-featured models available today.

The price reflects the outstanding performance. If you grill year-round and demand the best, Blackstone delivers a worthwhile lifetime investment.

Welp folks, there it is, I hope this was helpful in your griddling journey. Just remember, my Blackstone Griddle can do everything your grill can do and about 100 other things it can’t. Yes, Blackstone Griddles are worth it! Griddle King, out.


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