Griddle Scraper? The 3 Best Griddle Scrapers We Tested

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Looking for the best griddle scrapers out today? You are not alone, part of owning a griddle is learning how to clean it.

When food, grease and oils get burned onto the griddle, it’s time to use a griddle scraper (sometimes referred to as a flat top grill scraper) to get those hard-to-clean areas off your griddle surface.

After several products were purchased, we tested them all and some broke, some sucked, and others just weren’t great. But, in the testing we found these 3 to be the best griddle scrapers you can buy today. 

Do You Need a Griddle Scraper?

No, you don’t need a griddle scraper, however, if you have tough stains and sticky foods left on your griddle, a griddle scraper will greatly help you clean your griddle correctly.

Griddle scrapers will also reduce the time it takes over scrubbing with a scouring pad or spatula. 

A griddle scraper has a thicker metal that was specifically engineered to give the user more power and leverage when scraping off tough food residue on your griddle top. 

While you can get by without a griddle scraper, you will be very thankful you have a good griddle scraper when you encounter tough areas to clean

Can You Use Scrapers On A Griddle?

Yes, you can use a griddle scraper on a griddle, however, depending on the type of griddle you are using, you could damage your griddle surface.

Also, these aren’t brand specific, you need a Blackstone Griddle Scraper, just a griddle scraper will do for all brands.

Because a griddle scraper uses a sharp edge to literally scrape the griddle surface, you want to ensure you have the right griddle scraper type for the griddle you are cleaning. 

Following the tips below will help ensure you use the right scraper for griddle that matches the right griddle surface you are scraping…..that was a mouthful.

Steel and Aluminium Griddle Surfaces: For the outdoor gas griddles that have carbon steel, or industrial stainless steel griddles, a metal griddle scraper can be used and is safe for longevity of your griddle surface.

Non-Stick Teflon or Ceramic Electric Griddles: For traditional indoor griddles, they generally have a non-stick ceramic or teflon coated griddle surface.

This surface is great for ease of cleanup, however, sometimes with a high heat or food item that has sauce, food residue can be baked onto the griddle surface and a scraper will be needed.

For these electric griddles, you will want to use a griddle scraper made of a soft, yet, durable material such as composite/plastic that is safe for your griddle surface. 

Can You Use Metal Griddle Scrapers On A Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, you can use a metal scraper on a Blackstone Griddle, however, only on the outdoor propane griddles. 

Do not use a metal scraper on the Blackstone E-series Electric Tabletop Griddle as that will absolutely ruin the griddle surface and scrape off the non-stick surface. 

Blackstone Products offers a series of griddle tools and accessories, including a line of griddle scrapers for the outdoor and indoor griddles. More on that below!

Best Griddle Scrapers For Outdoor Griddles

LRui Griddle Heavy Duty Scraper 

The LRui Heavy Duty Griddle Scraper is my go-to for my personal griddle cleaning. 

Sure, it’s not a Blackstone product, however, it delivers big power leverage and doesn’t bend under pressure. Unlike other offerings of scrapers, this is much sharper due to the replaceable bladed ends.

When shopping, you will notice that the vast majority of griddle scrapers have plastic handles. 

While on the surface that isn’t a big deal, the fact remains, when you use a griddle scraper you are using a lot of force and I have personally bent, or broke, a couple griddle scrapers with a plastic body.

Also, this comes with several replacement blades to really get that tough stuff off and have an option to keep the scraper sharp!

So, it might cost an extra $10-$20, but in the long run you save yourself the time, effort and headache medicine money. 

Blackstone 5060 Griddle Cleaning Kit With Scrapers

Ok, so while this one is made of plastic, we found that this specific griddle scraper has a very durable handle that can withstand the pressure most folks will put on their griddle. 

Also, this kit was mentioned because of the fact that it comes with a series of other griddle cleaning tools to assist in the cleaning process overall. 

So, if you are new to griddles and dont have some of the basic griddle cleaning items  yet like scouring pads, pumice stones and a scraper, this kit is a no-brainer to pick up. 

Blackstone 5322 Griddle Scrapers Kit

This is an honorable mention that falls in line with the last product. This griddle kit has a really good scraper that comes from the Blackstone Signature Series.

The Blackstone Signature Series has a higher-end design with more durable materials. 

Also, like the last, if you are new to griddles, this griddle kit is an all-around good griddle accessory kit to grab because it has all the basics. 

This kit includes a scraper, a spatula (which is a must), the blackstone bottles (another must), a second spatula and a set of grill tongs. 

Again, if you’re lacking supplies, these kits are the way to go! I personally have the Blackstone metal scraper and its great, held up well and still scraping!

Best Griddle Scrapers For Electric Griddles

As discussed above, electric griddles carry a different griddle surface type and metal scrapers wont work without damaging your griddle surface. 

Here are the best griddle scrapers that won’t kill your electric griddle top!

Blackstone E-Series 3-Piece Griddle Set

This new release from Blackstone is one of the only options out there for true, griddle heat resistant nylon that won’t damage your electric griddle surface. 

This kit comes with two spatulas and a set of tongs. 

You may be thinking, ‘Cool Mike, but that’s not a scraper” and you would be correct. 

The thing is, there really isn’t much out there yet. So, this kit covers it best along with a few scouring pads.

The electric griddles however, generally wash off better due to their non-stick coatings making the possibility of needing an actual scraper much lower. 

Final Scrape

Ok folks, that does it! Hopefully this was helpful in explaining why you would (or would not) need a griddle or flat top scraper along with featuring the best we found through countless hours of cooking and testing what worked and what didn’t. 

Either way, get out there and start griddling!