Can You Use Traeger Pellets In A Green Mountain Grill? (Solved)

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Considering using Traeger Pellets in a Green Mountain Grill? We’ve all been there, right?

The pellet grill is out, the guests are arriving, and then you notice you’ve run out of wood pellets.

And considering pellet grills take around 1 to 3 pounds of wood pellet per hour (depending on what you’re cooking, what temperature you’re cooking at, how long you’re cooking for, and the size of your pellet grill), it’s no wonder you’ve run out over grilling season.

Next stop, the store. But when you arrive, there are no Green Mountain pellets for your Green Mountain grill. But there are Traeger pellets.

Now, like every unprepared barbecuer before you, you’re left scratching your head and wondering the same thing: ‘Can you use Traeger pellets in a Green Mountain grill?’.

Well, it’s a good thing I’m here today, because I have the exact answer for you. So stick around for today’s post and I’ll clear the whole mess up for you.


Why Opt For Wood Pellets?

Before I jump right into answering today’s main question, I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk with those of you who are less experienced with pellet grills about why so many of us in the grilling community opt for them over regular coal or wood grills.

Basically, I’m taking the time to plug pellet grills, because hey, it’s my blog and I like to talk about different grills. So, pellet grills, what’s all the fuss about?

Well, for those in the grilling community that swear by pellet grills, they’ll tell you that pellets are the best way to grill/smoke/cook food at a steady rate over longer periods.

Really, pellets are all about giving you control while grilling, because they burn at a much steadier rate and replacing them is so much easier.

Pouring more wood pellets in is much easier than placing more coal or logs in the grill, for example.

Pellets are really convenient, but there are lots of cheap versions out there that don’t offer the same benefits, and some research even suggests they might be harmful. So always buy from a reputable company.

Two such companies are Traeger and Green Mountain, but can you use Traeger pellets in a Green Mountain grill (and vice versa)?

Are Grill Pellets Interchangeable?

Yes! You can absolutely use Traeger pellets in your Green Mountain grill. Because they’re both high-quality pellets, it doesn’t matter which one you use.

Both companies will try to claim that their wood pellets work best with their products, but most people won’t back that up. In practice, a wood pellet is a wood pellet, and whether it has the Green Mountain label or the Traeger label doesn’t really matter.

Both will work great, no matter which pellet grill you put it in.

But did you know there might actually be some benefits to using Traeger pellets in your Green Mountain grill? Want to find out more? Then meet me in the section below.

Why Use Traeger Pellets In Your Green Mountain Grill

First, there’s the reputation thing, Traeger was here first.

Traeger patented the pellet grill, and nobody was allowed to create anything even remotely similar to it until 2006.

Given that Traeger had pellet grills on lock from 1986 to 2006, a lot of people feel their 20 year head start is reason enough to opt for their wood pellets.

After all, they invented it to begin with.

While I’m not sure I’d necessarily opt for pellets from one company over another based on who’s been in charge of the playpen for longer, there’s no denying that Traeger are the inventors of pellet grills and wood pellets and they know everything there is to know about them.

What I’m trying to say is, their experience might not sway me, but their expert knowledge certainly might.

Another interesting reason for choosing Traeger pellets with your Green Mountain grill (that many people will find surprising) is that actually, they’re cheaper.

You wouldn’t think so, given that Traeger grills are more expensive than Green Mountain ones, but yes, Traeger pellets are cheaper than Green Mountain pellets (hey, you’ve gotta make your money somewhere).

That means for those of you looking for the best deal from an economical standpoint, you’ll probably want to buy a Green Mountain grill to save on the initial investment, and then use Traeger pellets to save on the running cost.

I’m not saying whether you should or shouldn’t do that… But I know what I’d do.

And finally, another great reason for using Traeger pellets is availability.

The example I gave at the very start of today’s post about running out of Green Mountain pellets and not being able to find any is actually not that uncommon.

Perhaps my store example isn’t very accurate because only specialist stores sell these wood pellets and you might not be lucky enough to live by one, but even online Traeger pellets are much easier to come across.

You can find them on Amazon or direct at their website, and they’re always well-stocked and ready to be delivered. Green Mountain pellets, on the other hand, are often out of stock on Amazon.

As I’m writing this, the Premium Green Mountain Hardwood Pellets are actually available, but there’s only 2 in stock.

They also don’t offer an option to buy direct online from them as Traeger does, and instead suggest physical stores which are often inconveniently located for many people.

That means Traeger pellets are easier to come by, so many people opt for them instead.

Takeaway Message

So, not only can you use Traeger pellets with your Green Mountain grill (and vice versa, if you’re ever in a pinch), but there are many reasons why doing so makes a lot of sense.

They’re cheaper, they’re more readily available, and they’re literally made by the people that invented them.

Those are some pretty convincing reasons for using Traeger pellets in your Green Mountain grill.

Of course, I understand brand loyalty and wanting to buy the products for a product that is designed by the same manufacturer.

But when economically it makes sense to switch, well, all I’m saying is I’d have to be one VERY loyal customer not to jump ship.

However you decide though, it’s good to at least know that you can use Traeger pellets with your Green Mountain grill in case you’re ever in a pinch.

That way, you can still be loyal when you can get your hands on Green Mountain pellets again, and just use Traeger pellets in the meantime. You can’t get fairer than that, right?

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