9 Reasons Blackstone Griddles Are Worth It


In a time where everyone is fighting for your hard-earned dollar, it’s good to step back before purchase and determine if your purchase is really “worth it”. Here I give you 7 reasons a Blackstone Griddles are worth it.

Griddle vs Grill: Choosing the Best Bet for Backyard Cooking


For backyard chefs, one of the biggest cooking appliance decisions is: griddle or grill? Both allow you to cook delicious food outdoors. But griddles and grills each have strengths and limitations depending on what and how you like to cook. Cooking Area Comparison One of the first considerations is cooking area and capacity. Here is … Read more

Why Is My Blackstone Griddle Sticky After Seasoning? (Easy Fix)

If your Blackstone griddle has a sticky residue or tacky feeling even after seasoning, it can be frustrating and make cooking difficult. A properly seasoned griddle should have a smooth, non-stick surface, not a gummy texture. There are several potential causes of stickiness along with solutions to correct it. The reason your Blackstone Griddle is … Read more

Blackstone 28 vs Blackstone 36: Which Should YOU Buy?

If you’re in the market for a new outdoor griddle, you’ve probably come across the two most popular models from the leading brand Blackstone – the 28” griddle and the 36” griddle. Both deliver large, rugged cooking surfaces for the ultimate backyard chef experience. But should you go for the smaller 28 inch 4-burner option? … Read more

How To Reseason A Blackstone Griddle in 8 Simple Steps


If you’ve been cooking up tasty meals on your Blackstone griddle for a while, chances are the cooking surface needs some rejuvenation. Seasoning is essential for keeping carbon steel griddles in tip-top shape. Over time, the protective layer can wear down from repeated cooking and cleaning. Food bits, grease, and other debris take their toll. … Read more

What Is An Outdoor Griddle? (5 Reasons You Need One)

what is a outdoor griddle

Outdoor griddles are highly popular for many people and could transform the way in which you cook! Luckily, we’re here to help you understand how investing in a griddle for your garden or outdoor space could be the right step for you to take!