Flat Top Grills: A Buyer’s Guide

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Want to get a better grilling experience? Check out our Buyers Guide to theBest Flat Top Grills and Griddles. Doing get-together parties with families or friends is such a common event.

Several people like to spend their quality time with some of their own people by enjoying an excellent outdoor campfire or arranging a picnic in their own backyard.

However, when everybody is together, they orchestrate a massive feast for their entertainment, insert a flat top grill or outdoor griddle.

Grilling something is not a simple undertaking. You may have to face plenty of issues while doing it.

Browning or grilling something tasty with convenience is the primary concern. That’s where a flat top grill comes in! PSSST!!: Want to step up your griddling game? Check out Grill Masters Club

What Are Flat-Top Grills

A flat-top grill is a cooking apparatus that performs various activities like a griddle, browning, roasting, flipping bun, etc. It features remarkable heat technology. The heat disperses evenly over the surface in a radial mode.

Best flat-top grills contain some unique features which can give you a good performance. A natural non-stick surface provides cooking flexibility.

You can quickly put pots or pans in the cooking area. It comes with a versatile attribute. You can use this fantastic product for multiple purposes to cook different delicious items.

Omelets, tacos, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, grilled steak, cakes, and more exquisite items can be cooked on a flat-top grill. So, it can give you a broad range of cooking pliability.

Flat Top Grill Materials

The product composition is steel material with a flat cooking surface that delivers surplus juices or grease to flow to the outside. This flat-top propane grill makes the working procedure simple and gives a comfortable cooking experience with great fun.

The extensive cooktops aid you to cook a lot of foods at the same time.

They appear with a simple operating system and relatively easy to install. Besides, these flat-top grills are available in built-in or free-standing structures based on portability. The attachable shelves come with this flat-top grill that helps you to hold necessary things in cooking time.

You don’t have to worry about the price of that excellent product. It is very reasonable. You will clearly want to purchase something that will give you adaptability. So why not, Best Flat-top Grills?  But there are different models or brands available in today’s market, so it’s not easy to find an appropriate one.

For your convenience, we have put the best flat-top grills reviews along with a buying guide. So without any delay, let’s dig deep to gather some information before buying.

Top 7 Flat Top Grills Available Today

1. Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill


Blackstone flat top grill is best for grilling, roasting, and griddle. A perfect appliance for cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. From cooking eggs to griddle cheese, everything is easy to do through it.

The four adjustable, versatile cooking options offer suitability to cook several foods at a time. So, it’s best for a huge get-together party.

Design & Quality:

The product is manufactured with steel material with a black powder-coated end. The cold-rolled cooking surface is so perfect to deliver heat properly. People can use it for camping, parties, or indoor activities.

It features a grease catcher with four tough-duty castors. Blackstone griddle gives you the best quality foods than the standard grills. Five-piece accessory kits, a cheese melting dome, and a 36″ grill cover are included with the package.


  • 36 inch in height
  • A massive cooktop
  • Ignition button starts quickly
  • Two shelves are supported by a cantilever
  • Four caster wheels ensure safety.

2. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station


Blackstone 28 inch flat top gas grill gives you restaurant-style perfect cooking with great versatility. Two attachable side shelves with a bottom shelf are integrated to keep necessary cooking items. Two stainless steel burners offer versatile cooking options, and a storage tank is included under the frame on the left side.

Design & Quality:

The steel formation body with a powder-coated finish ensures durability. The removable griddle top with four caster wheels assures easy mobility. So, anyone can move this flat top grill conveniently from one place to another. It starts working after pushing the battery-powered ignition button.


  • Measures 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches
  • Item weight stands at approximately 75 pounds
  • Flexible for small or large cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Folding legs for facile portability.

3. Royal Gourmet GB4000 36-inch Flat Top Propane Gas Grill Griddle


Royal Gourmet offers an excellent flat top propane gas grill suitable for indoor and outdoor parties. Four stainless steel cooking options provide a powerful heating function. A proper brake system with four strong caster wheels ensures easy portability.

There is no hassle to move it to outdoor places. You can use it comfortably in a late-night campfire, junket, or adventure time.

Design & Quality:

The spacious cooking surface scattered heat appropriately on the entire area and delivers rapid heat-up. The ceramic coated griddle top gives it a glossy look. At every pushing time, the electronic ignition control panel offers a dependable spark.

The side shelves come in a modern and durable design with enough space on the bottom bracket. The complete cooking area and a powerful burner with an excellent efficiency will give you a perfect grilling experience.


  • Accessible and removable grease system
  • A hanging bar with four hooks are included
  • Overall dimensions are 63.8 x 22.4 x 34.6 inches
  • Weighs at 125 pounds
  • Has a wide flat griddle plate
  • Side shelves have folding efficiency.

4. Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle


An electric igniter, 1 pound propane bottles for fuel, and an integrated grease catcher is included with that portable flat top gas grill. It provides all types of convenience for outdoor activities.

You can transport it easily to different long distance places from home. The H style burner delivers heat evenly across the griddle area for suitable cooking.

Design & Quality:

The stainless steel constructed body with coated black powder. The 260 square inches of cooking area accommodates multiple cooking at a time. So, you can flip a burger, roast meat or fish, griddle buns, and many other things simultaneously. One heat controlling option with an incorporated grease catcher ensures cooking flexibility.


  • Hassle-free cleaning system
  • Product dimensions are 17.5 x 18 x 8.5 inches
  • A standard griddle for outdoor parties
  • The item weight is 21 pounds
  • Easy handling capability
  • Long-lasting product.

5. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill


It features a 604 sq. in grilling surface with four stainless steel 12,000 BTU burners. The large cooking area allows you to cook a lot of items at the same time, without any difficulty. It gives the flexibility to prepare all types of foods, from eggs or sausages to hash browns.

Also suitable for browning, roasting, and grilling of different fat items. Ignition knobs help to control the temperature appropriately. Best for restaurant-grade chefs.

Design & Quality:

This fat top grill comes with a stainless steel hood with a grease system. The non-stick griddle plate is interchangeable provides cooking efficiency. There are two roller wheels for favorable transport. Two massive foldable side shelves offer amenities to keep essential cooking items. The leg levelers can be adjustable in different positions.


  • Offers an excellent cooking experience
  • Measures 22 x 62.5 x 37 inches
  • Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • The frame is made out of stainless steel
  • Catch bucket and grease tray for working comfortably.

6. Camp Chef Expedition 3X 3 Burner Stove


This stove burner features 30,000 BTU of high quality three burners. It provides an excellent cooking system. A pizza stove, grill box, and an additional griddle burner are included with that product. So, you can utilize it for multiple purposes.

Design & Quality:

It’s great for camping, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. A compatible product for a family gathering, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any occasion. But it comes in a weighty appearance, which creates a problem in portability. The cast iron griddle with aluminum burners assures durability. A total matchless ignition system provides flexible cooking.


  • 608 inches of cooking area
  • The overall product dimension is 42.5×19×10 inches
  • A tool rack and a paper towel holder convenience
  • One year warranty is available
  • Weight is 28 lbs.

7. Country Smokers CSGDL0590 the Highland 4-Burner Portable Griddle


This portable griddle comes in black color with a metal appearance. The 597 square inches of small cooking surface allows us to cook for ten people. It offers effortless cooking efficiency of mouthwatering recipes pizza, burgers, fried biscuits, and many other items. The four-burner options are compatible enough to control the heat nicely on the grilling area.

Design & Quality:

The steel griddle top with an intelligent grease management system assures flexibility. The legs are collapsible so that it can be adjusted in different positions. Two handles which are coated with foam allows easy handling. So, anyone can carry it comfortably. Also suitable for easy fitting in hand.


  • A protective burner cover is included
  • Dimensions are 42.20 x 21.00 x 31.20 inches
  • Powerful griddle distributes 44000 BTU
  • Pre-seasoned steel griddle top
  • The weight is 48.4 pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying

When you decide to buy a flat top grill, you must have to consider some issues to enjoy a comfortable cooking experience and delicious food items. We will add some important points here, which will help you make the right decision before purchasing it.

1. Portability

Easy mobility is a significant concern that you should think about before making a decision to buy. You should prefer the best one which you can use for both indoor and outdoor activities.

For example, when you go for a camping trip or any family trip, you will need a suitable flat top grill to give you a huge appetite with tasty and comfortable cooking. So, select the best one which you can take with you wherever you want.

2. Versatility

It would be best to choose a flat top grill that comes in versatile properties like roasting, grilling, griddle, toasting, and simmering ability. If you want to do multiple things with a single item and make it value for money, it’s necessary to choose a superior one.

3. Depth of Cooking Plate

The thickness of a cooking plate plays an effect on maintaining heat. Most of the flat top grills are made out of stainless steel and iron material. The suitable depth of the grill plate allows the delivery of balanced heat.

4. Grilling Surface

This one mainly depends on your buying purpose. If you want to buy it for large get-together parties or camping or adventures or any occasional trip, then you can choose a spacious grilling area containing flat-top grills.

On the other hand, if you want to buy it just for indoor cooking activities, then a small one is compatible.

5. Number of Burners

The more the burner’s BTU, the higher heat it produces. But it obviously differs in the number of burners. The two or a single burner doesn’t give you a consistent heating experience. A flat-top grill with four burners is more efficient than two or a single burner flat grills. As you are investing money in it, so it’s better to purchase a grill with four burner’s capacity.

6.  Easy Maintenance

These are relatively easy to wash and maintain than conventional grills. The best flat-top grills offer an excellent grease system that assures a convenient cleaning procedure. So, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning matter after cooking for a large crowd.

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Griddle Accessories You WILL ACTUALLY NEED

If you’re new to griddling altogether, I recommend checking out these accessories as they will save you some headaches and some greasy laundry. This is another big one. While your griddle does come ready to use….it’s missing some really BASIC items you will need. 

  • Griddle Spade and Spatula: These are the backbone of griddle chefs all over the world. Due to the flat-top design of a griddle, you will need to have metal surfaced griddle spatulas and spades. Something simple like this works great, see it here on Amazon. 
  • Griddle Hood: This is a bit of a bigger deal than many think initially. A quality griddle hood will help you cook better by controlling heat and creating a “oven” as well as protecting your griddle cover from coming in contact with your griddle surface that can either be dirty or really hot. Something like this works great, see it here on Amazon.
  • Griddle Cover: I didn’t think I needed one either. But, I found out very soon how great of a job they did from preventing unnecessary wear and tear from the weather when being stored in my back yard. Its a small investment that pays back big time. Something like this works great here on Amazon.
  • Infrared Temperature Gun: See Step 4 above, these are really crucial to fully understand what your griddle can do and what areas are putting out the heat you need, and what areas can be used to just keep the food warm while working on others. This is a great option that won’t t hurt your wallet, check it on Amazon.
  • Grease Tins: These are dirt cheap and save you an unnecessary headache when cleaning up. Simply drop them into the grease trap and toss them when you’re done! Check these here on Amazon. 
  • Griddle Bottles: Another must-have, you really only need two. One for water, and one for your chosen cooking oil. If you are not sure what I mean, check out our Guide to Griddle Bottles here. These on Amazon work great and are cheap, check them out here. 
  • Griddle King Apron: I know what your thinking “I’m not wearing an apron” and yeah, I get it. But all that changed when I got a griddle and realized how much grease is popping off the griddle surface and landing on my clothes. A simple apron solves that and my signature “Griddle King” or “Griddle Queen” apron is a cheap easy fix for you, grab it here on Etsy.
  • 1lb To 5lb or 20lb Propane Adapter: Like mentioned above, just swapping out your tiny 1lb propane bottle will save the world and your trips to find a camping propane bottle every hour. Grab one here on Amazon.


A best flat top grill is an excellent addition to your kitchen appliances. It’s a particular type of product that can give you all-in-one service with some additional noteworthy features.

Portability, versatility, adjustable shelves, cleaning comfort, durability, good ignition, and grease management system make a flat top grill the best among its competitors.

As there are plenty of models in the current market, so it’s a challenging task to select an appropriate one for you. Just go through our informative list and buying guide and think about your requirements, then choose the best product for your cooking life.