The Best Electric Griddles: The Only 3 To Consider

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On the hunt for a new electric griddle? They are not all equal (trust me, I own MANY) and I thought It was only fair to share the 3 BEST electric griddles on the market.

Let’s do this!

I’ve had a look around lately for what can be considered the best electric griddles on the market.

And I don’t just mean what I believe to be the best; I mean these are the absolute, undeniably best electric griddles out there.

I’ve done plenty of my own research, as well as using some of my personal experience to bring you the list I’m going to be sharing.

I’ve decided to cover the top 3 to keep it short and sweet.

As much as lists that can include 10-15 products have their place in the world, I don’t feel like it’s worth covering that much when I can really give the best 3 the justice they deserve with a concentrated effort.

I usually don’t like people taking my word as gospel, but I’ll make an exception today. These 3 products are simply the leaders on the market.

If you’re looking for a good time griddling indoors or trying to get into it, these are the best ones to go to.

1. Blackstone E-Series


A real quick disclaimer – I own one of these. I don’t believe this had made me biased, though, since I already considered the Blackstone Electric Griddle to be the best on the market when I got one.

They’re the perfect candidate for all your grilling needs.

They’re designed for use in the backyard and have a large cooking surface, capable of keeping up with even the most demanding needs of some of the more rambunctious grillers out there.

Cleaning up after a grilling session was always one of the more tedious parts for me. If I could avoid it, I would. The Blackstone E-Series understands the pain and decreases the need for a sparkling clean.

They also come with their own removable grease trays, making clean-up all too easy. The grease trays have saved me a lot of pain and torment over the years.

Also, it’s a point to mention that Blackstone has established itself as one of the biggest companies in the industry.

They have a huge community behind them and a respectable fan base.

If you ever have questions about your Blackstone, there are forums available for you, and you’ll end up getting an answer from someone within the community in no time at all.

It really can’t be beaten when you look at it in that regard.

Finally, Blackstone griddles aren’t just reserved for outdoor use anymore, either.

They have been approved for indoor and outdoor use, which I believe makes them one of the best electric griddles out there.

You’re able to use them regardless of weather conditions, which is ideal, especially if you’re in colder climates.

The 500F heat that they can reach is no problem for indoor use either, so your house will be safe and sound while you grill your favorite treats. See my full review here.

Check out my video here of my review of the Blackstone E-Series Electric Griddle:

2. Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

Although not their own standalone grill, the Presto really doesn’t need to boast about its capabilities. It’s lightweight, compact, and sleek.

You’ll have a great time getting everything grilled on the Presto, and it’s portable enough to be used anywhere.

Because of how small it is, not many materials need to go into manufacturing it, making it budget-friendly and a great candidate if you’re trying to save money.

It’s the perfect size to fit into a kitchen cabinet too. You can pull it out, turn it on and grill away.

Once you’re done, and it’s cooled, you can tuck it right back into the kitchen cabinet.

Being able to save on space in this way is a must-have for a lot of kitchen accessories. The Presto couldn’t be more welcoming to those with limited space if it tried.

If you don’t believe what I’m telling you, then I encourage you to search for it yourself and see all the great customer reviews that accompany the Presto.

It’s easily one of the best electric griddles out there, with happy customers talking about its compact size, durability, and convenience. You can’t go wrong with the Presto.

3. Cuisinart Electric Griddler


The Cuisinart Electric Griddler is the third and final electric griddle on my list. You can’t beat the Cuisinart in terms of what it’s capable of.

It’s the only griddle on this list (and possibly the only griddle on the market worth a purchase) that can heat your food from both the top and bottom.

Most griddles only grill from the bottom surface, but the Cuisinart can be closed down onto the food to ensure perfect heating across the whole surface.

To make it even better, it’s another compact design that won’t take up a whole lot of room in your house. It’s the right size to tuck away in a cupboard or off in a side room without much thought.

You can bring it out when you need it and clamp it down on whatever you want to get ready. You won’t find a grill quite like the Cuisinart out there.

Also, it’s a safe bet that the Cuisinart Electric Griddler is friendly on your wallet too. They come a little bit pricier than the Presto, but there’s a good reason for that.

For the added benefits of grilling across the whole surface and being slightly larger in size, you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck with the Cuisinart.

I’d say it’s more mid-range than anything, but it’s perfectly affordable and worth it if you’re looking for an easy griddle to get your hands on.


So, there you have it. The three best electric griddles that I’ve researched over the last few weeks. I hope you’ll take a thing or two from my list and potentially consider investing in one of these amazing grills.

If you’ve already got one, then I’m sure you’ll join me in agreeing that they are the most valuable addition you could have to your home.

You really can’t beat any of them. I wouldn’t say any one of them is better than the other, considering they each offer something slightly different.

However, I would like to mention again that I have the Blackstone E-Series, and I genuinely think it’s the standout option if you’re looking to get serious with your grilling game!